Top Tips to Sell Your Home with Chris Stump, REALTOR® | ERA Grizzard

In our technological age where buyers scroll through listings on Zillow, Trulia, and mindlessly like they do their social media newsfeeds it’s hard to capture their attention but I have three key strategies that will stop any curious buyer in their tracks Hi I’m Chris Stump REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard Real Estate and as a listing agent it’s my job a goal to make sure your home stands out among all the others and with my creativity, strategy, and know-how I will do just that. so what will stop a buyer in their tracks and hook them into learning more about a listing? well the first strategy is showcase to stand out among all the other homes that are on the market you have to put on a showcase and what does that mean? it means upping your curb appeal, maybe putting on a fresh coat of paint maybe paint the inside of the home clean out any clutter and make sure the home is sparkling clean doing all of this work up front is truly going to pay off in the future if your home is going to be vacant maybe consider staging important areas of the home such as the dining room the living room and the master bedroom to really make the home warm and inviting to potential buyers and in addition to this to make sure the home is in showcase you have to have stunning photography and I hire professional photographers with the proper lighting techniques that go into the home and truly take stunning photography that’s going to stand out among all the other homes to make sure that your home looks like a model home in a magazine so making sure your home is in showcase look is the first way to hook a potential buyer the second strategy is description of the property when you’re listing and selling your home you’re not just selling a structure or the layout or that three car garage you’re selling an experience a lifestyle and as a writer, I pride myself in creating descriptions that really help a buyer not only capture their attention but also help them envision their own lives within the home that they can get a sense of their lifestyle and how they would be living within that home there are five benefits that a buyer will respond to in a property value, comfort, lifestyle, prestige, and safety and I make sure I put all of these ingredients into my description so that buyers will respond to that we want to communicate a story a life story and a lifestyle to the buyer that’s going to draw them in and make them want to schedule a showing and the final strategy is price price is key yes we want to make sure that you’re getting top dollar for your property but we want to make sure we have the home price well to where it gets the most attention and produces a high demand situation in which case we would have multiple offers and get a price that you’re looking for we want the price to be strategic to the market and communicate a sense of urgency to the buyer so there are the three strategies showcase description of the property and price if you would like more information or learn how I can sell your home faster than the national average give me a call or send me a text you’re one phone call or text away way form concierge-level service

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