TVJ Midday News: Mother & Father Mourns Loss of Daughter – January 13 2020

good afternoon and fashion brown with
timidity was a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom this
morning the police were called to the scene of another death arising from a
domestic dispute 24 hours after similar killing this time the killing was in st.
Elizabeth TV Jays Kirk Wright has more the latest incident took place in
Brinkley South st. Elizabeth less than 24 hours after the gruesome murder for
nurse importance and Catherine on Sunday it’s alleged that 26 year-old Navia
Sinclair was killed by her boyfriend about 10:45 on Sunday night at her
parents home according to information received by TVJ news the killer gained
access to Navia after he broke into the house through a window he then
reportedly used a knife from the kitchen to stop her multiple times never seen
clear father of the deceased who was at home at the time of the incident
explained what happened he let me sleep me and me that Midwife jump up and say
well I said she was old I went to Russia miracle doctor when we go when we look
miss immediate upon a concrete and in our blood he says he and his wife
spotted the killer making his escape from the scene in a waiting car but
further suspicions arose following a call half an hour after the incident in
which the suspect queried what had happened to his daughter mr. Sinclair
told our news team that his daughter and her boyfriend were together for five
years but that the relationship was not on solid footing because with that
apicoplast week funny weekend last week except today and take the team CM care
around come home I’m buying richlum a human way not a yard one resident says
the death in the community is a surprise as the community is not known for acts
of violence we the value of this type of thing not only community
like to know so it is really shocking and it’s very hurt into so we wish not
more at least now you take place another community I’m happy keep our eyes up and
look what we won another Kirk right TV genius and with the recent spate of
domestic violence cases across the country at least one psychologist is
calling for a greater level of public education here Stevie J’s or Shane
masters with that angle murders after murders but what is more troubling a men
killing their partners it’s a situation which has left many across the society
questioning the sudden rise in these murders on Sunday morning residents in
Portman gathered at the scene where soldiers shot and a chopped his
common-law wife then killed himself persons who have greater access to
weapons most likely use weapons so many domestic disputes and violence 10 –
somebody’s at police a soldier a security guard a firearm holder and
negative use these things when there’s a situation that triggers disappointment
upset frustration it’s why psychologist dr. Lee Kim semaj says there needs to be
some consistent levels of psychological assessment for these individuals
security guard policemen soldiers are high on the list of persons who could be
caught up in domestic abuse situation their work is one in which they have to
be with a lot of problems and if they aren’t if using it if they don’t have
someone they can talk to and they can put the problem and hit it get it solved
a personal level they’re their own problem now becomes even more present
for them for dr. semaj more needs to be done to cauterize a level of domestic
violence ahran wide hence his calling of the
government and other organizations to increase public education programs we
need to use whatever means necessary skits television shows advertising
to dramatize that isn’t real men don’t hit women we must make it a priority
when somebody makes a report to a police station that their life has been
threatened that their partner is abusive that it be dealt with because oftentimes
persons knows well you had situations where persons because they know the
police officer and listen the issues thrown out and nobody even deal with it
machine masters TV genius on to other news now controversy is brewing in the
sentimos Municipal Corporation over work that was allocated in the Christmas
spirit for cleanup and beautification activities the issue has taken on added
significance given that the cleanup was part of a dengue prevention Drive T V
J’s – and Hendricks reports like the rest of Jamaica st. Thomas is on high
alert to prevent any further spread of dengue cases and at a recent meeting of
the Municipal Corporation the issue was high on the agenda
Nigel Gooden the public cleansing manager was delivering his report he was
addressing the issue of garbage collection when he was stopped in his
tracks collections are steadily showing signs
of improvement in addition to the dispute over garbage
collection there’s also a declaration that counts as were sidelined during the
there are no questions on the instructions today there was no clear
answer as to who had made decisions regarding in the information flow and
the involvement of councillors only a declaration about the need for the
cleanup especially in areas at risk for a dengue outbreak still though more
questions because these was it and we’ll keep on Department one
answer is we got a recognition so they’re probably better he was respond
to there’s no end in sight to the impasse on a questions such as where did
the money go even as the authorities insist the cash
was well spent – and Hendricks TVJ news and it’s now
time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
residents of friendship penance and pumice are calling for the government to
resolve an issue that could in return help save lives they claim the lack of
street signs is a serious problem in the community as TV Jay’s Kirk right now
reports an all-too-familiar cry from residents of friendship Pennington
Thomas Monday morning residents demonstrated over the lack of street
signs in the community the protests were sparked by the latest incident which
claimed the life of 26 year old Ashanti Lindo the residents say a shanty was
crossing the road on Friday when a car overtaken a truck hit her she was rushed
to the Princess Margaret Hospital and then transferred to the Kingston public
hospital where she succumbed to her injuries on Saturday last year thirteen
year old Rajon Taylor a student of st. Thomas
Technical High School was more down at the same place because he talks it about speed and a
drive-by driving no chance to get little ot right there again we needed – the
shock was another word and that is not sure the residents are appealing to the
government for help before another life is lost right tbj news the development
of a tuition free school is now underway in San Catherina Minister without
portfolio with a responsibility for education Karis amudha toward the
project site on Friday he says the project is a huge asset for human
development in Jamaica TV J’s Prince Moore reports the government in
partnership with crystal house international from Indianapolis in the
United States has embarked on an initiative to provide at-risk youth with
education the aim to break the cycle of poverty
the first phase which consists of a kindergarten to grade six is expected to
be completed in June ahead of the next school year senior vice president of
crystal house international Joseph Snyder says the curriculum will be based
on national requirements with additional classes to aid in personal development
in all of our schools we focus curriculum on the local national
requirements and then supplement those requirements with additional focus on
areas outside of that curriculum including character development
leadership development and a lot in the way of Career Planning and career
development retired Costas of Manchester Sally Portia’s who is responsible for
the project coming to Jamaica says the initiative is being funded entirely by
Crystal house the institution will be operating through funds raised in
Indianapolis to pay the staff and allow students to learn free of cost we are
targeting families and children who have a great difficulty in being able to pay
for tuition books uniforms food transportation that
is a group that we are targeting in addition to the curriculum each student
will be provided with breakfast lunch and afternoon snacks as well as
transportation minister Carson muda says this undertaking will be beneficial to
the growth of the economy as we speak as you have heard all over the question of
developing the country to a state where we grow our economy you can’t grow your
economy unless those who make it work are well educated and so this is the
beginning of an extraordinary experience phase two which involves the erection of
a secondary school grades 7 to 13 is slated to start in five years Prince
more TVJ news counselor for the Claremont division in San Tan Lambert
where is calling for the establishment of a fire station in his division at a
recent meeting of the senton Municipal Corporation he says the developments in
the area among other reasons highlight this needed is that a fire truck
outreach are from Zeena’s me to get to a fire in Claremont and its environs it
takes too long and I mean a we run tear on the unit and can cause accident
occurs of this speed that will take to come to Claremont he says he is already
he says he’s already identified possible lands for the station’s construction
console aware adds that he’s written to the Minister of Local Government and
he’s now urging the Saint Anne Fire Department to make the recommendation
for it to happen other parishes that do have more than one fire station the fire
department of that Irish make requests and the minister on earn it and I cannot
understand why the fire department insulins be cannot make a request and we
have bought land stats in enormities why can’t they make a request to the
Minister for a fire station to be pleased interment which is almost in the
middle of the communities time Sports over two years after his last
appearance for the West Indies Dwayne Bravo has been recalled to the Windy
squad for the 20/20 leg of their series against Ireland which starts on
Wednesday June Bravo has 66 appearances for the West Indies in t20 cricket with
an impressive record of 52 wickets and 1142 runs
however he has not featured for the two-time world’s a t20 champion since
October 2016 the 36 year old also called time when his international career in
2019 only to reverse his retirement after the appointment of current head
coach Phil Simmons also earning a return to the squad is 26 year old Jamaican
Rothman Powell who has played 34 OD eyes and 23 t20 internationals since his
debut November 2016 in the shortest format of the game Powell has two half
centres with a top score of 54 against Indian Fort Lauderdale last August
Powell who captured the West Indies ODI team in three matches against Bangladesh
in 2018 has been recovering from an abdominal injury and was one of the
standout batsmen for the Jamaica Scorpions in the recently concluded
regional super 50 tournament another Jamaican all-rounder Fabien Allen was
considered for selection but is unavailable as he continues his
rehabilitation from an intro of the tour of India last year all-round akima Paul
was originally said to participate in the series but has been ruled out due to
injury Jason holder the leading all-rounder in
Test cricket is been wrested for the series due to work overload management
according to a cricket West Indies release the full squad reads current
pollard captain do Ian Brava Sheldon Cantrell shimmer and Hitman Brandon king
Evan Lewis Cara Pierre Nicholas piranha Rothman
Powell chef Ian Rutherford Linda Simmons Hin Walsh Jr and Carrick Williams the
fourteenth player in the squad will be named on Monday Bernarda Brown for TVJ
Sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon Brown join us at 7:00 for prime
time news package on behalf of the news at sports and production teams have a
good afternoon and a wonderful you

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  1. Why are these men taking women as possessions. Please deal with your mental health issues and stop killing our women!,,,, HELP

  2. Yow jah jah know seh mi much like wah gwaan a yaad 😪 rip to the female dem weh a dead because a some domestic ting

  3. It's the way the justice system are in jamaica, allowing these criminals to feel like they can do whatever they want, I say bring back capital punishment and it must be swift

  4. I really like how this young man reads the news. He speak so eloquently with proper words pronunciation. I really dig that. Keep up the great work.

  5. Woman please investigate and know who you’re dealing with you may think it’s a status or something to brag about that you’re dealing with a bad man! Stop it if a man show signs of abusing report it to the police and distance yourself from them and to the men who’s killing women and children grow up and educate yourself a real man don’t hit women or children and to all Jamaican and Caribbean peoples it shouldn’t take a invisible man hiding in the clouds to know you’re to love and respect each other we’re all our brothers and sisters keeper you can’t build a nation when you continue to rob your country most precious natural resources think about it that young lady you killed could have born a child that may find a cure for cancer or a future prime minister or even a Olympic champion please think b4 you act it doesn’t make you a bad man to be a bully to the weak!

  6. The Counselors are so unprofessional hear how they deal with this matter, but yet the blame the good people of Jamaica 🇯🇲 for the Out break when themselves taking the funds and not doing they job.

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  10. Andrew Holness you need to come out and address these domestic killers and send a strong message, It seems like women not allowed to end a relationship all when dem a abuse you.

  11. Parenting and relationships should be thought in school these young men feel like dem own people gal pickney, I have to runaway from my abuse baby father a so him tek off mi window and come in when mi put him out.

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  15. The government wicked and most of the male population is abusive and murders. It's a shame. Children aren't safe women not safe what kind nonsense is going on. Jesus father God help

  16. What is wrong with these people with all this Lord God and Lord Jesus he is not helping them. The fact of the matter is public education and awareness these issues must be bought to light early. We are in charge of the situation and it up to us to get the problems solved. Abuse starts very early from (cussing) verbal then leading to physical a lot of people do not recognize that situation.

  17. Why can't the St Thomas parish Council install speed humps ( Traffic calming measures) to cut the speeds of the vehicles.

  18. They Do need Fire Station in Claremont. The Minister of Local Government needs to see to it that a Station is built and manned in Claremont.

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  23. It doesn't take nuclear weapons to wipe out a small island as this.. But I can tell u it's end time as us killing each other Is what the devil has unleashed on Jamaica along with other economical stress .. Depression… Etc All of these things are unleashed.. Why because people of God forget to pray and the workers of the enemy are doing their part in causing havoc to get as many souls as they can

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  26. This is not how we think it is! This is the act of demonic forces! Let's open our eyes and pray! Evil is rampant in Jamaica! Remember the other day it was women getting kidnapped and raped! And before that it was baby girls being kidnapped and kill ages ranging from 6-9yro! Now this year starts with domestic violence and demons of suicides! Let's us come together and pray for our island! This is so sad so so sad another potential future leader a bright prospect life taken out cut short and the enemy smiles!

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  29. About 19 years ago I almost lost my life . My husband then wanted intercourse but I was unable because I had just given birth via a C-section so my body wasn't in any condition for that. The man say you dissing me and pull out his fire arm put it to my head and also a pillow over my face ,bottle of acid and emphasized on my pretty face saying that they will mesh my face for my funeral. This was a soldier and all I could do at the moment was to call out to God. I called my granduncle that was an inspector of police they following day and told him what happened . I walked away from him. My son is now 20 yrs and his doing great in College without the help of his dad. Women am imploring you look out for the signs and when they do their dirt give no chance . RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

  30. My heart breaks for our nation. When the young lady was killed on new year's eve, you heard that she deserved it because is people man. The soldier kill the nurse you hear she should've left, this man kill the woman who left and sought refuge at her parents house and still she is blamed for her own demise because she must have done something to provoke him! Where is the compassion? Why do we hate ourselves? We are humans not property!

  31. The people are becoming more violent because love is no longer real. It is a status driven power trip. Cause when you truly love you cannot physically injure the one you love. We need humility and compassion

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