Tree Stump Diorama: Furniture Tutorial ~ With Subs

Hello everybody! Today I want to show how I made some of the furniture for my tree stump diorama. In this case, we will start with this shelf. I used wire for the basic shape. I twisted it and twirled it until I got the right shape, and then, I tinned it. I got my hubby’s help on this part, and also reinforced the base with aepoxy. Then, I covered the whole structure with masking tape, in order to have a base in which the white glue will fix. Since I aiming for a twig look, I used the same technique that I used on the outer part of the house. I covered the masking tape with paper, in this case tissue paper, and white glue, giving it a different texture. Once it was dry I gave it a base coat of burnt sienna acrylic. I used two layers to get an even color. Then, I added some shades in green, yellow, red and blue. I made the shelves with ice-cream sticks, which were cut and then stained with coffee. Yes, instant coffee. Last part was sealing it with spray matte varnish. After that, I added some decorations, like fake moss and tiny flowers, in order to get a more fairy-like look. I used this technique several times in my diorama, for other furniture. I made a bed, a hanging shelf, a table, two chairs and a desk. It is very versatile. I used a different technique to make a stone kitchen. I made the base in a very thin cardboard, and as you can see, I kept it together with masking tape. I wasn’t pretty, but it was a good base. After that, I used a very thin cardboard to cut a lot of bricks. I cut them all in the same size. Once I had a good quantity, I used white glue to glue them to the structure of the kitchen. I alternated them in order to get a more realistic look. It was looking certainly better, but still something was missing. I wanted to give it a more stone-like texture, so… I mixed sand with white glue. I painted the whole structure with it, and let it dry. After two layers with this, I was happy with the final texture. And it was finally time for painting! I gave it a base of a dark gray color. It took me several layers and attempts, because the sand was making it a little harder to paint and cover completely. Once the basic layer was good enough in my eyes, I started playing with different colors, grays, greens and black, in order to get a more realistic look. I also wanted it to look like if the inside part was a little burnt from all the cooking. The last touches were some ice-cream sticks, also chopped and stained, that I added as decorations. I also made a shelf in the top of the kitchen. I didn’t use this technique in any other furniture of my diorama. However, I think that using sand to simulate stone texture is very helpful. If you want to see more videos about this diorama, there is a summary video of the steps I followed to construct the house, and also a speed video of me setting up the diorama, and showing how I store all the props I made. If you liked my video, please give it a thumbs up! And I also hope you can check out my blog. Have a nice day! And goodbye!

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