Trick plays in baseball 2 of 4

In this video we will continue our Baseball
Trick Play series. If you missed the first video, make sure to
watch that one as it sets up the parameters of what we are classifying as a trick play
and explains this video series. In this video the two plays we deal with are
tricks the offense, the team up to bat, can use and end with a bonus play. The first one is designed for Little League
but the concept would apply to regular baseball as well. It works in Little League better because youth
players often are not taught to be alert at all times when the ball is live. Especially right after a strikeout, the defense
tends to relax and take a break when runners are on base and the ball is live. Smart baserunners can take advantage of that. Now in this play the “trick” depends on
you knowing the Little League rules better than your opponent. I’ll let it play out and then explain how
and why it works. So we see a runner wait until the pitcher
and middle infielders are not paying attention. Even if the pitcher is on the mound and standing
on the pitcher’s plate, this still works. It comes down to knowing the rules. In Little League you can’t leave the base
until the ball reaches the batter. BUT that is only one half of the rule. We know when he can first leave, but when
must he remain? Tthe rule in Little League states. When a pitcher is in contact with the pitcher’s
plate and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher’s box ready to
receive delivery of the ball, base runners shall not advance until the ball has been
delivered and has reached the batter. That means until both the pitcher and the
catcher are ready to pitch and receive the pitch, the runner can still advance at risk
of being put out. Coaches and teams that do not know the rules
will cry out in vain. “He was on the rubber. He was on the mound.” All to no avail as they didn’t take time
to actually read the rule book. Hopefully the umpire did! The risk is that the umpire isn’t paying
attention and decides to send your runner back. He isn’t ever called out for leaving early,
so the risk is low. The second trick play does depend on the opposing
team either being caught napping or running a poor bunt defense that allows for this to
work. So like I said in video one, we are adopting
a wide definition of the term trick as baseball rules prevent most so-called tricks. Here there is a runner on 2nd or 1st and 2nd. The batter squares to bunt. If the 3rd baseman charges to field a bunt
and the shortstop doesn’t break for 3rd, the runner on 2nd is free to advance to the
vacated base. The batter simply pulls the bat back and takes
the pitch. This trick relies on a smart base runner at
2nd who knows what the goal is. It also depends on a mistake by the defense
or a team that wasn’t coached on bunt defense. That is why I labeled this for Little League
even though it technically can work in any league. A fake bunt sign and a steal if 3rd is open. If the play doesn’t work, know one even
knows you were attempting it. At the start of this video I told you I would
end with a bonus trick play. This is actually more accurately described
as cheating I went back and forth on whether to even add this but decided to put it here
as it’s helpful to know what your opponents might attempt AND if you umpire, what players
might do when you’re not in correct position. There it is. A player completely misses third base, and
he gets away with it for two reasons. One, almost everyone in the park is naturally
focused on where the primary play is happening. Every player on the field or in the dugout,
fan in the stanze, and in this case, even the umpires are focused on the opposite side
of the field. This play could still work if the umpires
see it as it also requires the defense to appeal that he missed the bag. What are your thoughts on these trick plays
and what baseball tricks do you think we should cover in our next video?

84 thoughts on “Trick plays in baseball 2 of 4

  1. Dude intentionally missing 3rd and then celebrating got under my skin. If I'm that catcher I've got words to say to either him or the ump or both. Play the game right, just because no one is watching you doesn't mean you get to make up rules. He should honestly be suspended for that kind of conduct

  2. I've had that last clip happen to me before. The difference was that I noticed it. I told the ump and my coach but the ump didn't care. We ended up losing because of that 1 run.

  3. Plays 1&2 show 5he difference between coaches who do it for many years and know their rule book, and coaches who are dads only coaching for their kids years of play. Still great coaches they both are, the ones with less experience are usually just unaware.
    As for the 3rd video, that's just dirty ball. I would think a fan in the stands that saw it go unpunished would be letting the air out of that teams busses tires.
    MJH always informative !!

  4. the second "trick" play is something every high school team tries to do every time its 1st and 2nd and bunt situation. And the second one is another thing high school teams do bc theres only 2 umps. The one has the play at home and the other at first.

  5. Not sure I am understanding why the first examples are legal. I understand the rule, Pitcher on the rubber and catcher ready to receive the ball (catcher can be standing to receive the ball). If you stop the video at 1:46, the pitcher is on the rubber and the catcher is clearly ready to receive the ball. Why is the runner allowed to stay at second?

  6. The third one became so common years ago and how defences guarded against it became a disaster and nightmare for leagues and tournaments. Umps became wise to it or preoccupied by it, the third baseman became a linebacker and would put a hard shoulder into the runner(can't be called defensive obstruction because its not remotely near the base path), and near riots in the stands and benches. (sometimes parking lots)
    If during or post game it could be shown to be deliberate, ejections in some leagues would occur.(player and or coach)

    As a side note in a game with 3 or more officiating, the crew is INEXCUSABLY not doing their job properly not catching this and not being to make a ruling on a appeal call.

  7. Why would anyone coaching kids teach them it is ok to outright cheat? Those adults should be barred from working with youth.

  8. Intentionally missing third by 15 feet may go uncalled in some leagues but it never happens in the south, if players straddle or miss the bag by a few inches the infield is watching and always appeal and 99/100 times it results in an out call

  9. According to comments posted on the original upload of that third play, the defense did appeal and the runner was called out. Obviously, I have no way to verify whether or not that is true.

  10. When I was in little league, twice I stole third on a walk…Was on second base (not forced)…batter behind me was walked….I jogged to third as if I was forced on a walk…no one paying attention…

  11. The Little League ones are just kids that are 12 and 13 years old taking advantage of playing on a field that is designed for 8, 9, and 10 year olds. Little League is such a joke when you have 5'10" 165 lbs players, playing on such a small field.

  12. The last clip of the Dawson team is typical Glendive MT fashion. That town was our high school rival and they cheated terribly, even tho this is the college team but looks like they play the same games

  13. Did the coach sanction the third 'trick'? Does he actively encourage aggressively cheating? So much for sportsmanship.

  14. You're going to get a lot of batters work on their HBP and DL stats. May be by the rules but it's the same a using your fouls in basketball. If all it's going to cost is one ejection and costs the other team a player for two games….

  15. First of all i dont consider any of these 'trick plays' the first one the runner knows the rules better than the other guy (i personally didnt know u could do that in little league), the second just looks like a set play that could apply to anytime the person delegated to cover strays too far, u take the base, and ur bonus play is just flat out cheating, ive honestly never seen that in my entire life watching and playing baseball. Ive seen that done in like gym class or in wiffle ball but not in a actual game.

  16. How does no one on the other team not see the runner in the last "cheat" miss 3rd by 10 feet? It wasn't even close!!

  17. Who else noticed the pitcher for South Dakota was going from the windup you never do that unless you got a runner on third or no runners on

  18. Yeah, that last one is about low down as I’ve ever seen. As a coach, I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I forfeited that game.

    We had a coach in 11-12 yo football that would run a student body sweep play out of a ten man set toward the opposite sideline. Then, one of his kids run on to the field during the play way down field to catch a throwback pass. It still pisses me off 15 years later. Video busted him and he’s now blackballed.

  19. Ran that fake bunt play mercilessly against opponents when coaching a pony league team. Will never forget one game after pulling it on a third baseman 3 times in the first 2 innings after the third time his coach yells if he squares to bunt you stay put. so of course WE BUNTED.

  20. they dont have to appeal on a missed bag just tag the bag with the ball and the runner is out and his run doesnt score … this is why tossing the ball around after a play to each base is a good idea as anyone who failed to tag the bag is automatically out …

  21. My dad couch Junior League and Senior League for my and my brothers youth life. One of my friends did something like that and he didn't let him play for a month. I still remember this after 17 years. When he came back my dad let him know with hes dominican accent "Someone the don't have respect for the game, teammates and coaches dont have a spat in hes team soo one more shit like that and you go play for someone else" right in from of everyone. Let just say now he play for the Indians he still calls my father hes 2nd father for not let him get way with shit when he need a father figure.

  22. Knowing the rules were great. Deliberately skipping the base was nothing more than teaching kids to cheat and have no integrity.

  23. last one was cheating pure and simple,and the coach of that team should be ashamed to teach kids how to play any ball like this

  24. Don't really think the stolen bases are tricks but the players being smart and taking advantage of the opposing teams lack of awareness. The player and coaches responsible for skipping third are completely pathetic. Pure cheating and exhibition of lack of class, sportsmanship, and character. Perhaps you should forward this video to the IRS to put these people on their watchlist.

  25. On that last play, it seems to me that one shouldn't even have to go to 3B and appeal. It wasn't a case of a runner simply running the bases and just slightly missing the bad. The runner blatantly ran OUTSIDE the baselines when he cut the corner at 3B by like 5-10 feet, and should be called out on that basis.

  26. As an umpire, if I witnessed the last video, simply tell the catcher to talk to the pitcher and appeal to 3rd. Because f*ck that other team, that's why.

  27. This is poor umpire mechanics On a two man crew in this situation the plate umpire is responsible for seeing the plate and third base. The field umpire is watching to make sure the runner touches first. What happens here is the umpires are caught watching the game and where the ball was hit to instead of knowing their responsibilites. This happens far to often on the young kid levels. And honestly its because their are just not enough people to teach true mechanics to those that are new to umpiring.

  28. I used to give the steal with a runner on second and have player bunt down 1st base. The runner knew he was going home. It worked every time.

  29. The coach on that third one should be punished if he is the once who allowed that. You shouldn't be allowed to teach kids that cheating is a legitimate way to gain an upper hand.

  30. The last one was cheating. But he sure got away with it. The camera person seen it so someone else should of. All that need to be done is tell the 3rd base person to go to bag have catcher toss him the ball I bet the umps would of called him out.
    The umps ain't going to call that play out if no one else wants to test the play.
    Just like a take up if the runner left the bag before the ball was actually cought and ran home there not going to call him out until someone on the Fielding team tosses the ball to 3rd base.

  31. I refrain from trying to encourage cheating. Sports figures need to be role models, or we will see the industry become much like wrestling or roller derby.

  32. I would like to know why that kid was wind up pitching that base runner should steal he seemed fast because of what he did before if he goes right at first movement he is safe every time because once the pitcher starts the wind up there is nothing he can do about or else it’s a balk never mind I think this is like 11 or 12 u but in my league which is little league but I’m in juniors

  33. I look at it this way. If you feel like your team needs to run a "trick" play then you obviously feel like you can't beat the other team in a true heads up match. That's all that means. Like these guys in the majors that fake throwing the ball back to the pitcher and hold the ball in their glove and wait for the runner to slightly shift his feet on the bag.

  34. That last one gave me a bad feeling. I'd be ashamed if that was my player and really ashamed if that was my kid!!

  35. Last one is not cheating. There is ample opportunity for the umpire to catch it and/or the defense to appeal. Cheating is lying about ages. Using illegal substances like grease to pitch or throwing powder in the opponent's eyes. Using an incorrect bat size or weight. But taking a calculated risk that you're not going to get caught for a rule infraction like leaving the bag early, stepping out of the box on a swing, blocking the base path….. these are all "part of the game"……
    Don't let the blatantly obviousness of this play distract you. If he had just missed the bag, would it be cheating or accident? You'll never know. That's why you have rules of PLAY.

  36. I don’t like the last one. If umpire sees it, it should be called. That’s what refs/umpires of sports are for to enforce rules with their eyes

  37. People will be surprised to know exactly what most competitive coaches are willing to do just to win. Even in little league baseball.

  38. The 3rd example is of course a case of shameful bush league play exhibiting poor sportsmanship by the runner on his own or… worse yet a coached play by the adult. BUT… By rule, 1 of 2 things can happen. IF the umpire actually sees this he can instantly call the runner OUT for being out of the baseline… Or if the opposing team sees it they can properly appeal the runner missing 3rd base and he will be called out if the home plate umpire is watching as is his responsibility. We don't know because the video never gets there.

  39. I don't know what the result of the last play was but it seems at 5:17 the catcher is pointing to third base indicating he might be alerting others on the team the guy never touched third also it appears the field ump clearly sees the guy cut the corner see ump at 4:35

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