Transform a Tree Stump into a One-of-a-Kind Coffee Table | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

-We’re going to apply
it to the entire top as well as a two-inch trim around. OK. We’re going to take
some caster wheels and place them underneath
so it can move. At the end, we’re going
to take some polyurethane and seal the whole thing. And you can clean it? You can clean it. OK. The first step
for this project is we’re going to take the chisel
and just clean up the edges, because I don’t want
anything to harm Cyrus. Use the angled side as you’re
going down, because that helps push the bark out. That is perfect. Casters is one of
the easiest things that you can do to just
about any piece of furniture. Nice. And we’ve got a caster. Awesome. Good job. So now we repeat the
process three times. Yes.
-Yeah. That’s great.
-Nice. Good job.
-Thank you. Good job, guys. So basically we’re going
to tape all the way around, because what I want is the gold
leaf to spill over and have just a trim along the base. This is our gold leaf. Ooh, I love gold. I love gold. OK, so basically we’re
going to apply our glaze. We’ll get our first sheet
down, and we’ll go from there. And the whole trick is you
want good coverage on the glaze. Grab a sheet. Let’s take that and
apply it directly to, and then we’ll peel
it off the plastic. Good job. And don’t worry about
being a imperfectionist, because we’re going to
layer it so it really will cover everything up. Kind of amazing that you’re
taking this piece of tree and making it into this– Giving her some fancy jewelry. Yeah, right? A little bling
never hurt anyone. Well, you should check
out There’s a lot of really
great ideas and projects that you can add an individual
touch to anything on there. We are done with the gold leaf. It looks amazing, right?
-It looks great. -It looks great.
-Do you like it? I love it. We’re going to
take this tape off, and we’re going to
polyurethane the entire thing, so it’s going to seal it. And that’s it. You’ve got an instant,
one-of-a-kind coffee table. Good job, team.
-Let’s go. Yay. Good job.

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