TVJ Midday News: 3 People Killed in Ackee Walk, St. Andrew – February 5 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom three
people were shot dead last night in the upper section of maligns Road in a
community called a key walk five others were injured in the same shooting
reports are that sometime after 8:00 some a persons were shot a persons are
travelling in two white motor car when persons traveling in two white motor car
drove through a section of the community firing at residents when the shooting
subsided the residents discovered that eight persons were shot one a bus driver
died on the spot while the other two were pronounced dead at hospital two of
the dead men have been identified as 33 old Omar Morris otherwise called a chase
and 45-yard ever Hebert otherwise called bozo a bus driver who prized the
Chancellor at the Red Hills route the other person is said to be a schoolboy
who is believed to be about 16 years old the member of parliament Nigel Clark
visited the scene and appealed for calm this is obviously a police matter a
matter that has to be handled by by police and it’s important that members
don’t you know feel the urge to take matters into their own hand as deep and
as wrenching as the pain is there is the call this afternoon for the
boundaries of the state of emergency in East Kingston to be extended it comes
from the Member of Parliament for East Royal Assent Angier Juliet Holness who
was speaking yesterday in Parliament the call follows a flare-up of violence in
the bull bay area mr. Minister I would only ask as it relates to my own
constituency that the SOE in place goes a little further from 7:00 from 9 men
will be out in level miles where the constituency ends because we still have
some pockets of criminal activity up in the hills of 10-mile will be and we are
desperately in need of the intervention of the SOE I can speak mrs. wholeness
says residents are fearful to even use anonymous methods such as crime stop 3 1
1 as well as 911 criminal activity no matter how they come and tell you that
they are suffering that the criminals are preying on them when you go in with
the police to sit down and have a talk with them nobody will talk nobody at all
will talk the latest no on the coronavirus the death toll from the
outbreak continues to climb in China rising to 490 new cases have surged by
double-digit percentages in the past 11 days the new figures from China’s Health
Commission on Wednesday showed that 65 people died on Tuesday and that 3000 887
more people had been infected so far 24,000 324 people are known to have been
infected health experts say the death toll is likely to rise because of the
large number of infections the mortality rate of the coronavirus which is about 2
percent so far appears to be far lower than SARS which has a mortality rate of
about 10% over experts warn that they still lack enough data to say
definitively how lethal the new coronavirus is meanwhile Canada has
confirmed its 5th case of the deadly coronavirus officials in Vancouver made
the announcement on 2 they saying the victim had visitors from
the Chinese city that’s ground zero for the outbreak MP for Southeast sent
Andrew Julian Robinson is again reiterating the need for the high
command to do more to boost to the morale of the police personnel with
seven states of emergency and the two zones of special operations in effect
mr. Robinson says the police are stretched they are extremely stretch by
based on the seven states of emergencies and sources that exists their conditions
of work are challenging being out on the road away from their families for
extended periods of time and so we have to ensure that mechanisms are in place
not just for their welfare as in food and shelter but also for their
well-being and the stress levels that are attendant
with being on the road for these extended periods of time and even though
the mobile service section of the Jamaica constable Air Force has been
disbanded the national security minister says aspects of their operations are
still ongoing to operate in different years and operating and every price of
our OSP team is the operation of special operations our team on the ground as
well the entire organization proceeding and we’ll have men of that level as in
operation he also give an update on the Jamaican National Service Corps security
service who have been vetted have been absorbed in as family in body Jamaica
Defence Force the police force the Correctional Service and some up a few
have gone to customs passport immigration center and other areas to
news on the political scene now the People’s National Party says it will not
be contesting the by-election for South East Clarendon until their general
secretary of the GOP dr. Horace Chan hinted at a by-election following the
resignation of member of parliament for the constituents of Rudyard Spencer
in a statement this morning PNP general secretary Julian Robinson described the
by-election as unnecessary and a wasteful political exercise he noted
that while the party wishes mr. spent so well in his retirement his resignation
has not been occasioned by any personal or national emergency he says it was
rather a ploy by the GOP to settle the political wrangling between senators
Pernell Charles jr. and Robert Morgan mr. Robinson said Jamaicans could not be
expected to provide the electoral office of Jamaica with 30 million dollars to
pay for a contrived by-election he said that is on that is an unwise move when
general elections expected to cost over 1 billion dollars are due within months
and it’s no time for a break and will return right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now the
murder statistics continue to increase with the killing of two women this
morning in Mandeville Manchester a man is in custody in relation to the
killings the details in this report this is 38 knowles Crescent in Mandeville
Manchester it’s where 29 year old Shaniqua Dixon
and 35 year old Lola Mullins meant their untimely death about 155 Wednesday
morning Shaniqua a hairdresser from the
community and NOLA a bartender of Lincoln district were both inside the
house when they were attacked this window is where it’s believed the
attacker gained entry to the house residents say they heard explosions and
called the police upon arrival Dixon was found lying
face-up on a bed with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the head Mullins
was found in the doorway of another room slumped over table the motive for the
killings is unclear however the police believes Senecas ex-boyfriend
Roland Williams also known as Anthony or Sammy boy could help them with their
investigations it’s understood that mr. Mullins and Shaniqua had a dispute – the
night before he left the house and later returned
mr. Williams was charged in 2014 with robbery and illegal possession of
firearm TVJ News has since learned that mr. Williams is now in police custody he
was nabbed in a police operation on the Williams field main road
Kirk Wright TVJ News and it’s now time for a preview of what’s coming up in
this evenings health report if the next edition of the health report we look at
leptospirosis some how it is a cultural problem because you know people are used
to buying some soup here or there but soup is not really the problem
okay soup is hot and so if you’re consuming it hot then it could be pretty
safe but we’re talking about the fruit stores and so on peeling the fruit
cutting it and also the fact that there is there is no proper counter where this
is done there is no hand-washing facilities
that’s the Health Report this evening in primetime news and to know for today’s
healthy living tip if you have leptospirosis if your medical doctor may
prescribe antibiotic to treat the infection you should make a full
recovery in a few days or weeks it’s important to finish the course of
antibiotics even if you start to feel better
and if you have a more serious infection you may need to be treated in hospital
news for the field now we go to the United States where US President Donald
Trump on Tuesday outlined his vision for the next year which is an election year
in the State of the Union address for more on his presentation we joined the
siene president Trump delivering his third State of the Union address one
that will likely set the table for his run toward November the state of our
union is stronger than ever before the theme of the speech the great American
comeback focusing on health care I’ve also made an ironclad pledge to American
families we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions and
immigration the United States of America be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans
not criminal aliens and national security our military is completely
rebuilt with its power being unmatched anywhere in the world
and it’s not even close president laid out his vision for the final year of his
first term in office hoping his agenda will lead to a second
if we hadn’t reverse the failed economic policies of the previous administration
the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success No impeached
American president has ever run for reelection and tomorrow afternoon the
Senate will cast their votes on the charges of abuse of power and
obstruction of Congress presented by the House Democratic response to the speech
delivered by Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan one of the states that
buoyed president Trump to victory in 2016 and one Democrats want back in
their column this November despite the dishonesty and division of
the last few years and that we heard tonight from the President of the United
States together we have boundless potential
tamo for sports the Wreckers completed their group pictures at the CONCACAF
women’s Olympic qualifiers with a comprehensive seven nil beating of st.
kitts and nevis on Tuesday night in Texas the Jamaicans who lost a nine mil
to Canada at the weekend got their only win of the campaign thanks to two goals
from kinesia Shaw and the Kayla McCoy it took 38 minutes for Shore to find the
opener but the second goal for the Jamaicans wasn’t too far off as
defending Cameron made it to Neal in the fortieth following the halftime break
Havana salon made it three nil in the 51st before Shaw returned for her second
in minute 57 Trudi Carter added her name to the score sheet in the 68th minute
when she made the game five nil from the penalty spot
McCoy got her two goals late in the contest scoring in the 70th and 85th
minutes for the convincing score line despite the wind the Jamaicans failed to
advance from the group ending third having suffered defeats in their opening
two games against Mexico and Canada I mean you know as you know the
tournament didn’t end though we wanted but it’s important to stay positive you
know and we knew that you know we should have gotten better results against the
other teams but I didn’t today that’s football you know you win some you lose
some but the objective was to just come over here and show what we could do and
you know stay together as a team despite all the adversity that we’ve been
through still on the sporting scene captain Nicholas Lewin turned in a solid
all-around performance the leads in George’s College to a five-wicket win
over Kingston college in their North Street clash in the ISA grace shield
cricket competition Casey who elected to bat were dismissed for 115 despite 53
from Matthew Bell as Lewin bragged 5 for 46 he got great support from Noel
Thompson who picked up for 452 st. George’s College then got to victory at
116 for five of thirty eight overs as Lewin returned to top scorer with an
unbeaten 66 while Alex Campbell made 16 Bell also had a good all-round
performance as he picked up three 451 for Kingston college it was in George’s
college’s fourth win in a row captain newing says the team is an all-round
unit we come together and collectively we’re looking to win his championship
this year team server sides are one one team young stars coming in who is doing
very well about an oil and coming in new feel Kingston college all-rounder
Matthew Bell says he’s hoping to start converting some of his half centuries
into triple figures well I said 76 against Ireland and 19
not against Penn Wood and 53 against st. George’s today yeah both of them should
have been hundreds but I mean I fell short so I just have come again
Robert more games to play can make a couple hundred in those games and that’s
the midday news I’m Vashon Brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on
behalf of the new sports and production teams have a wonderful afternoon

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  1. What?? in Mandeville😐 that is really disgusted. May they find who ever did this wicked act….
    Jamaican men accept when it's NO- FINISHED- BYE-BYE
    Jamaican women please be careful & DON'T TAKE THE MEN FOR GRANTED
    Respect BOTH ways!!

  2. How many more jamaicans will have to lose their lifes before government do something drastic to stop it 👂every life is precious so i dont know what mr holness waiting on to do sumting

  3. No man 😳..a contract killing 😌 a wha a gwan in Jamaica 😩 am tired of too much..Lord have mercy 🙏🏻

  4. Can't see why Andrew Holness so confident going into the Election, we need a leader who takes crime and corruption serious not just building roads.

  5. When will prime Minister admins that crime is out of control and he has no idea how to stop crime, where is the new technology that was promise to fight crime. Stop the Gun from entering Jamaica and you will stop crime.Guns are made in USA

  6. To much crime is happening on the island what's is the government is doing they get the sos and is high the state of emergency cured the areas and don't anounce it .

  7. GOVERNMENT of Jamaica need to recognize the law ABIDING CITIZENS and give them the green light to help privately rid the crime infested country

  8. Why should they talk when they might end up dead as well, they can say anything when they are living in gated communities and secure places, but the ghetto is a different place all together where you can't even trust the police, and the politician have no clue so all they do is talk and gaslighting the people because they believe most of the people are illiterate and ignorant and are easily manipulated.

  9. u know y nothing is been done to these murderers because is only poor people a dead mek them kill one a the corrupt government politicians and u see how fast the death penalty come back them no care for poor people 🤮🤮🤮🤮🙈🙈🙈sad

  10. All the police them do a lock off party and write ticket gun shot bus a my place ever day and night and no police make a party start you see them drive in

  11. Can anyone please give suggestions on how to get rid of crime and violence especially murders. I agree it is out of hand but a valid suggestion is essential not just criticisms which is unhelpful and useless

  12. The reason why no one will talk I say anything when the cops dear it’s because the cop will back and tell the shooter who talk this is so crazy man the system is sick. It’s about time Jamaican system protect the victim this is sucks

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