Tree Stumps

We just left Bonham State Park. We
got there on Thursday and had our choice of any site that we wanted. Once we got set up, I noticed some tree stumps just kind of sitting out in the middle between the camping area and the day use area. I thought it rather curious. Did they just chop down those trees
and didn’t get them all even? I went over and took a closer look and it really looked like they had been placed there. They were a little bit too close together to have been big trees. that and I thought it were I thought it rather curious. Why would someone either
leave these stumps here, or even odder, why would they move them here? Someone’s going to have to try and clean around those, mow around them weed eat around them, do somethingsomething. They just seemed to be kind of in the way. Friday afternoon and evening several
young families came in. I want to tell you from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, someone was on those stumps almost all the time, We had little kids making up games about jumping from one stump to another and if your foot hit the ground, you’re out. People went and sat on those stumps
to watch the volleyball games or kids swimming or running and playing or just little kids using that as something to put the toys on while they were playing
in some sand. I thought, you know, I had a very limited perspective or view of these tree stumps when I got here. What looked to me like it was
just something in the way, actually brought tremendous joy for a lot of
other people. Sometimes there are things that happen in my life, and honestly I question God why. Why is this here? Why is this happening?The answer is it’s really not all about me. It’s about how can I allow the things
that are in my life to help and bless other people. We’re told that that when we go through those times of grief and sorrow and difficulties, the God of all comfort comforts us so that we can comfort others. Maybe right now you’ve got some tree stumps left in your life, and you’re just scratching your
head saying, “God, why?” realize that our Realize that our perspective it’s very very limited, and we have a promise that he’s going to work all things together for our good for
those who are called according to His purpose.

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