Treino de Parapente no Morrinho ::: Paragliding Slope Practice

Hi everyone! This is another Aerials video In this video I’ll be talking about practicing on slopes What is this “practice on slopes”? This is actually the first free flying practical training So, how does it goes? you have a little hill “the slope” take off from there and then… you do a “chicken flight” and lands on …. you flight for a minute tops it is something like this … you prepare to inflate (the glider) you take off and then land So what happens … It’s very nice activity and very cool to do it It’s advised to take a few days to do it Where we did it? Very important This took place in Tangua (Rio de Janeiro) So…. I would like to take this oportunity and thank Gabriel Caetano, who is a student with me WAS a student with me of…. Delton Leuri, from Voar (flying) School and he gave us those this… uhm…. We started flying thanks to him uhm So these footages are a little bit old they are from 2014 but the experience is there for you to see I hope you like it! very good bro! you are going too much to the right GO TO THE LEFT! STOOOOP!!! push forward push push forward you missed it! abort it hold it so it won’t pass make “position 3” (chest forward) move move move hands up That’s it Let it fly! that’s it left! you are hanging on the right Center of the glider, corect it! that’s it! chest forward let it fly perfect and move faster! RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT! block it so it won’t advance good one flying position well done don’t jump! don’t jump! Move ahead! That’s it! Hold it in the front! pectoral (ahead)! Good one! Good stuff… fix it! fix it! Don’t give up! raise your hands that’s it! Control it! Hold the glider well done, just adjust it very good there is a tree in front of you you will have to get out of there good you’ve turned to the wrong side, right? that’s it! How are you, Gut? Everything ok…awesome here… flying had a problem landing but it’s part of the game to fall is also part of the game did you die? NO, I didn’t die! Didn’t die! yeah you didn’t die Biel is flying fuckinly awesome he looks like a giant he is the giant of the mountai….. giant of the hill There is a thermal activity right in front Atention! ok? block it and then fly calmly chest forward and go faster! save it to the right! to the right! RIGHT! was very good got it? he made the turn to where he had space which was to the left and then fixed it to go forward until the landing. He did very nice very good his flight it’s gonna end up there this flight it boosted even more at the rotor OH MY GOD! look the landing sinking Oh no! It did precisely, dude! This flight was sweet! got it? This was awesome! This was awesome!

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