Turkey’s President Throws Trump’s Letter Away | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, you mean like the note
that you pass in class that’s, like, very poorly written? (TRUMP IMPRESSION)
Dear Mr. President, let’s work out a good deal. It’s really gonna be really
good, better than major world. You don’t want to be
responsible for slaughtering thousands of people. And I don’t want to be
responsible for destroying the Turkish
economy– and I will. I pardon turkeys every
year, but now you. You can make a great deal. History will look
upon you favorably. I had to auto-correct this. If you get this done the
right way, in a humane way– don’t be a tough guy,
don’t be a fool– I’ll holler at you later. Sincerely, Donald Trump.” Why is the president
talking in anime? Yeah. [LAUGHING] Don’t be a fool. [FAKE PANTING] You fool. [LAUGHING] You’re not testing me twice. He’s talking like Guile at
the end of “Street Fighter, like, “Go home and
be a family man.” – Yeah!
– Like– [LAUGHING] DESUS: Oh, they threw his
letter in the garbage? MERO: [LAUGHING BOISTEROUSLY] Hate to see it. Yeah, I hope he crumbled
it up and was, like, Kobe? [LAUGHING] For 3! – 3!
– Swish! Swish! She was like, boy! [LAUGHING] DESUS: Oh. MERO: And then he said,
yeah, “Nervous Nancy.” She don’t look nervous. DESUS: ‘Cause they all look
like– it looks like when you hang with your friends
and your mom comes and suddenly yells at you.
– Yeah. Are you all– look at them. They’re all, like, damn. They’re like, oh, shit. They’re like, damn. Yo, Mrs. Trump is cooking you. Oh! So how you doing? Nah, we did cut school. Oh. MERO: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This house smells like pot! Have you been
smoking pot, Donald? DESUS: I haven’t, Mom.
I haven’t. I’m sorry. What’s wrong with you? He’s like, Ma,
You’re embarrassing me. Why would you bring
Rex Tillerson here? Embarrassing me. God-damn, Mom. I told you not to hang
out with him anymore! He’s doing the white
boy shit, so he’s calling her a fucking bitch. He’s like, you fucking cunt. I hate you. Gonna go live with Dad. [LAUGHING] Dad’s
girlfriend is way cooler. She let’s me play “Fortnite.” All right, that’s enough.
That’s enough. You getting cooked. You getting– son,
everybody’s nervous. Look, the big guy’s, he’s like– and he got mad general shit. DESUS: Yep. MERO: He’s smokin’ mad, people. But he look like
when your mother tell you to take the chicken
out before she get home. And you didn’t. You didn’t, and now you
hear a key in the door. You’re like–
– Oh, shit, bro! [YELLING]
– Fuck. Let’s pour mad hot
water on this shit. Like, ah! Hey, Mom!
Hey. Hey. [LAUGHTER] Hit this shit with the
meat tenderizer mad hard, like [GRUNTING]. Then she say, boy, you
didn’t take the chicken out? MERO: [LAUGHING] Ooh, you in trouble. Oh, you [MIMICS WHIPPING]. And now you’re responsible for
everyone’s dinner being late. Now everyone’s, like, wow,
wow, because this nigga ain’t take out the chicken. That was you, motherfucker. [MUSIC PLAYING]

69 thoughts on “Turkey’s President Throws Trump’s Letter Away | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

  1. Thank God Desus didn't interrupt Mero's Trump (again) with his weak shit. Let Mero do the Trump impressions your shit is trash. Not you, Desus, just the weak impressions. Love the brand.

  2. Desus got that fit in green so nobody would accuse him of gangbangin 😂 but we all know hes grove street family secretly

  3. I wonder why Desus and Mero isn't that popular. I mean the vibe of the studio is pretty good. It's like kicking it with the boys.

  4. Stupid president of stupid Americans.shame on you American society..you still don't know how elect president.

  5. Damn Trump tries to stop thousands of people getting slaughtered, gets joked on about a letter he wrote about it? Trump has his issues but jeez yall will do anything to criticize someone. Its sad honestly all we care about is criticism instead of genocide. Weirdos

  6. The military cares about the Kurds. They were also protecting Christians from ISIS. I forgot Trump worshippers hate Jesus.

  7. Ever since they moved to showtime it's like they cover more "white culture" I understand they want to get a broader audience but fuck all that! make them come to you not the other way around!

  8. Sooooo the guy don’t want to start a meaningless war and y’all are upset??? 🤦🏽‍♂️ the media truly is the enemy

  9. The Joe Budden pod had a "didn't take the chicken out the freezer" moment too. Must be a regular argument in the hood 😭

  10. Walked by some bigly smart people flying made in chyyyna trump flags. They asked if I would like to join, told them I couldn’t cause my bone spurs were acting up. Boy they were very covfefe confused.

  11. Cant the usa just split between foxviewers and the rest. Make a line north and south. World will see who prospers more.

  12. A nerd like Trump doesn't even get a lamp. Every time the American people choose, the whole world has to suffer in the face of terror and filth. Next time, the American public is expected to choose such a model and stupid lunatic

  13. I know i ain't the only one who just had flashbacks of forgetting to take the chicken out the freezer after seeing this. Lol

  14. Ths is fake news. The letter worked perfectly. There is a cease-fire and a deal has been made. Stop jumping to conclusions before things even happen, this is why people don't trust the nonsense propaganda produced by people like you.

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