TU Volleyball Serving Historic Season

To be sitting here with our record right
now is pretty amazing. Just to see how all of our hard work has paid off. To
have that whole student body and our athletes behind us it just felt like the
energy in the crowd itself and you could feel it on the court that everybody had
our back and knew that we could do this improve a statement in our conference.
I’m from Indianapolis Indiana and sometimes my mom will fly in or
sometimes my little brother will drive with my dad so they make the drive out
here every weekend. My little brother Elijah just he’s always supported me
through everything. It’s just a really a nice feeling to have to know that my
support system supports me no matter where I am. That was the dream coming to
college like I want to make it to that NCCA tournament. It means a lot
to us because we have put so much hard work in and to have this opportunity to
go undefeated is crazy. Postseason plays always exciting and I
think right now we put ourselves in a good position to be the number one or
number two seed get that first round bye. Right now we’re ranked 42nd in the
nation and the projection is we could go as high as maybe the 38th best team in
the country. These are two final opportunities to see some of the most
special talent we’ve had on the volleyball court in a decade. Go Tigers!

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