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Hi, I’m Abigail Dove
withCBC Kids News.I’m so excited
for the NHL season. I recently completed
my league fantasy draft. And I focused on picking players from what I thought would
be the strongest team. So, based on that, here are three teams
and their key players to watch for this NHL season. ♪ ♪ My first team is
the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hughson:..fires, a rebound,
Matthews shoots, he scores!
[goal horn] I know what you’re all thinking,
I’m from Southern Ontario, I must be
a Leaf fan. But before you jump to any
conclusions, hear me out. The Toronto Maple Leafs
have one of the strongest core groups in the NHL. Think, John Tavares, Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielley and Frederik Andersen. All were signed
within the salary cap – at least for now. Four of their
top six defensemen become unrestricted free agents
after this season. And being
so close to the cap they won’t be able to all
stay, so for Leafs Nation the time is now. Nothing short of a long
trip to the playoffs will do. The Maple Leafs haven’t
won a Cup since 1967. With all the talent they have
now this could be their year. But they’ll have to watch out
for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Announcer:And they
score on the rebound!
Abigail: They dominated
the regular season last year, finishing first overall, 21 points ahead of
the second place team. They were the clear
favourites to win the Cup but they couldn’t move on, they were swept in the first
round by Columbus. With only minor changes
to the roster during the off season, the Lightning will be just
as strong this year. The offensive is led
by Nikita Kucherov. He had a 128 points
last season. Add to that,
Steven Stamkos’ 45 goals and Brayden Point’s
92 points. The Lightning may be the highest
scoring team in the league. It’s Stanley Cup Final
or bust for the lightning. Finally, out in
the Western Conference, keep an eye on
the Calgary Flames. Announcer: They score! Abigail: Scoring goals
will not be a problem. They were tied for second in
the league scoring last year with a whopping
289 goals. I’ve got my eye
on Johnny Gaudreau. He got 99 points last year. Sean Monahan set a career high
in goals, assists and points. And not to mention newly signed
young gun, Matthew Tkachuk. The Flames also brought in
goaltender Cam Talbot. He could share the crease
with David Rittich and hopefully
solidify that position. If it works, look for a long playoff
run from the Flames. Announcer:And the Flames on
the power play take
a one nothing lead.So there you have it. What team will bring home
the Stanley Cup this year? We’ll have to wait
to find that out. But we can be sure there’ll be
plenty of good hockey to watch and follow this season. ForCBC Kids News,
I’m Abigail Dove. ♪ ♪

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