Train 20 India Features | Vandhe Bharat Express | Pakistani Reaction

Take off your hat It will be put at the end of the video Oooooo amazing man Your hair is as if someone had blown a bomb Take off his hat again Hello friends, welcome back to our channel, how are you all? I hope you all are good I’m sajjad hussain I’m usman ali I’m umer jutt Umer Jutt Usman Jutt Sajjad Jutt Friends we are going to watch a video Who saw the India train 20 with me? I did You saw India Train 20’s new video found We’ll see that Because Train 20 India’s amazing train is coming up Upgrading Train 18 to Train 20 As told in a video I forgot the name of the train Maybe shatabadi? Such is the name Which is a fast and old train This train will replace it So watch today’s video How is this train? Original video subtitled not available Original video subtitled not available Original video subtitled not available Original video subtitled not available Original video subtitled not available Original video subtitled not available So guys, how was this video today? Awesome!! Here is the best feature of this train That it has no engine The train will have no engine Its coaches will run by electric Even if a coach encounters a problem So all his coaches do engine work Each Boogie plays the role of engine No need to rotate the engine to change its direction No time wasted It runs on both sides If you’re going this way And the last station You have to take off the engine and put it on the other side of the train But this train runs at the same speed on both sides This can run in same speed to both sides And onother great feature is in it That feature is it’s speed Because it is made by Because it is made of aluminum Therefore, its speed can be reduced quickly As desk brakes work When the train arrives at your station How far does it slow down? Because they are made of steel Because it’s heavy They are difficult to control The weight of the train 20 will be very small due to the aluminum Increasing its speed And stop Will be easier It will stop in 3-4 minutes Saving 10-15 minutes Then when he has to leave the station How long does it take People run away and get on the train It won’t be because it has automatic doors Before the train leaves, its doors will be closed Many people will be safe from accidents Like the metro train, its doors will be closed so it will run That should be it It is a great train and has amazing features It will come in 2020, so it has been named as Train 20 In the previous video, when we asked why train 18 is called train 18? So many people commented Some people say that it has 18 stations and hence it is called Train 18 Some people said that it was built in a period of 18 months hence it was called Train 18 But the fact is, that was made in 2018 so call it Train 18 As it is being built in 2020, it is called Train 20 Same as upcoming train that ‘ll be built in 2021 will called train 21 and so on.. So how’s today’s video? Very good Train 20 is amazing train Excellent indian project We have saw many videos about Indian trains. That amazed videos link are in description of this video You can also watch by browsing our channel Our friends Who’s watching us very first time We request please subscribe our channel we bring positive videos always We need your support You all are important to us So please like our videos and subscribe channel and take care see you in next video Good bye!! Love You!! click on PK React logo and subscribe our channel click on video and watch video

20 thoughts on “Train 20 India Features | Vandhe Bharat Express | Pakistani Reaction

  1. Good reaction 👍 India ka clean city per reaction do top 10 clean city India Hindi chenal walo ki he

  2. Train 20 has regenerative brake system , at time of braking motors will work as generators and produced electricity return to OHE .
    You can say this train is running power station on track .
    40% electricity can be reproduced which was consumed at time of motoring .

  3. Bharat ki jitni bhi Premium Trains hai unmein yhi system koi bhi bhag kar pakad Nahin sakta train.. trains ki doors automatically closed or open hoti.. aur 1969 Se Hi Premium Trains Main Aisa Hi system hai .. Premium Trains Luxury Trains Metro Trains Momo rail main automatically opens or close hote Hain.. local trains mein aap bhag kar pakad sakte ho utar sakte ho bar aapko remind karana padta hai

  4. Train 18 bhi esi hi hai.. Usko vande bhrat express bolte hai.. Bs itna farq hoga ki train 20 sleeper class ki hogi.. Or ye chair car hai

  5. Sala tum Pakistan walo ne Terrorists @ Atankwadio k alawa dekha he Kya hai …… Seriously I am proud to be a Indian Muslim…

    Jai Hind Vande Matram…

  6. In our Bharat (India) in trains there is nothing like "Third class" , The classification is First AC, Two tier AC, Three tier AC, Chair car, second 3-tier sleeper (Non AC) and sitting. Most of the short distance trains will have "sitting" only and which are normally unreserved. in few cases even sitting coaches are reserved.seats. like berths in sleeper class. this is for completion of general information.

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