100 thoughts on “Trump Kills al-Baghdadi & Gets Booed at Baseball Game

  1. Trump says exactly what Michael Scott would say. Just imagine Michael Scott saying those words and you will see. 🤣

  2. that's so pathetic to alway jump on this kind of thing, Do you think crooked Hiliary would get boos or lock her up chants. I guess they are not creative enough to creatye their own content

  3. Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™ succeeds at making a success become a failure because he is such a failure in terms of intelligence, decency, maturity and moral conduct.

  4. Don't know why the title said Trump killed albaghdady Trump didn't killed nobody our soldiers did let's give credit where credit is due to our soldiers not no lame-ass scared to shake hands because he scared of germs coward as president. Like WTF

  5. As a South African i kinda feel empathy nor affinity for Americans who allowed this man to be the successor to Barack Obama.

  6. "Putin? Very smart." "Kim Jong Un, very smart, very tough." "ISIS terrorists, who killed thousands… very smart." "Son of Bin Laden? Very handsome. "

  7. this is so messed up
    trump and his team killed the leader and co-leader of isis!
    and of course no one can just say thank you
    I would love to see jimmy kimmel as a president for a couple days and have him tell us how easy it is

  8. Well so this is happening all around the world, taking credit of military and forces,
    But atleast you can have an show like this on air in USA.

  9. President Trump is truly the greatest entertainer of all time! ALL-TIME! The news used to be boring until this guy jumped on a boat. His manner of expressing himself makes a nice 10 minutes of stress relief!

  10. This orange piece of 💩 is a true dumb ass and the trumptards are worse for believing and falling for his 🙀grabs!.

  11. Had President 45 became President immediately after George W. Bush, there would have been CIVIL WAR in this country. The O'Bama Presidency claimed everybody down.

  12. You're snorted too much Adderal on the Apprentice Trump. You can't even give a formal speech. It's super casual and unprofessional.

  13. This is what I love most about the west. You can criticise your leader as much as you want. If someone dares do that in my country, they'll end up dead in no time.

  14. He gets so joe when people laugh at his jokes and cheer when he roasts trump but that’s only because his audience is a bunch of ignorant trump haters. They are not actually funny.

  15. If Bin Laden had really been the enemy and if Bin Laden had actually been captured and killed…. the ridicule would be acceptable; however, 9/11 was AN INSIDE JOB FOR PROFIT… and Bin Laden's "body" was 'conveniently' dumped in the ocean… so, in the words of Joe Biden, "…C'mon, man!"

  16. Hearing Obama speak is like an angel's hymn compared to that slobbering oaf a human being… he's like that bug guy from men in black, that take's the farmers skin but this time it fits just right.

  17. Trump as some of the Kimmel shows are an epitome of everything that makes the US a despicable and rotten country. The guy cannot be impeached quickly enough like a "dog". Turned the US into a laughing stock.

  18. It is a very big deal. Wouldn’t you be happy if a mass murdering psychopathic terrorist was dead? Just be glad al baghdadi didnt get to cut off your head.

  19. This is a lie no one booed him and no one said lock them up this is just a lie they edit it in your, Eli are you belong to Satan

  20. Let's not talk about the millions of innocent people bush, Obama and trump have killed for control of the oil.
    Using liberty as a cover for evil" 1 Peter 2:16"

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