Toyota Game Recap | Avalanche vs. Coyotes | 11/2/2019

Welcome back to the Avalanche Locker Room
Report trying to bounce back from that loss yesterday. The Avs fell three to nothing and it all starts
right here. Christian Devorak to clean that one up. Phil Kessel nice little wrist shot. Yup here it is you take the Power play, start
the game they score on it Avs down one nothing. The end of the first Phil Kessel get the puck,
he hits this one from an absolutely impossible angle Ryker. It’s a great shot, I think Francouz gotta
stay high and tight, kinda caught him by surprise. Who thinks Phil Kessel is gonna shoot that
from behind the goal line. Either way Phil’s a vet, knows what he’s doing. That’s a pretty sweet goal. And the second period. Man this one is a killer. Coyotes on the power play Nick Schmaltz passing
it to center, bomb back door Connor Garland gets that one. Back Door all day long. You dream of this on a power play. If you can make that pass cuz the goalie has
no chance and that to me was the nail in the coffin for the Avs.

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