Turkish Football’s Economic Crisis

This has been strange season in the Turkish
Super League. The Big Three clubs of Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe,
and Galatasaray—who between them have won most Turkish titles and are supported by around
80% of Turkish fans—are all struggling. Austerity has shaken up the sport. The normally
big-spending Turkish transfer window was uncannily quiet this summer as pressure from UEFA’s
Financial Fair Play regulations have hobbled the big teams, while a currency crisis and
economic downturn has added to a wider sense of malaise. The Turkish game is now probably in its worst
ever financial state. The Turkish Super League boasts Europe’s six
largest broadcasting revenues, but soaring capital from broadcasting rights, sponsorship,
and government intervention has fuelled a massive transfer spending spree over the past
two decades and left spiralling debts. In the year 2000, revenues in Turkish football
were around €150 million and debts were around €60 million; by 2015 revenues had
risen to €700 million, far eclipsed by debts of around €1bn. In 2017 Andrea Traverso, UEFA’s head of
club licensing and Financial Fair Play (FFP), stated that Turkey is the only European country
where club debts and liabilities are bigger than club assets. “European clubs improved
substantially overall while aggregated losses of Turkish clubs quintupled,” he added. The vast majority of Turkish clubs are member-based
associations, who elect a club president for a term of two or three years. Presidents are
not personally liable for the club’s debts and clubs are exempt from most commercial
oversight. Successive governments failed to bring in a law to reform the finances and
structure of the clubs. Football has become one of the most important
networks of power in Turkey, and club presidents and prominent members are often keen to use
the clubs for their personal ambitions, prestige, or popularity. With an eye on regular elections and under
pressure for quick success and exciting signings by the fans, members, and a transfer-hungry
media, club presidents are tempted to spend on expensive, aging foreign stars over developing
younger talent. The Turkish Super League now has the one of oldest average player ages
in Europe at 28.22 years old. Several smaller clubs have gone bankrupt,
and many others are in a financial and footballing freefall; that’s why former Super League
title contenders Gaziantepspor are now propping up the third tier on minus points, and Mersin
Idmanyurdu – with its new 25,000 capacity stadium – has tumbled successively down
from the Super League to the Amateur leagues. But every club would likely have gone bankrupt
without the support of the state. The fanaticism for football in Turkey has
meant that every government has intervened in the sport, but the ambitious AKP, in power
since 2002 and led by the ex-semi professional footballer Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, have lavished
unprecedented sums of money and attention on football. The government often defers or writes off
the massive tax debts of the biggest clubs, and it uses its influence to cajole and secure
sponsorship and leverage credit to the clubs from friendly banks. Most economists agree that the value of the
Super League broadcasting revenues has been wildly inflated. The government pressured
Turk Telekom to compete in the 2014 bid, forcing Digiturk to increase its bid from $321 million/year
in 2010 to $450 million/year. Digiturk – a company which was linked to the Turkish state
until Qatar’s beIN took it over in 2016 – had struggled to recoup its investment.
In November 2016, Digiturk beat Turkcell to win a new broadcasting tender for $500 million/
year ($600 million/year with tax) until 2022/23. And at least 30 new stadium projects across
27 cities are being built as part of an astonishing construction boom under the AKP. But when revenues are boosted, clubs don’t
tend to spend on unsexy accounting measures, like repairing balance sheets or paying off
debts, or on sensible longer-term development, such as investing in youth academies. Increased
revenues tend to go on acquiring more expensive players and coaches on high salaries. Now, while the state may be less able to support
football amid an economic downturn and a currency crisis, FFP is also starting to bite. UEFA banned Galatasaray from European competitions
for a year in 2016 for violating FFP rules, and forced several clubs into strict austerity
agreements. Even so, Galatasaray spent £38.5m on transfers
in the summer of 2017. In June 2018, UEFA fined Galatasaray €6m
for not complying with their break-even requirement. UEFA said that Beşiktaş had fully complied
with its targets, but that Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor had only partially fulfilled their
respective agreements. Terrified of being sanctioned by UEFA, the
big clubs have been selling off their best players and failing to adequately replace
them. In the summer, Galatasaray offloaded Bafetimbi Gomis, who scored 32 goals for them
last season, and have only been left with one out-and-out striker. Even amid austerity, the big clubs are increasingly
struggling to service the interest on their debts. The Turkish lira lost about 40% of
its value against the dollar earlier this year. As most of the clubs’ expenses are
in foreign currencies, the Turkish lira value of their debt has grown even further over
the past few months. Exchange rate fluctuation between 30.06.2018 and 13.08.2018 meant that
Fenerbahçe’s financial liabilities increased by 650.2m TL, Galatasaray’s by 253.3m TL,
and Beşiktaş’s by 160.9m TL. The total debt of the the Big 3, plus Trabzonspor, is
now thought to be over 10bn TL – more than €1.7bn. Fenerbahçe’s total debt alone
is now a whopping €621m. Some believe this period of hardship could
provide an opportunity to re-invent the troubled Turkish game, forcing clubs to change their
transfer policies. The bigger clubs may become more inclined
to scout and develop young Turkish players. Fenerbahçe brought in several young Turkish
players over the summer. The emergence of Galatasaray’s promising 18-year-old centre
back Ozan Kabak this season was probably made possible by a lack of more experienced signings. The league is also much more competitive this
season. But others believe that austerity points more
strongly towards decline or even bust. The overall standard could fall, with fewer
quality players coming to play in Turkey and the clubs becoming less competitive in Europe. Ultimately the major Turkish clubs are probably
too big to fail: unless a severe economic crisis means the government can no longer
bail them out.

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  1. turkish football teams do not pay high calibre coaches in order to reorganize tactically their teams

    as a result they spend a huge amount of money in big names who are in their football decline

    turkish football should therefore follow the example of basketball teams who invest a vast amount of money on world class coaches like obradovic and ivkovic in order to arise from mediocrity

  2. fatih terim,the best turkish manager of all times,managed to get uefa cup on his prime,following an exceptional tactical plan

    keep in mind that on that time that galatasaray had on its lineup only a small number of foreign players 😉

  3. Tifo we are waiting for a legendary timeline video of Chris Wilder,manager of Sheffield United and his great achievements

  4. 80% Supports the big 3? And I thought turkish fellas were good supporters that followed their local clubs… Estarolismo on the other end of Europe

  5. Perfect video! I have been saying for years, turkish football culture is on "child shoes" as we say in Finland (i´m finnish born half finn/turk) Clubs are spending money on former star players from big4 leagues, they play 1 or 2 seasons then they leave. People in social media are deluded and proud that Turkey has so much "great players in league" the league competitive but even there is players like Quaresma, Belhanda, Skrtel etc Turkish league is dropping down all the time and YOU SEE IT! In my opinion Belgium and Holland as a leagues are many steaps ahead of Turkey even though Turkey has one guarenteed (yet) spot in UCL group stage. So called youth development is disgrace ofc there is few gems like Ünder, Ömür, Kabak but it is still not enough. Biggest star players in NT comes from Germany. I would rather see Turkey taking few steps back and starting to invest on youth players (maybe new rule that that you have have atleast 5 "youth player" in your squad etc.) and clubs finances than seeing these +30 years players coming from doors and windows to this league. Of course there is many political reasons such as passolig systems and boycotts but that should never affect on youth system..

  6. Thing is you're not bringing in hagi, popescu, jardel, alex etc. These 30+ yr olds are mostly has beens in search of their last pay check. A lot of them are injury stricken as well. Every flop from the epl etc, every top league's trash gets linked with Turkish sides and It's because they know they'll pay. Other clubs take advantage of their incompetence wrt to running a club.

    As for the young kids, since reputation takes priority and you are still considered young at 24, it's virtually impossible to make it. This result based mentality, means club owners are impatient. Eventually though they'll be forced to play their own kids and they'll find that this is more pleasing because these kids will be extremely grateful for the opportunity and will give 110%.

  7. Great Video but you guys should have also focused on Turkish Football Federation and it’s failures. Especially it’s dumbass president Demiroren. Honestly I’m kind of happy Uefa is breathing down Turkish leagues necks. Also Fenerbahçe fans stop pretending your situation will improve who are you guys kidding ??? Your new president doesn’t know jack shit about running a football club !!! 3 different coaches in 7 months should tell you something is really with the club management.

  8. Well im a Galatasaray fan and eventhough im not happy with the transfer of Ozan Kabak to Stuttgart im happy with the overall determination of the Turkish clubs this season. First of all, all Turkish SuperLig clubs (with exception of 1 or 2 clubs) have a positive transfer spending. Ive never seen such a feat in Turkish football. Second, eventhough its way below potential, there are some young players emerging and clubs tend to develop young players because they have seen there could be earned good money out of that. Third, and maybe most exciting, the new stadiums… It will take some time for the Turkish supporters to addapt to the new stadiums but this is such a huge improvement that this feat only should be able to produce more excitement in Turkish football.

    The way i see it is that there is a change going on in Turkish football. That there is a will to improve things. And they have at least untill 2023 the time to realize the changes into positive results. The reason why? Simply because there will be neough money aviable for the Turkish football, and thats one of the most needed elements (unfortunatly) in modern football.

    P.s.: why use currency in your video thats not being used anymore?

  9. As a born and bred Galatasaray and Liverpool fan, I think I have some words to say. I remember when we used to fight (not in a physical way) not just sing. There was passion here, now it's gone. Government should not involve with footy. But they did. They made up a team in 2014. Started feeding them with money. And lots of people think about that team as a "money laundering" way of government. Thanks to their "Passolig Card System" no one wants to attend to the matches. We've been protesting for years and our words does not mean anything. As if you thrown someting at the pitch, you are fined and banned from matches just because you chant. By the way, lots of people know that the team they made, will be sold to a Arabian billionaire. I've been trying to make podcast, writing just to make people know about the situation in Turkey does not looking well in footy. No one wants to listen, lots of them are happy with the things are going. Last year they tried to make that team win the title. They made it obvious that they support that team. Especially when president told people to attend to that team's matches. Now, it is looking that way. They will probably win this season. And the footy in Turkey will die. I don't watch Turkish Football anymore. We had to stand against, but we have failed. About the youth; every kid in Turkey, always dreams about playing football for their boyhood club. Despite I always wanted to play for Liverpool. The problem is that, if you want to get success, you need influence or find someone has an influence. The talented lads are forced to retire before they even start. While the influenced lads go on. This needs to stop! I am gutted to be forced to retire even I didn't even find myself in a youth academy. All in all, we had to STAND but we have failed.

  10. Turkish govt should concentrate on bailing out one or two clubs only. Like Real in Spain. And it’s FA should not try to compete in Europe with more than those one or two big clubs. Remember even a footballing giant like Germany has just one super club.

  11. I’m English and I watch Fenerbahce in a number of their sports mainly Basketball and Football. I’ve just bought my second jersey from them after watching this hope it will help take my money

  12. Fenerbahçe was banned from Europe, not Galatasaray. And due to interest fixation at 2011 dollar still counts as 2.49 Turkish Lira and 2.89 Euros for Galatasaray to pay their debts, which makes their hand lighter. ^^

  13. Turkish people have low income (minimum wage is about €340 per month). Despite this, Turkey has a population of 80 million who love and spend money in football. this population generates an average of 100-150 million euros each year for big clubs (galatasaray, fenerbahçe, beşiktaş). Turkish football can create its own economic dynamics. The problem is how this money is used. clubs do not have an owner, they are associations. club managers are elected every 3 years, and if they cannot succeed, then 3 years later (or earlier) someone else takes over. This situation prevents stability in management and football policy.

  14. Turkey shouldn't be part of Uefa it should be in the asian federation,not out of discrimination but for quality reasons turkish football despite having a huge and very young population and football being the 1th sport in the country the quality is atrocious,it should compete with the likes of Saudi,Jordan Iraq Iran and the rest of the middle east, it would be more fair towards turkey.

  15. It's 100% the exact same situation in Greece as well . Funny how we Greeks and Turks keep fighting each other when we are so similar .

  16. Good, fuck Turkish football, those pathetic fans can't leave one football related post on instagram without commenting come to Galatasaray

  17. Hello, I love this video so much and it has educated me a lot in my dissertation, could you add sources for these kind of videos please? It would help so much, thanks!

  18. The Turkish state is the only reason the big three aren't bankrupt. Erdogan needs to keep them up because the population would be enraged if they fell. Bread and circuses.

  19. Turkey needs to improve its youth system. This is how it works with many countries in Europe which do not have ridiculous money to spend

  20. you have to add Trabzonspor as a 4th biggest club in Turkey. Because Trabzonspor has 7 championship in Turkish Super League. You need to see that history…
    But I like very much your all videos..Thank you

  21. As a turk living in germany i can say that turks have no idea about football and want old stars like sneijder,krasic,diego,drogba, van persie and more and more for the quick succes in the fcking turkish league .

  22. I wish the best for Turkey and it's league. beautiful country and some of the most passionate football fans in Europe and the world!
    I hope they get together and invest a lot more in youth academies.

  23. Lan Aziz Yildirim you literally fucked Fenerbahce (Football) with your Dictatorship style of rule.
    Also the Goverment with their Passolig bullshit and Economic politics ruined many Turkish Clubs.

    Fenerbahce must invest in Youth and start "selling" Talents for good money to Europe.
    At least we are one of the best European Clubs in Basketball, Volleyball and Athletics.

  24. Germany, people with turkish heritage 3 Million, Produced players like: Mesut Özil, İlkay Gündoğan, Emre Can, Nuri Şahin, Cenk Tosun, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Kerem Demirbay, Ömer Toprak, Suat Serdar and so on. (just the active ones)
    Turkey with a pop. of 80 million can't even produce half as good players as the ones above.
    That's enough to point out the immense issues in youth support Turkey has..
    Talented like Brazilians, but disciplined like Somali pirates

  25. A very well summarized video but i want to give some insight from Turkish perspective as well. To enhance the reasons while im completely agree with them. Firstly "Big Three" is located in Istanbul and it is one of the best cities to live in if you are rich and since Turkish clubs are in UEFA they get paid in Euro which currently sits in 1eur=5.97tl and even before it was always something like double the TL. And since players get paid much more than any other work they have incredible amounts of money, in a "not so rich" country with a city notorious for its night-life with girls who would want to hang with them due to money. Robinho (used to play in Sivasspor[a central anatolian city]) said that he is old now and enjoys family-time instead of night-life. And you must consider the fact that young football players are risking their academic careers in order to play football. Due to education system. And there is a lack of disipline among Turkish players due to this class differences. There is already a foreign quota in Turkey but if thay quota is expanded Turkish players know that their teams need them so they give up working altogether and teams pay non-sense salaries and money to transfer such players. Even if that player is raised in foreign county like Eren Derdiyok which Galatasaray needed him the most (after Gomis sale) failed to raise up so GS had to buy other strikers with the money they gained by selling Ozan Kabak. Even the clubs that dont have big odds of winning the title buys players from other nationalities whom are mostly old so they have character. There is Şener a player in Fenerbahçe who was offered in an exchange with Beşiktaş for Tolgay Arslan. And he refused Beşiktaş because they didnt accepted to pay him 2.8m (which FB does) their offer was 2.2 and he refused bc of that 0.6m. His contract with FB ends in 6 months. Because of his attitude FB had to pay money for Tolgay Arslan. Everyone in the world knows Arda Turan and how he failed to rise-up in Barcelona. Same reasons but localized. As auidience we want to see quality football not Turkish players with egos like zlatan and careers like shit.

  26. I used to live in Turkey and found so many young kids talented in football. Seriously, they are very skilled and talented and almost all of them their dreams are to become a soccer players. But none of them do it, because there is no support and there are no opportunities for them to be successful. the number of foreign players in Turkey has increased and one of the reasons is because the big 3 clubs are not investing in young generation.

  27. right now, Galatasaray's best starting 11 all are foreign! not a single Turkish player. when Galatasaray used to be very strong in Europe in late 1990s and early 2000s, their best starting 11 almost all of them were Turkish born.

  28. and the main problem in turkey, literally NO ONE is speaking about this which you showed us in 7mins video. Populist Erdogan and his dogs love to make ppl believe everything is like pink clouds in Turkey. unfortunately, our ignorant supporters still demanding transfers, forced presidents to buy expensive players. just couple of days ago galatasaray signed diagne and paid 10m euro to his former club kasimpasa – ridicilously just because of supporter pressure

  29. Beşiktaş’s president Fikret Orman made a big corruption , Beşiktaş made 106 million Euro in last 2 years but they cant even pay players Contacts and shit , thats why Pepe left the team…. now all stadium cheer where are the moneys Fikret !

  30. Good video but you forgot to mention a very important aspect of the current league, Başakşehir. The club right now sits at top of the league and it constantly makes huge transfers like Robinho, Adebayor and Demba Ba. They play in empty stadiums and their sponsors are related to the government and municipality. They use the money of people of Istanbul without any consent, such as money from the public transportation and public parking. The president of the club is married to a relative of Erdoğan's wife and all the money comes from government.

  31. As a Turk you did a nice job, we already know some things you said but we don't know how it looks from the outside ''Sport authorities or fans''. Our media don't (can't) say all of this. Thank you for these informations. Contine to look at the Turkish football.

  32. They are all stealing money from the clubs.

    Money laundring, buying shit players for a lot with black illegal money, then they get the legal earned money from the club, that’s what I think, because it’s famous that chairman’s fill theiy’re pockets, football is about money, a business, that’s why I think that a lot of rich man buy clubs, to launder theiy’re dirty money, and ofc earn more from merchandise and more of that aspects,

    European football is even more corrupt, but trust me, they stand on feet because the income are with euro’s, and they get succes, and a lot of money because they are watched, the last 3 clubs of the premier league, get more broadcast money then the Turkish champion, maybe 10 times more.

    And referees are stopping Galatasaray this season, to make Basaksehir champion, government club, Erdogan fans, only 3000 fans, and they have money? They will sell it to arabs, because they sold the whole secular country to arabs, all in Turkey arabs are in cities, and syrian refugees , they cared more about arabs and regugees than own folk, my folk is fighting for the refugees, and they get free education, health care, housed, everytime, and smoking “Hookah” the whole day, doing nothing

    Why? Because the leader knew, If I make it comfortable for them, I get 3 million votes extra for the Ak-Party

    Even in Trabzon, arabic texted panels on the streets, Izmit is getting occupied by the famous party sheep folks.

    Turkish fans are the best in the world, football is huge in Turkey, more then football, a culture, life, sometimes a religion, only thing besides hard working, only
    Hobby for people.

    A place where they can be free and express themselves, swear and relax the stress out they get from life, or working theiy’re asses of beign a slave for the government(high costs for everything) it’s folk for government, not government for the folk. so it is distraction of life.

    But now that politics got into football, they fucked that up aswell, dirty hands, dirty plays, dirty stuff.

    The clubs get ruled by spies I think, first Gala, then Besiktas, after 2 times beign champion in a row, all the Merchandise, all the jersey, ticket income, championship(low for the Turkish league) Champions League money income (Galatasaray made quarter final) all gone? Why? Dollar was 3,00 in 2013, ok the income is lira, debet, credit is euro the debts, salary, ofc to much salary and payment for the club for the transfer, but still, where is the money?

    In Turkey they say to the Besiktas chairman: Tell me Fikret Orman, where js the money

    Funny thing is, he fired a lot of chairman, and went to a lot of vacations at Mykonos

    It’s all corrupt, all the Ak-Party guys are leading Galatasaray, Especially Abdürrahim Albayrak, he got the Uber taxi rights or Turkey, all the transport from the Third airport in Istanbul (biggest of the world) called istanbul airport, why? He won the elections, because he gave a vote to ak-party, to Erdogan+ money

    Erdogan hates Galatasaray, because the fans yelled him out at the opening of the Turk Teekom Arena (former name) present name: Turk Telekom Stadium, located in Aslantepe Istanbul.

    And now they get a new modern sport complex. Galatasaray is in good hands, also with the Youth players, but there are spies, and referees spit us out like nowhere in the world.

  33. Fenerbahçenin bu duruma düşmesinin en büyük sebebi siyasidir. 2011 yılına gelindiğinde Türkiye liginde ekonomik açıdan büyük bir fark açmasından ötürü bir kumpas kuruldu ve şike operasyonu yapıldı. Avrupadan men alarak 2 kere şampiyonlar ligine gidemeyen Fenerbahçe, borsada da büyük düşüş yaşadı. Şuan kumpas olduğu onaylandı ve dava sürüyor. Ve iktidar güdümündeki Türk yargısı, davayı çok yavaş ilerletiyor. Fenerbahçe büyük tazminat kazanacaktır. Ayrıca saha içinde de Fenerbahçeye federasyon tarafından büyük baskı kurulmaktadır. Hakemler tarafından Fenerbahçe aleyhine komik kararlar çıkmaktadır. Özetleyecek olursam ; Fenerbahçenin bu duruma düşmesi sistemli bir saldırı sonucudur. Diğer kulüpler zaten hep bu haldeydi. Galatasaray, besiktas gibi takımların birçok kez vergi borçları silindi. Fenerbahçe vergi borcuna sadık olarak ödeyen tek Türk kulübüdür. Devlet tarafından stadı yapılan galatasaray ve besiktasa karşı, kendi stadını yapan tek kulüp yine Fenerbahçedir. Türk futbolunun gerçeğini anlamak için Türkiye'de yaşamak gerek. Uzaklardan sadece rakamlar üzerinden konuşabilirsiniz.

  34. I'm a Besiktas Fan and I agree. Beşiktaş makes no expensive signings anymore, but they contract expensive players on loan or build a new stadium so that neither the crisis of the club as a team and the crisis of the club as a business are getting solved.

  35. Ziraat Bank and Deniz Bank will pay interest debt and taxes but How economic configuration will be, we don't know.The state won't let them sink.

  36. Turkey buys old players because young turks arent so good for such a competitive league. The same thing happens in euroleauge(basketball) where turkish players arent experienced enough for the euroleauge so big turkish teams have to spend big, for players

  37. This is really good summerazing and 100% true. Only I can add that, Fenerbahce's chairman changed early in this year who was managing the club for 20 years. New chairman is a really wise man and he is so strong, he already influeced the other clubs. The crisis will be solved in 5 6 years, I believe. Great work, thank you.

  38. It did not say how Trabzonspor has amazing talents In the squad right now Yusuf Yazici, Adulkadir Omur, Ugurcan Cakir , Huseyin Turkmen and Abdulkadir Parmak. Other than that as a a Trabzonspor fan this 100% true great vid .

  39. This is an exact presentation of the crisis we have in Turkey. Thanks a lot for the information and the numbers. May I ask Turkish subtitles for the Turkish citizens? Your fixations are right on target. You might add that, Başakşehir which is a government team. Much Love, thanks.

    S. Engin.

  40. We used to have glamorous days! but unfortunately everything is true on the video. We gotta support young talented Turkish players and quit paying millions of euros for old famous players.

  41. Patrick Keddie, the writer here, has also written a great book on Turkish football called The Passion. It looks at the current state of football in Turkey and the country itself, with historical information and context. Highly recommend

  42. isn't Galatasaray have less debts and started make money? they sell Ozan Kabak for 13m euros and he played only for 4 months. also there is much young talents who are playing for Galatasaray as well

  43. as a Turk i can agree all words in this video… i am a Fenerbahce fan so this season very heartbreaking for us but ffp is a chance for the clubs changing their transfer policies in Turkey so i hope we'll see the brighter days


  45. Overall goal is to gain more votes. And Conquer more cities. And luring money on Başakşehir Kasımpaşa ?
    More stadium means more votes. TURKİSH has a bizarre proud of concrete structures than anything historical value. No grass. No People. Many fake fields. Pitch. Syrians shall be The second foreign population 5 millions. No blacks, asians.
    EDUCATİON is more on Quran classes on Weekends. Futbol schools are 250 $50 a month. All Privatized. Government made 30 Facilities in Mersin alone for summer Olympics And sold it to friendly local municipalities for money And vote. Taxing The small businesses. Food prices went up doubled. Clothes went down. No cotton acrilics. Nylon . Children youth develepment ot study at school. We used to play on the street And school like Zidane Ronaldo, nowadays kids idolize neymat. Football is part of the 3 FFF s. Fuck fiesta futbol. Pray TV/family/badentertaintment Futbol.
    İt is The tv8+futbol Afyon opium. I despise people badmouthing mu country, but İ have to. Youth and sports area The heritage is left us by Aratürk. İt is our responsibility to get it together. İ enjoy exercise sports in Turkey. Good weather. Good food. The weather is too hot and humid. Not enough Heating system. Natural Heating system. All concrete streets. Roads. And unnnessary pedestrian roads. They Fuck up all The Green grass. And build a mermer marble road on The shore. That's marble Will burn in summer ? Nobody knows ? Whatever t Fuck is wrong with this people ? Live money and power so much the president Will pull the plug in this election ? TURKEY became an unbearable country to Live in ? Still something Good things going on like women basketball. Skillful people Good tolerance people. This is Turkey ! Not like anywhere else ! If you r a tourist with €. Come to Turkey. Cometobesiktas.cometomersin. İ would be your guide. Thanks.
    GOOD THİNGS TO SEE such as Mersin University and The museum. Nice shore to walk and Bicycle. Good tea coffee. Great fresh fish. Good hotel rates. $50€ 5 stars. Forum shopping Mall. Marina. Mezitli. And historical places uncoubtable. From rome, and even more. Women men. Cats dogs Horses. Few traffic. Walking Bicycle city.

  46. Başakşehir is a government team so they can get money from the oruspu dickhead erdogan and even erdogan was like they should win they everyone should support them. They have him so they wouldn’t lose

  47. Well, it's a clean video that help us to understand financial problems of Turkish football. Great job mate! Btw, Basaksehir (1st standing team in the Turkish football league) "might be" supported by the government. Mr. President openly talks about that he is proud of the team and club executives known with close relations with the government. I highly suggest you to search about it and if you have any finding we have an another great video. Cheers.

  48. Thanks for the incredible video. As a Turkish citizen I must say that you explained it way better than any Turkish newspaper or journalist. Putting aside government pressure, people are afraid to get fans anger on themselves, they don't speak the truth. As every single sector in Turkey, football is also going bankrupt. I am not sad. I am happy about it. It does not deserve the value it has or it had, and I'm very much happy to see that everything goes down under the AKP regime. Thanks Erdoğan, destroying everything we love.

    Türk futbolunu Türklerden daha iyi anlatan bir video olmuş. Bu konuyu da yabancılardan öğreniyoruz, hem medyamızın, hem taraftarlarımızın hem de hükümetimizin ayıbıdır bu.

  49. Dogruyu konusursak Turkiye akillandi Turk futbolcular avrupa liglere gidiyor ve yabanci kuralar yok edildiginde Turk futbolcularin gotu kalkmiuor daha. Bi kac sene icinde daha ilerliycez.

  50. I am amazed to see how well informed you guys are. I just heard that some Besiktas players weren't paid their salary because of financial trouble. I didn't think that this was the case of the whole league.

  51. Now Erdogan is literally using government money to start his own club. They tried it first with the Ottoman sport in Ankara (Osmanlispor, a name only chosen because Erdogan and his conservative voters hate Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, and loves the Ottoman Empire), Istanbul Başakşehir previously known as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality S.C. (İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi S.K.), and Kasımpaşa (in Istanbul). Teams that weren't even known on a national level in Turkey ten years ago, because they didn't played in the first league. But now Erdogan is planning to use tax payer money to fund whatever football team licks his ass the most…. That is the state of democracy in Turkey.

    Btw, the stadium of Kasımpaşa is named Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium…

  52. It all boils down to a lack of proper planning. The administration of most Super Lig clubs believe they must continue to spend on transfers in order to remain competitive. While this is true to an extent, they all overlook the youth in Turkey and abroad. I'd like to point out that there are tons of academies of the Big Three abroad in nations such as Germany and The Netherlands. They scout heavily in those countries looking for Turkish origin players who show glimpses of potential. Cenk Tosun, for instance, is from Germany and was eventually transferred to the TSL where he made a name for himself.

    One of the biggest issues, in addition to a lack of proper future planning, is the lack of youth player development by the Big Three. Fener is notorious for signing promising young Turkish players only to let them warm the bench for years before discarding them like used goods. The most recent example of this is Ferdi Kadioglu from the Neherlands.
    The weak currency exchane rate is also a factor in the economic woes th clubs face although it isn't entirely to blame.
    A lot of bad decisions are made by the administrations of the clubs which,over time, have compounding adverse effects. Trabzonspor, for instance, were sued by mutiple former players as well as foreign clubs, for failing to pay transfer payments and player wages. The current chairman has admitted to this recently.

    This is simply down to irresponsible and terrible management. Another example of this is Galasaray's most recent 10 million euro transfer of an average striker on the last day of the January transfer window; Mbaye Diagne from Kasimpasa. This was a mind-boggling move which was seen as an atrocious act of desperation after they sold Gomis befoe the start of the season without making a proper reppacement.

    The list of bad decisions made by TSL clubs is endless. I could go on and on with more examples.

    Like I said before, it all boils down to a lack of proper planning and bad decision making by the people in charge.

    As for the Turkish players themselves; it's a combination of hype and lack of discipline.

  53. Can you please analyse SAFA, Bafana Bafana and how a 49 million population country is failing in soccer. Unlike USA, we love soccer.

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