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Gentlemen and ladies we are lost in a vast area of places. I see a Charmander up there. So don’t don’t look at Charmander
just don’t look at him. OK. Charmander is really really mean dude, you don’t want to mess with
him. Ok. ok. I’m sorry. Thanks for the thanks for the
warning. I will heed it. Gentlemen we’re here to hide and to seek. And why is red not have
a skin. That’s because I’m my own little
toy. Yeah he is a toy. Look at him hes just a little its
its the dinosaur red guy. Yeah.
Haven’t you played with that one. I wouldn’t buy him. I would not buy him. What? what do you mean?
Something about your face. I’m a toy.
I don’t like you. I’m going to win today and I’m not gunna be the seeker. No. No. No your not. Four times in a row. Frick that. That’s a negative. I actually made
the game. So you’re the seeker all the time
now. I thought that’s what we agree on. Alright well I’m out later guys.
Have fun filming your own video. It was nice seeing you preston bye. yes. yes.
Red you look uh, you look special. How many fingers am I
holding up? You got you got. You’re holding up one minecraft uh
finger. I got 3 eyes.
Ok I’m I’m running away now uh. Alright we’re all running away. Can
we get up on these big ole objects. Is that like uh. Oh yeah there are lots of ways to
get on top. How do you get up there bro. Can you help me? You have to find the secret ladders
bro. This isnt fair you had the map made.
cheater. Look look this this is my first time
playing this map too. And look I’ll tell you
one thing. OK if you climb up the stair
of the or not the stair the leg of the chair right there you see that? Mm I don’t like legs.
Did someone say chair?. Um no No chair. The leg of a chair? Preston where are you I’ll save you
if you all come back. No frick off dude. You’re going to get me killed. I don’t trust you. Guys I’m going to find you all. And uh you better be afraid. You all better be afraid. Red do you hear that? The door
opening. No I don’t actually. Oh You don’t hear it well I’m
slamming it. I’m slamming it in your face. You’re just gunna slam the door man. Yeah I bought this door. What’s up. Hey look. What what how you did you guys get up there. Well umm I I don’t know really. I’ve just been up here just for some
reason since. Says he didn’t play the map. OK. We’re on to you barbi. We’re on
to you. This window is open as a he guys I
might be able to escape. No no no andy will be mad if you escape. Yeah don’t do that come on we watch
the movies. Oh oh oh oh red.
No. where was I going. What are you doing? Oh oh oh oh. Come on man.
Oh oh. Sorry. We could have just gotten preston
together. Wait wheres preston. You think I wouldn’t have sold him
out I would’ve sold him out in a heart beat. Barbie doesn’t know where I am. I didn’t tell him I don’t trust the
toy. Just look at us. We’ve got these
three eyes. Man these are seeker eyes, we can
see everything. Oh my gosh now instead of four eyes. We have six eyes. Oh preston it’s over. It’s not.
Exactly. Yes it is. I know. I know where you are to. You’re inside this little thing. AHHH!
Where is he? He’s like little oh now he’s climbing up. oh no no no im not I’m not bro lets
go. Little alien thing I like to call uh getting found. NOPE NOPE NOPE Is he down here? NOPE NOPE NO yes I’m getting out of
here boys. Im out of here. go around. you go around.
I’m goin up. Ok I’m goin up. He cant go anywhere he’s stuck up
there. AHHHHH. You’re done preston. You never know dude. You never know till run. I feel like I feel like he’s going
to be like actually is going to make it. NOOOO!
I got him. I got him. Hey man I’m going to find you to infinity
and beyond and so you better watch out. Oh my gosh. I don’t even know about
that joke man. Now your’e the seeker. look at you. I hate you guys.
Lets just ditch Preston. Im ditching him man.
we’re going to hide somewhere where he’ll never find us. how about that. I’m gunna go around back. Oh look I
found place. Jack it’s hard right now. I hope you guys are hiding well I I
I rubbed myself on you so I know I know what
you smell like now. What. you rubbed yourself on me. Yeah yeah yeah you thought that punch was just a friendly
little punch. No. I rubbed myself all over you. Wait so are you were like Are you
trying to sniff out your own scent on us. Yes that’s how it works. Oh no. Oh no. Do you know what I smell like? Red shift. I can’t.
Somebody is climbing the ladder boys the noise. I don’t know what you’re talking
about preston. I’ve never even seen a ladder on this map. That’s a lie. I know you’ve seen
some wood in your days my friend. Come on. No sir. Well actually this ladder is metal. but uhh. I’m coming nick get up here. what? wait what? You’re crawling, crawling and
climbing why? Hey!
Where the heck are you guys? Don’t worry about it. We we went to uhh andy’s sisters room. Hey hey hey hey Lets wave at him, hey man.
Don’t wave at me, don’t patronize me. I’m coming up to get you guys. Run, run.
He knows he knows. I’m going to get you guys. No he’s not. No he’s not. Oh I’m shift climbing I’m jumping in the trash. I’m
jumping in the trash Don’t worry you find us. He’s not going to find us, he’s not
going to find us up here, because we moved already. Preston wasted all that time going up the ladder. We’re gone. I moved I moved you per say didn’t
move. I don’t like these uh these words. That you’re using. These big words that we’re using on
you. Could you speak in Japanese thats
all I can speak. Please thank you.
I think I know one word isn’t Niihau
hello. No that’s kon’nichiwa bro. O oh Almost
No dude hey red Red did you die yet. The view was great from up here. Red.
Where you at man. Yeah wheres nick at guys.
Wheres nick. I’m nowhere bro.
Come on Nick we told you to stop I’m not even here.
Hey nick are you in ther trash.
No im not in the trash red. Come on Nick we told you to stop playing your house. I wish your seeker every single
time. Oh are you serious. How does that make you feel preston. I feel like I have pent up anger inside of my green 3 eye’d body. What do you mean. You do have three eyes. Oh Red. red
red red come back here. Red come back come back. Where you guys going. I found Nick I found a little house
it’s nice and red and it feel safe. I’m going to get
inside. I’m telling you red that you picked
the worst spot. The key here is to get a height advantage over
preston. And he’s such a short little alien he won’t be able to see us. Hey
I’m on top of things. Oh Nick I think he found you
already. No no he didn’t find me. I found Nicolas Cage. No what no thanks. Personaly personaly i don’t think
you’re goin to find me. If you guys have a cheeseburger.
What kind of cheeseburger would you Ooh bacon
like. cheeseburger would be great. Come on man. Like with what kind of bacon. You don’t know the different types
of bacon it just admit it Red. Yeah. Come on Red you’re a noob Now as bacon connoisseur Preston I can tell you. I would select a high grade Turkey bacon because its a bit
healthier for you. Oooh.
But also still gets you that porky taste you know that you like. My dog. You’re speaking to my brain right now. Mmhmm. I want to say that Nick would never
ever eat turkey bacon in his entire life. Well Look red red red it taste the
same it taste the same. Preston don’t do it man dude. You don’t you don’t need to. You don’t need to. You could just leave. Preston he’s lying to you. He has no idea where I am. He has nothing to contribute to you
except being found. Little did you know that this is a
time outbox for red because it’s a red little box don’t. Time out box. what. hey don’t think you can run from me. You tried to run dude. I couldn’t trust you I’m sorry man. Hey man I was I was safe there. You just broke down my safe place. Red I had no idea you were there. I was just looking for the Barbie guy and he must be playing with ken. The barbie guy doesn’t exist. uhh.
Hey man I know where he is hes on top of the chest. No I’m not.
Yes he is he’s on top of the chest. What chest?
I see him man. Get up there. Get up there Preston.
You know we don’t need to get rash here. oh ooooh No no we definitely need.
Oh there he is. I see him i see him.
Ahh come here. There he is.
How’d he get up there ? Oh you watch and make sure he doesn’t run. No no don’t be attacked by the
hiccup monsters. Okay here we go. oh.
Oh no! Yes yes yes yes Buzz buzz how’d you get me from the
ughhh. Becasue look at these wings. Well they’re not on this texture
pack. Y ou don’t have wings bro. OK. But in the movies I do. So I believed. That’s true. Yeah the movies are
what physics are based off so yeah. It’s called falling with style
guys.He did it correctly. I’m going to try I’m going to try it
here we go. Oh my goodness. look at me.
I mean to point out that I haven’t been the seeker once. And I’m okay
with that. So I don’t care what you say man. I just want to point out that as SGC
set this up and there’s a chance that he rigged the system. I would not be surprised. You know what guys I actually spent
uhh days making this map and to be honest with you I just made spots that aren’t visible to you guys that
only I know about. That’s why I win. What?
Yeah That’s what I figured. I need that SGC vision you know to
see all the good spots. Well the Vision is you have to
cheat. What!
That’s you know that’s the vision here. You all heard it here nick is a
cheater. I’m just gunna sit down on my nice
little stoop A little stoop. Are you guys above
me. You guys looking down at me. Oh yeah red here’s the here’s the
thing. I have discovered through trial and error that this map. There’s a lot of really good spots
to be high up above everyone you know. Just look at all the toys down on
the floor and laugh at them. No no no no no. I don’t believe you. I think you’re down on the bottom
level.Blah blah blah you you’re on the bottom
level. Preston are you mocking me man. I will find you first. I am a snail. You’re a snail?
Whats a snail. I’m in your garden right now im
chompin the flowers down. Wait. what does that even mean. Yeah dude have you ever seen snails. Oh man. Theres just so slimy. So confused.
I’m kind of scared is Preston below me and I don’t know about it like You’ll never know. You’ll never know I think you might be broken. I think he migth be broken We’re going to have to trade this
one is for a new Buzz Lightyear. I mean NOOO. You know what did they do in the
movie they put the paper clip in the back. Yeah exactly I mean it’s simple. You’ll be fine Preston and you’ll have all your cool
catchphrases back. No i’m gunna lose them all I’m gunna lose me.
Why Hey nick
did you keep finding me jus Don’t you have anything better to
do. hahaha.
I could I could find Preston man. And that means I would be able to
find you. So What if I tell you wehere preston is
how about that You don’t know where I am I’m in a spot Let me come up here first and that
way we can have negotiations you know. We can have nigotiations
up here. OK well don’t come to the end of
this. Don’t you dare get any closer. Okay I won’t get any closer but you gotta tell me where preston
is. OK I’ll tell you. He’s on the other end of the bed. I can literally see him standing on
the pillow right there. Are you really on the pillow? Whats a pillow dude. I
think you’re on the pillow. I’m on the tortilla have you seen
the tortilla. No no no no.
Hey nick whats up man surprise. Why. You’ll never find me. I am the hider of hiders.
You Preston you just got me sold out. Can you guys see my body. I can’t see your body. where. Just think about my body for a bit and you’ll see me.
Thinking about it and I’m just like hey preston. Preston, Preston I see your body
man. Can you see my body?
Did you really find him? yeah yeah he’s up here look he’s just hanging around hanging
about Nick turn around turn around. I like to do this every now and then. It makes me happy. Hey whats up yall. What are you doing?
Just hanging out you know. Just hanging around. What if you fall. I’m Buzz Lightyear. I’ll just fall with style. True that is true. Hey. Hey red. What we talk about this red Red red red red. Looky looky you your little eyes don’t seem to be helping you too much red Actually false I’ve found you guys
very single round I’ve been the seeker. That’s not true. That’s not true
that’s a lie that’s a lie. That is a lie. I’m lying the facts
are not right. The facts aren’t right and you know what red. I I I don’t want to brag but I think I might have just beat
you. I think I’m going to just won just
by hiding in this spot. You know was false. I’m here to make hide and go seek
great again. WATCH IT guys and I’m gunna find you all. I’ll be honest red I just don’t
believe it. I don’t think you’re going be able
to do this. What if I say please. We’re doing we’re talking about all
the fish here. And I saved the best spot for last. Interesting interesting. I feel so bad because it’s like you guys don’t even have a chance at
this point. Woah not cool.
Preston preston. I don’t I could give you part of my win if you just you know sacrifice yourself. I’m not giving you half my fish
okay. I want to full fish. Guys are we sure doing all this stuff is this real? Yes fish sacrifice. I mean red this
is for the fish this is a serious this is a serious
situation. I’m not about to just let it go on the wayside. Okay fine okay fine I got my I cracked my neck once I
cracked the neck it’s no going back. Okay. All right. So We know we know not to let him
crack his neck we just got to get him a neck brace. Oh it’s to late. We got to stop that got to stop that
from happening. Preston where are you. How about you tell me that. No I turned on my xray hacks so that
way I can run from you guys.
What you got xray hacks. Yeah. You guys didn’t add it to your mod
pack. I thought I put that in the news the
memo. Come on man. He’s cheater he’s a
cheater. Hey at least im winning i’m just
sayin. If he does win I may think about adding
some xrays then. Oh what.
But I mean hey if he’s winning. You can’t beat them join them. No no no no no no no no. Well Red it’s big talk for someone who I hate to say it. You really haven’t found anybody
yet. I havent like where are you guys. Uh top secret.
You guys could just share that
confidential information with me. I love how we both had secret spots and we are both using them against
red. I know where Preston is I mean. No you don’t. I could tell you. Yes I do okay. Tell me tell me tell me You saw me on the matress did you
really see me on the mattress. Yeah yeah I did he was there. I don’t believe anything you guys
say you guys are just liars. Maybe I was on the tower. You know the tower of power. What the Tower of Power.What What does this even mean. I was on the Power Tower. I don’t really know what any of
those words mean. I was there a member of the Power
Tower. We went there together in
kindergaden. What what what. Preston we didn’t go to kindergarten together. Yes we did you guys were brainwashed you don’t remember though. Ohhh.
It’s probably for the better that we were brainwashed. I mean the school with you you know. Hey.
Kindergaden is a rough time. Thats not a nice one.
Hey red you’re halfway down and you still haven’t found anybody.
So Yeah. So how does that make you feel. It makes me feel that you guys are
cheating. If we are cheating than you have a long way to go sir. Did I just miss someone? Like did I
even close you guys. You’ve been close at some points. Same same.
But I’m also been not close at other points. You know I’m saying like No I don’t know what you’re saying. You’re speaking different languages. I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you
what I am actually in the back of. No I don’t believe whatever you’re
saying. Look I’m the in I’m in the back side of the E T. doll. OK. E.T. doll? I don’t I don’t think
that’s what they’re called. What are they called? The little the
little. They’re called they’re called. hey
woah woah I think that they’re just called
aliens. Yeah they are just called aliens.
It’s funny. It’s like a big version of you and I made you go look there. Yeah you did. Yeah I did. I know I did because I was watching
you. Where are you guys watching from? I apologize for that one that was a
little bit to much. You know I really rubbed it in his
face. But I mean he’s got a minute 15 seconds And hasn’t found one of us dude. Yeah has he found you like you know. No he hasn’the’s been close a few
You guys are being mean. You guys are being mean. We’re getting alot of fish here bro
and you’re gunna be all left out. I feel sorry for you honestly. I might throw you a pitty fish. Maybe a pitty fish. A pitty fish would be phenomenally. Oh hey preston!
No! Oh you didn’t even make sounds coming down. What the heck. Oh man I figured I would go a little
inCognita mode and it worked. Dang it. I was going to climb up the
other side too. Man. It looks like there’s no splitting the fish for Nick It’s all coming up
to nick. Alright we have to find this nick guy and we got to find him fast red. I think he’s still higher than us like I think he’s above us
watching us. I don’t know. Here’s here’s the funny thing red. I actually was in the little ET doll for the first few minutes. Yes!
I’ll give it to you. Preston you snuck up on me there. I had no idea you were crawling up. I was literally
bragging to red that I was going to win. I look over Prestons looking at me like oh hey buddy I’ve got three
eyes in one hand that was to tag you. I’m sorry I couldn’t let you win. It was either both of us win No sorry preston that was some of
the greatest Hide and Seek seeking I’ve ever seen. yout think so dad. You deserve You think you deserve all the fish take em. I get the fish. I thought red was
getting the fish. Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching
this episode Hide and Seek. A giant Thank You to barbarian for setting up fantastic map lots of fun. Check out these two handsome
gentlemen down below in the description let us know what map
theme you want to see next. Oh hey whats up
dude Oh you want to race. Oh well on my butt?
3 2 1 go! Go scoot scoot. Yeah yeah. No no oh we’re going around. Oh shoot. Oh barb is off the course.

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