Transy Baseball to play at Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends

Zack Getsee: So for the 2019 2020 season we’ll be transitioning into playing all of our home games and some of our practices
here at Whitaker Bank Ballpark. TJ Keck: What’s great about being out here at Whitaker,
you got the clubhouse you got the grandstand, you’ve got the sound system. Wade Lopiccolo: From the moment we walk in we got a clubhouse and that’s something we didn’t
have. It’s exciting to walk in put your stuff down hang out with the guys for a
little bit before the game or before practice. Jared Leuthart: Out in right field there’s a
little door that you walk through coming from the clubhouse and you just open up
the door and it opens up to this giant field, the grandstands and all the ads.
It makes you feel like a major league player. Getsee: I want them to feel like this is
a place that they’ll be able to call home for four years. So moving here the
ability to go into the locker room, it gives us the ability to hang out, it
gives us the ability to spend more time around each other. It gives our guys more
of an incentive to work hard on a daily basis. Colin Dodd: The Lexington Legends, we’re going into our 20th season of Legends baseball here in central Kentucky, so it’s really
exciting time for us coming off back-to-back championships. With
Transylvania, it’s always something we’ve imagined — kind of like a what-if
scenario — what if they had all their games out here? So it’s a really cool,
unique opportunity for us to be able to host all their home games, practices, and
it’s gonna be an awesome year one. We’re excited. We’re hoping that this can this
partnership will only grow into this being the official home of Transylvania
baseball for not only 2020, but for many years to come. Lopiccolo: Fans should expect the Pios to be nothing less than conference champions.
We look up and we get to have this beautiful stadium — and not to mention the ball carries a little bit farther here — so expect some more home runs from the

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