Trải nghiệm bay dù tại Mù Cang Chải cùng Vietwings / Paragliding in Mu Cang Chai

In this video, I wanna tell you about an experience Really really amazing Now, at this moment, is a week after I tried this experience And until now My feeling about this trip is still here Happy and excited and I still wanna try this experience one more time Because paragliding is really amazing And i don’t want you to wait longer, let’s go with me to Mu Cang Chai for paragliding Really nervous and excited too Ivan: Best scene is to see your boy friend land in the field Ivan: At that moment, we will fly over his head and take a selfie Mít: Sound good, but he is my younger brother not my boy friend So our plan will be I’m going to land in the field And after that you and my sister fly over my head and take a selfie ? Ok let’s just do this Ivan: If we have chance, we both land in the field And then we will take a selfie together at the field :))) Ivan: Agree Safety clothes are really safe And now I’ll fly with Mr. Chan Bong Chan Bong: Uh That “Uh” hurt me so much 🙁 Chan Bong: Ok, when I tell you run, just run that way Mr Hung: Nguyen Hong Nhung Number 34 Mr Hung: When I push you, just run forward. Ok ? Ivan: This is button to take a photo. Remmember this. When you see your brother in the field, just press this button Mít: Ok hihihi Chan Bong: Ok ready ? 1….2…..3 Run…run nowwwww Ahhhhhhh, love thisssssss Love, really love this feeling This is an awesome experience And honestly, For 25 years live in this life, This is the best experience that I’ve tried in my life I make this video just want to thank Vietwings a lot And I want to thank Mr Chan Bong, Mr Hung and Mr Ivan too They help us a lot to overcome height fear and after that we have a best experience ever in our life If you want us review this trip in details just comment below and let us know what do you want to ask We will upload new video every 2 weeks Let’s wait for our videos And if you haven’t seen our Ninh Binh clip You can watch it here If you feel this clip is nice too you Just like and subscribe to support us And now, good bye and see ya in next trip

5 thoughts on “Trải nghiệm bay dù tại Mù Cang Chải cùng Vietwings / Paragliding in Mu Cang Chai

  1. This looks amazing, the views are incredible! I would be nervous too haha. I like how you split the screens when you were all gliding. Need to try this one day!

  2. I've always wanted to try paragliding. I'd be a little nervous during the first bit but afterwards those views look amazing!

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