Trip to Finland #4 “Hockey game in Finland”

Hey guys it’s Jussi, and this is the 4th episode of “Trip to Finland”. This time I’m going to focus on one of the most
popular professional sport in Finland That is ice hockey in Finnish it is
called You know that means ice hockey There is the first division of
the professional hockey which is called SM Liiga in Finland, and there are also, I
think, six lower level lower division of the hockey and they also belong to the
European Champions League which is called In Turku, there’s a team called so I went to Gatorade Center to watch their game
let’s check it out! So this is the Gatorade centre. That day was a day for a regular-season
game. It seems there are one game on weekday and one game the weekend, and some of the
game in the weekend seems to be champions league. This is how they warm up. So TPS is a kind of strong team in
Finland. They have won the European Champions League once, and they have won domestic
championship many times There are 15 teams in the first division, and 8 teams can go to the playoffs There are lots of supporters like Spanish soccer league in Finnish hockey. That is really different from hockey in Canada and America. This is the face-off ceremony,
but I am not sure who is that Face off (The game begin) This song is played after some
TPS players score Alright so how was it?
I didn’t take a whole game when I went there, but TPS won that game, and in that season TPS get to the second in the regular season and unfortunately
they lost in the playoffs, but they succeeded to promote to
European Champions League in this season too. So European hockey is also
really really interesting for me, at least. so I’m going to ask a question. you know it’s very popular sport in the countries which
have cold winter but it’s not popular in Japan except Hokkaido so many
Japanese don’t know the rule of hockey but it’s really exciting game if you like
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see you in the next movie in Finnish

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