#träumweiter 0049 – Künstler Boicut in Kassel

Hi, my name is Boicut. I’m an artist and today I’m on an inspirational journey through Kassel. My work can be divided into two areas. One side of it is simply collaborating with brands and the other is just free work, e.g. for galleries. It all started when I met a girl, as is always the way, and she was an art student. I loved to sit and watch her draw until one day she gave me a gift of my first sketch book and first drawing pencil. Straight away, that gave me the boost that I needed and I knew then that I wanted to do something in this direction, something creative. I basically call my work a visual diary. That means I try to capture everything that I see and a lot of the time these are things that other people wouldn’t notice at all. It’s usually just trivial stuff, marks on walls for example. I then pick that up and link it with a personal story, something that’s happened to me. The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is a viewing platform with the Hercules monument at the very top. I saw the stone structures when I was at the top and was inspired by the various stone formations, which were actually quite random. I’ve already put them together in my head to make a composition. Then you turn around and can see right across the countryside to the water, the steep slope down to the city is right before your eyes. My impression of the Neue Galerie is that the museum was very clean. There were quite interesting pieces here, such as sculptures from Beuys. The installation here was the first piece of work from Beuys that I‘ve seen. The fact that you can get so close to the artwork and that there were no barriers was really great. It’s such a brilliant experience to get up close to the art. Kolorcubes is an association that works together with artists and implements projects. The conversation with Sarah was super interesting. I think we could have talked on forever if we’d have had the time. I think that both of us are interested in maybe working together on something in the future, perhaps in 2020. At least for me, the meeting was very motivational. As soon as we walked into the studio, it was super inviting for me. I felt like I wanted to spend the next two days just being here. Generally speaking, I‘ve worked a few times already in other studios in different parts of the world. Quite simply, I like to see how other people have put their room together and what was really nice was that I felt comfortable right away here. Then I even had the opportunity to make this little piece and I felt right at home doing it. Kassel was definitely inspirational and the best part was that I discovered shapes through my eyes, if I can say that. I simply saw things that inspired me, which I will definitely process properly next time I get a chance to sit down and digest. There’s definitely a new piece of artwork in there somewhere.

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