Tough Competition: UVA Women’s Club Ice Hockey

There’s something about hockey that gets me really excited when I’m out on the ice. This team is actually a huge factor in me choosing to come to UVA. I really wanted to continue playing club ice hockey in college I’m really glad that I found this team. Even if we’re playing down even if we’re losing we never turn on each other, we always find a way to make things happen. (nice Gwen) When you look at Navy, and how well they play and the goals that they’ve scored its hard not to become intended. Our girls did not give up, they came out basically just stepping on the gas pedal I think Navy thought they were running away with the game but we came back and it was 7 to 6 One thing that’s really special about UVA
is that everyone’s who’s out here really really really wants to be out
here for the game. Not many people even know that we have a team here. So, it’s definitely a unique experience telling people I’m on the ice hockey team. Most people guess field hockey, and then when they find out ice hockey I think my credibility, my street-cred goes up some Women’s ice hockey, although there’s not checking it still gets pretty aggressive and so you get bumped around a lot. The puck is pretty hard and goes faster than you’d think and so it’s definitely a hard sport I like that it’s very unique and that there aren’t many girls that play It’s an awesome sport, the coolest sport out there. It’s fun, we’re fun

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