Toyota Game Recap | Avalanche vs. Wild | 11/21/2019

Last game of the road trip in Minnesota, no
blood in the first but a 100 seconds into the second 4 on 3 Koivu fake shot Zuccarello. Great play right here just at the end of the
power play Avs couldn’t quite muster enough to stop it. That was a nice goal by Zucs. This one stung, minute later, Avs turn over,
Avs get turned around, Greenway far side. Yeah it all starts with that battle in the
corner there, nice little tic-tac-toe passing, wow, Greenway big time celly like Stanley
Cup winning celly. Wow, next play you might remember finally
get a power play Cale Makar makes it count, watch the release from Makar so quick so good. That’s amazing, MacKinnon wizardry in the
corner, watch this puts some extra gun powder in it is. Ah that’s top shelf, where mum keeps the Mayonnaise
chicken. Alright later, this is a thing of beauty right
here, Cale Makar literally is a Ferrari with a EC10 Engine. Just undresses everyone. Look how much speed he’s got coming into this
one. Everybody kind of panics respects just tries
to go for the panic block. Look he drops two guys to their knees. We got something going on right. That’s amazing, what a beautiful goal. The Avs feel that. Z is right he does need to work on that Celly
a little bit. To the third, this is a bizarre goal right
here. Grubauer makes the initial save, then stands
up thinks it’s in and what happens.Then he just gets absolutely drilled on it right now
he goes down. I mean give Zucker credit I guess for paying
attention, being dialed in. That’s a though one, Grubauer is gonna want
that one back. I think he heard the crowd, they thought it
was in, he stood up. Think, schmink, stink. You gotta play to the whistle that’s the bottom
line, that’s just a though one.

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