Toronto Maple Leafs talk about Homophobia in Hockey

>>ANDREA HOUSTON – I’m Andrea Houston with
Xtra and we are at the official practice facility for the Toronto Maple Leafs talking with some
hockey players about homophobia in sport.>>ANDREA HOUSTON – Do you know many gay players?
Is there many? Do you know any Toronto Maple Leafs who have even come out privately?>>LUKE SCHENN – Personally I don’t know any
guys but you wouldn’t think any differently of a guy if he was or if he wasn’t so everyone
is the same and everyone is welcome around here. We are all a team here and we are all…
the NHL is one big family and think everyone is welcome.>>ANDREA HOUSTON – Why haven’t more players
come out and declared how proud they are to be gay?>>JOHN-MICHAEL LILES – You know what that’s
a tough question to answer I mean I guess that you know I think it would depend on how
they feel and how they would feel the teammates would react how fans would react and ultimately
it’s whether they’re comfortable I guess and that’s kind of the best answer Ican give not
being in their shoes. So I don’t know.>>ANDREA HOUSTON – How would you react if
a fellow player came out to you?>>MIKE KOMISAREK – You know that’s their own
belief and you know you don’t treat them any differently I mean you know you are still
a friend and teammate and you care about them. You know, together we are all striving for
the same goals so as long as they are getting their job done, their beliefs doesn’t you
know, doesn’t really affect the way you view them so I’ve never played with anyone who
has expressed anything like that but you know, who knows.>>ANDREA HOUSTON – A lot of the language that’s
used even by sportscasters and journalists you know this whole idea of being a sissy
or you know we hear this all the time. How should we be combatting this?>>JOHN-MICHAEL LILES – Oh man it’s something
that almost like you are saying, it’s something that is used not in a way that maybe is meant
to mean certain things it’s just almost ingrained in us coming up and it’s a tough thing I think
that it’s almost you know one stone at a time to move a mountain and you know that’s the
best way that I could sum it up.>>ANDREA HOUSTON – Do you think that professional
sports is a welcoming environment for gay players??>>JOHN-MICHAEL LILES – I think it could be
tough. I mean you never know I think that there is a lot of people out there that you
know have opinions that probably aren’t very welcome and not just to player I would say
that you know there could be a lot of different responses and that can be another factor why
there’s probably not many people that’ve come out as professional athletes I would say.>>LUKE SCHENN – If there was a guy out there
I’m sure he would be a great role model and you know a lot of kids would benefit from

6 thoughts on “Toronto Maple Leafs talk about Homophobia in Hockey

  1. LOL, yeah, I'll let that one pass though. He's not known as being the smartest guy on two skates as it is. I'm guessing just a poor word choice on the spot. He actually is a really good and accepting guy.

  2. it's a sigh of relief that the trash-talking on this page is about the team/game and not people's sexual orientations. lol

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