TVJ Midday News: AG Report Finds More Breaches – January 20 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Monday January 20 a special welcome if you’re watching
on one spot there are more breaches at another agency supervised by
the Education Ministry the Auditor General is reporting insufficient
oversight for the Jamaica library service as well as poor governance
issues TV Jay’s ashamed masters reports among the issues revealed in the AG’s
report on the lab reservist include outstanding financial statements
impaired oversight and accountability process narrow focus of the Board of
Directors and in adequate parent ministry strategic support these were
listed as a major downfall for the library service according to the report
the Jamaica library service Board of Directors failed to prepare annual
reports and financial statements statutory regulations were also breached
by the JLS in its failure to submit to the responsible minister they required a
no report since 2014 a 15 questions were also raised regarding the lack of
audited financial statements for budgetary support of some four point
seven billion dollars which the JLS received between 2014-15 and 2018-19 and
revenues which is collected from income generating activities with that the
Auditor General says based on the non submission of the annual reports and
audited financial statements for five years the level of oversight that could
be provided by Parliament and the process of holding management
accountable for their performance was diminished the issue was further
compounded by want the Auditor General termed a weak internal control function
as it says there was no evidence that the JLS internal audit team carried out
any reviews of the operations of a JLS head office within the last seven years
2012 to 2019 ax there were also similar breaches at the JLS as with the
Caribbean might University CMU the auditor-general noted
that the library service did not have contracts in place to govern the
provision of security services at its head office and to other locations
according to the report the JLS engaged three security companies without written
contracts and made payments totaling a twenty point six million dollars between
April 2016 to August 29 Tina in her recommendation the Auditor General says
the Board of Directors must improve oversight of GLS she also says the
Education Ministry should ensure the GLS complies with its reporting obligations
it also called for all outstanding annual reports including financial
statements to be prepared and presented for auditing in terms of procurement for
security services it was recommended that the GLS regularized contracts by
adhering to the procurement guidelines in the selection and awarding of
contracts in the short term or shade masters tbj News there are calls this
afternoon for the entire Council of the Caribbean maritime university to resign
following the damning findings of the Auditor General’s Department the report
has not been tabled in Parliament however the document has revealed a
rampant financial procurement and human resource breaches the sunday Glenna
reported yesterday that businessman raja hines confirmed his resignation from the
council which oversees operations at the CMU political commentator Shulman Scott
says the other council members should follow suit especially if they believe
they did not just to try anybody and to arrive but at any final conclusion but
it is wise for the present entire board to step aside and to do so quickly
especially if they feel that the individuals on the board feel that they
are not guilty of any wrongdoing and to allow for the most thorough
investigation and for action to be taken consequent on on those investigations
the Auditor General’s Department has outlined unsupported payments
totaling 332 point nine million Jamaican dollars and two hundred and ninety three
thousand four hundred and forty five US dollars weak financial controls allowed
for the improper transfer of 145 million Jamaican dollars from the CME’s bank
account to a trust fund with no accountability for how the money was
later spent the report also highlighted procurement breaches amounting to more
than two hundred and seventeen point seven million Jamaican dollars and
almost 1 million u.s. dollars criminal charges have been laid against CMU
president dr. Fritz panic and former education minister well read in relation
to some of the irregularities at the University meanwhile CMU Board Chairman
hyacinth Bennett has confirmed the resignation of businessman Roger Heinz
from the council she however refused to say whether she will resign mrs. Bennett
says a meeting will be held on Wednesday with members of the board and the
statement is expected to follow she says the CMU will conduct a serious
revision of its operational systems meanwhile opposition spokesman on
education Peter bunting says the reports about the CMU highlights a situation of
systemic and sustained abuse of public trust he says it also shows a severe
dereliction of duty on the part of the council mr. bunting says while the board
of the council should resign the taxpayers of the country are entitled to
full accounting of the stewardship of the board
he says silence on the part of board members is unacceptable mr. bunting says
he’s looking to engage members of the board at the Public Accounts Committee
to determine how they exercised oversight of the CMU and prime minister
Andrew Holness addressed the issue of corruption and leadership in politics at
a party meeting in Clarendon yesterday it’s the Prime Minister’s first public
comment following media reports on the Auditor General’s report on the CMU mr.
Hoonah says the major challenge in dealing with corruption is the public’s
belief that it only includes financial when it includes much more we now have
to start to widen the view of corruption to focus on things like conflicts of
interest and lack of performance because it is as much a diversion of resources
when someone has a task to do and don’t do it mr. wholeness also indicated that
new laws will be enacted and existing ones amended to strengthen the
anti-corruption framework we are studying it fully we are putting in
place as fast as we can the legislation to support it and giving it the
resources but there is the strong commitment to ensuring that Jamaica is a
place that is considered to be of high integrity a place where people can come
here and feel free to do business a place where you can do business and
don’t feel that you have to get involved in some corrupt act in order to get what
you should get normally and rightfully and it’s time for a break here on the
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news Jamaica Labour Party leader and prime minister Andrew Holness has
responded to speculation that a general election will be called this year the
election is due by next year the People’s National Party has stepped up
its campaign in preparation for an election being announced speaking at an
era three council meeting in Clarendon yesterday mr. horner said the government
was focused on maintaining stability in the country he says nothing will be done
to derail that plan you’re all about people talking about the election as it
is then going all idiot you know I see mine already gone through it they
start in Lyon and are ready to take off but let me assure Jamaicans that this
government is not going to put politics over the national interest at this
present point in time it is in the nation’s interest to maintain the
stability that exists in news overseas China has reported 139 new cases of
pneumonia caused by a new strain of corona virus including a third death as
the outbreak spreads to more cities Beijing confirmed two of the cases on
Monday and the authorities reported one case in Shenzhen they mark the first
cases in China beyond the central city where the virus first emerged total
known infections now exceed 200 the sharp uptick in cases come as millions
of Chinese prepared to travel for the Lunar New Year holiday
although the outbreak is believed to have originated from a market officials
and scientists are yet to determine exactly how it has been spreading and
extreme weather is sweeping South Eastern Austria
as the country continues to battle deadly bushfires storms have brought
heavy rains to fire hit regions of eastern Australia but authorities warned
the bushfire crisis is still far from over
more than 80 blazes were still burning across New South Wales and Victoria on
Monday despite downpours hailstones the size of golf balls pelted Melbourne
where the Australian Open tennis tournament just began hundreds of
emergency calls were made as heels smashed office windows and car
windshields in the capital further severe storms were also forecast for
Sydney gleet on Monday and in sports the West Indies have advanced to the
quarterfinals of the under-19 Cricket World Cup after defeating England by 71
runs on the duckworth Lewis method in the group stage action in South Africa
earlier today batting first the cabin side posted 267 for seven from their 50
overs kefflin and son top scored with 86 while Nahum young added 66 in reply
England reached 184 49 after forty three point four overs before the rain came
the English were 71 runs behind the par score at that stage young returned to be
the pick of the Beulah’s as he took five for 45 from his 10 overs young is now
the sixth West Indian to have a five-wicket haul in the history of the
under-19 World Cup in the other group B encounter on the day Australia hammered
Nigeria by 10 wickets batting first were in Nigeria and they were bowled out for
61 Australia were raised to their target inside eight overs the young West
Indians will now go in search of group honours in their last group game against
Nigeria on Thursday and the West Indies senior
team drew their t20 series against Ireland after recording a 9 wicket
victory at the Warner Park Sports Complex in st. Kitts on Sunday
batting first the Irish were bowled out for 138 in 19.1 overs thanks to Kieron
Pollard and Dwayne Bravo who took three wickets each Kevin O’Brien top
scored for the visitors with 36 in reply the carbon side got to their target with
a nine over suspend l simmons led the way with a 91 not out which is an
highest score in an international t20 game Evan Lewis also chipped in with 46
after the 2nd t20 finished in a no result du terrine the series ended 1-1
early in the tour the West Indies won the ODI series three nil and that’s the
midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package
on behalf of the news sports and production teams good afternoon

18 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: AG Report Finds More Breaches – January 20 2020

  1. Its all talk and now action look how long corruption a take place in a him government and a now him a talk about doing something

  2. Thanks TVJ. Well done Andrea. I might be wrong but I think Andrea is the only news anchor that the TVJ team has that actually gives out dates.

  3. They need to be fired at the library, all department head. No, financial management. That's how money can be taken. Heads should be rolling.

  4. Mr prime minister u chat too much now u need to start taking action if u don’t realize that u running a empty country where all the young productive people leaving in drove cause your pretty talk too much n your actions too little send rule n pinock a prison for 20 years n all the cmu board to start

  5. This government is the most corrupt of all every time something new pop up when will it end. I hope the jamaican people are taking note

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