Toronto Blue Jays: Funny Baseball Bloopers

(Unofficial captions by Adam J Duncan) Swing and a drive… Jones will watch this one sail away… Goodbye! Home Run Edwin! We get to see a chicken wing! (Singing National Anthem) Throw from Victorino, he can really throw… Now Davis is going to get up, and here comes to score All the way around the bases after hitting the ball back to the pitcher.

87 thoughts on “Toronto Blue Jays: Funny Baseball Bloopers

  1. Oh crap, whats the singers name again at 6:26.  He did the Leafs and the Raps and he was phenomenal at those. 

  2. My Son Orestes Solano Durán is a very great baseball player, he had been playing with Metropolitano in Cuban  1B and out field (3 National Series) in this moment he is in Dominican Republic waiting for scout see him in the Academic Prospect Dominican Talent (Complejo Epy Guerrero el Mamey de Villa Mella).He is ready for play.

  3. How have I not seen this yet? This was really well put together and I was laughing so hard the whole time 😂 especially lost it at the series of clips of edwin's bat flying off…

  4. 8:50 more proof umps are assholes towards the Jays. JB in particular. I have NEVER seen that called on another player

  5. from hentgen, delgado, doc, and now joe bats…been a blue jay since 1995…2015 to 2016 has been the best times of my life as a jays fan…wasnt there to witness 1992 and 1993 but i hope i get to witness another championship from the jays in my lifetime…jays for life…

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