100 thoughts on “True Scary Hide & Seek In The Cornfield Story

  1. Oh my God it was so funny when Cameron said get the fuck away from me and my friend is name Cameron to LOL POOPIE_BUTT123

  2. Horror story from me
    The thing in my back garden………….
    When I was about 10 years old me and mum and sister went out shopping my dad was working, when we got home I saw a thing and 🩸 blood in the garden on the grass When j got in the house I instantly ran To the Bush there was a few dead body’s……….one of them had a knife 🔪 in his back! I told my mum and she got my baseball bat we saw a few guys with knives 🔪 My dad got home my dad had always come home at 8:30 it was 8:28 he came with a baseball bat they charged to my dad my dad teacher my baseball bat sessions so he knew when to hit BAM he hit one of them in the face my mum Kicked one of them my sister was in her room and she threw a glass bottle at them one guy stabbed my father but then I raged and grab one of the knives and STABBED the guy who stabbed my. Dad! My sister called the police then policemen and women took there DNA 🧬 and found them one of guys were not found he was dead I think 🤔 my father is okay he is fine but I still wonder till this day what would of happened if I did not seen the men and blood I could of been one of those bodies!

    What do u think of my Story everybody hurt like my dad in the story are fine one of the men died though anyway bye everybody Be safe!

  3. It's pitch black outside at 11:30 p.m

    Wansee characters: Let's not stay safe indoors and risk our lives outside!

  4. Unless you have no other choice attempting to fight total strangers is a pretty stupid decision. It doesn't really matter how strong you think you are. Especially if you are unarmed yourself. I swear some of the people in these stories lack any kind of critical thinking skills.

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