100 thoughts on “Transgender boy wins girls’ wrestling title

  1. You people are fucking dumb as a rock. It’s not “cheating” because he isn’t opposed to wrestling guys, he’s not choosing to “cheat” they are forcing him. He can wrestle the guys, and it’s not “steroids”, it’s hormone REPLACEMENT therapy, meaning he’s getting just enough testosterone to equal the testosterone levels of a biological man, no more, no less. So the men born men aren’t at a disadvantage, they are equal. Before spewing out shit online behind a screen maybe use a few braincells and knock the dust off your shit and do some research, I swear to god if I heard any of you say this shit in front of me id deck you right in the mouth. Lol. Not a threat, that’s a promise.

  2. Why are teenagers being allowed to transition? That’s crazy, they haven’t developed yet, they are very susceptible, their brains are still developing and so are not capable of taking such monumental decisions. I fully understand an adult. But a teenager? There’s something sinister going in when this is encouraged and allowed. Boy I’m glad I’m not American, this country has totally lost its mind the past 20 years.

  3. Just watched a kid forfeit a match because he was against a girl, and a boy beat every girl in a tournment to prove a point… Fuck you all.

  4. why don't these people just think twice before mutilating their bodies and cause a controversy,seriously just because you pretend to be a man doesn't make you a man…thousand of years of research and development just to throw science and biology away and act based on people feelings? what a world…..

  5. The homosexual Community is sending the straight Community a message so why we haven't done the same thing and gun this family down

  6. If you are on things like steroids or testosterone you shouldn't be allowed to compete against anyone. Seems like loophole doping

  7. So trans boys taking testosterone compete against women and trans girls that were born male compete against women? seems like everyone just wants to dominate female athletics. how about they just compete and trans only competitions ffs

  8. Hurry the fuck up scientists, I wanna destroy everything on this planet and move tf on to Pluto. The plan is effective ASAP.

  9. I do agree its unfair and wrong as well but what I'm amazed is the fact that its a 17 year injecting hormones in their body. I will never be able to understand transgender people but I think injecting hormones in yourself at such a young age is not good to begin with. I feel when you are 17 years old you still are trying to find your identity and doing something so drastic at such a young age that you cant reverse could be potentially harmful in the future. When youre an adult do whatever you want but as a parent myself I think making that decision with your child is wrong. I mean a lot of times they become ok with themselves in their body and just become gay/lesbian once they get older.

  10. this is sum dumb shit. transgender girls compete in girls category you get pissed. trans boy competes in girls category you get pissed.

  11. This is what our country has come down to. Equal rights this that but from what I see and read in the news etc is how unbalanced this issue is.
    It's wrong if a transgender boy wants to engage in female sports now that she is changed gender only cuz she dominants due to strength etc. So it's ok for transgender women to engage in male sports but not the other way around. It's just political BS. It's like the old saying, "Eat your cake and want it too." U can't have it both ways it just doesn't work!!

  12. I got it wrong. I thought she was born male. Yeah I agree steroids regardless of ur use is against the rules peroid!! It's definitely an unfair advantage, if she gets to take them then why can't the other girls. because they are engaging in a sport they should have to follow rules.
    What confused me was I've seen videos where these girls were born male but transferred to female and they were allowed to compete against other female athletes in track n field. Needless to say they were dominating the other girls because of their natural strength and size.
    I wonder how the Olympics will or do handle these issues. Steroid use is definitely unacceptable so I think I answered my question.

  13. humanity has gone insane, delusional…i've not seen a case of collective confusion of this scale/magnitude ever…so much so that sanity has become a minority practice

  14. He actually wanted to compete against BOYS. But they did not let him.
    So stop whining about shit as if it was his fault, is not. Or do it, because you all are a bunch of imbeciles without capacity to think anything intelligent, so it is simply easier for your pathetic little minds to blame him for everything.

  15. when you transition so well stupid mf in the comments think you're a boy trying to be a girl lmao, hats off to you my boy. you did it 😎

  16. There are many many stories like this, it's stupid, if you believe trans people should compete with non trans people, you should be locked away because of your stupidity, you are a danger to society. Its unfortunate that trans must be excluded (maybe they can compete against other trans), but we cannot harm 99%+ of the population to the benefit of less then 1% of the population.

  17. I don't think pre-OP pre hormone trans should be able to compete male to female.  They are starting to steal college scholarships from female athletes.

  18. is this a disorder or something? I always thought it was a he vs he and she vs she. why the fuck did they allow a dude to wrestle with girls?

  19. Bruh… I just like how the trans female acted like this was SUCH a big victory. I like the idea of men & women being able to compete with things like skateboarding or golfing, but this isnt cool.

  20. I feel so sorry for this girl's how hard they work to be beat by a boy. You will never be able to take away or boys bone density muscle density quick-twitch tendons in the body. I'm sorry girls the adults let you down in America

  21. SHE was all drugged up. Of course SHE won. If SHE wants to be a boy so bad, let HER wrestle with the boys. I guaranfuckintee you SHE loses again and again.

  22. Even if transgender girls actually had their hormone level and skeletal muscle structure regulated to a real girl level, what happens to the internal muscle structure and function? What happens when this transgender girls carry more type 2 fibers because of their original sex? What happens with the motor units advantage they carry about being originally a male? One thing is having the same amount of muscle tissue, and another is to be able to use the available muscle more efficiently, which is already proven that males clearly have an advantage over females.

  23. Like alright, u wanna be transgender, fine, your born gay I’ll accept that, but this shouldn’t be cheered on, this shit can’t be added in sports, this dude should not be wrestling with girls and act like he’s actually a champion, and this should prove why girls and guys can’t wrestle together, or play sports like football or basketball together, baseball alright, not as much contact, but then pitchers arnt going to throw purposful hits towards u with 98 mile an hour balls, the girls who have wrestled with guys looked like they clearly took steroids even non transgender

  24. a simple maths test:
    number of boys and men wearing skirts and entering womens sports and unfairly winning – epidemic proportions
    number of girls and women with pathetic hormone beards and entering mens sports and winning ANYTHING AT ALL – NIL.
    hmmmmmm, i wonder why that is? ahhh, hang on, i know why! because men are far stronger than women.

  25. Yeah girl power. You can now claim transgender and become champion of the world. If you don't make to the NBA try out for the WNBA.

  26. I dunno if booing the kid was the right way to go. The school, policy, parents, and the culture of our times, and several other factors all go into this

  27. If you want to transition, take hormones. If you want to compete, then don't. Why not wait until after high school to start trying to get an oil change? Sometimes you can't have everything you want, and especially not all at once!

  28. ..this is the absurd level of insanity of the LGBTQABC community… maybe when women are absolutely dominated by trans people and give up trying to compete perhaps then the rules will change… only someone with mental illness would support this.. this is telling or even encouraging people to cheat in 2019….. good luck competing against real guys buddy lets see how that goes..

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