Trimax “Hockey Puck” THPXL Part Review

Hello and welcome to our product review
today we will be reviewing the steel padlock TriMax and today we’re gonna
talk about why it’s important to protect your trailer your trailer is a huge
investment and anything you put in there as well as also your investment you need
to protect your investment and this is a good way to do it and I’m gonna tell you
why this is also known as a hockey puck as you can tell by the hockey puck like
design very solid its stainless steel completely solid 100% and
it has an internal shackle with 3/8 inch diameter and it’s a universal fit with
an enlarged lock opening so I’m gonna show you how it works here, real quick
just as any old lock you can use this on your shed as well to protect
that as well BOOM! just as simple as that and this will protect your lock, as you can
tell very solid and the best part there’s no shackle to cut because the
shackle is hidden away right here in the middle of all that and it’s also a re-keyable
it comes with three keys you can make sure you don’t lose one and what have
you but that’s pretty much it for the review just like share subscribe and
come visit our website and come buy some parts

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