TVJ Midday News: Sentencing Hearing Today of Accused Gang Leader – January 9 2020

good afternoon I’m Janelle oppresses
with the midday news up first this afternoon the sentencing hearing for
accused gang leader Josh Miller began this morning in the home Circuit Court
now Miller was found guilty last month on one count of accessory to murder
before the fact and one after the fact for the 2008 killing a former juc t ju
TC chairman Douglas chambers now T V J’s Anthony we will hear from the two
character witnesses that will be called up by the defense attorneys this will be
done as the attorneys representing Tasha Miller will try to paint a clearer
picture of who he actually was this morning the court heard the antecedents
as well as the social Enquirer report that was submitted by probation officers
as the antecedent was read it was revealed that Miller who is the father
of five had one previous conviction for escaping custody on May 3 2007 on
December last year you’d remember that a seven-member jewelry found Miller guilty
for accessory before and after the fact of murder no Miller did not carry out
the actual killing however the main prosecution witness told the court that
he was at the meeting when Miller gave the order to kill Douglas chambers now
we will be monitoring the proceedings here at courts and will be providing
updates until then it’s back to you in studio janella thank you so much Anthony
log reporting their lives in all the news residents of Serie Street and
Central West Mullan say they’re living in fear the people have pointed to what
they believe is contaminated water in the drains arguing that if not addressed
sooner dengue outbreak is inevitable TV Gershom Ella Poland reports stagnant
water in gullies along Segrest street in central Westmoreland perhaps the perfect
breeding ground for mosquitoes was like gas
the bottom up the water antigen is like gas in the evening we can’t breathe in
the morning we can’t breathe it’s a local thing it’s not a clean water
because we would all die by a Ganga and chickpea and everything but this water a
stagnant water for years it’s like gas under the bottom of it but with a
country experienced in a dengue outbreak the residents are even more fearful they
complained that they have been dealing with this situation for years and no
it’s making life unbearable some residents have become so frustrated to
the point where they have started to make plans to move out of the area if
you can take a look all the people in the yard
the mosquitoes catch 6 o’clock we cannot know it when I would who would I host a
my sink if you look down you see a host a borders beautiful move water move
water because I did ruin as a region coming if a boy inside oculus or
somebody they live there are yesterday you would come to your own you would
have the pure rain we can’t live like this
Sunday we can’t go to church Saturday we can’t go to market the children coming
from school and sometimes it’s a shame my heart bleed for this precious little
soul they have to take up their shoes and walk in the dirty water sometimes
water boot is not know what a boot can do nothing wrong you know because what
is higher than the water boot in the meantime counsel for the
Petersfield division George Wright says he is aware of the problem affecting the
residents he says he too is affected because he has a business in the area
meanwhile mr. Wright is making a suggestion on how the situation can be
addressed I wish that we could have someone not just from the Municipal
Corporation but we need an engineer to come down and evaluate this area to see
how best we can make some drains and not just her drains but you drains
to relieve these community of the flooding Shamala pullin TVG news in
another dengue related matter residents of Raytown in Kingston are finally
getting some attention to a situation which has become a health risk this
gully with stagnant water and debris has become a breeding site for mosquitoes
residents say members including children have contracted dengue as a result the
area was visited by authorities from the Kingston and synergy Municipal
Corporation who promised to clean the gully why the fever just come on and the
kids them and they have been a lot not eating not drinking Terrapins what the
cause of it really cut my baby out coming last week Saturday tell me that
you don’t feel good when our deer feed in iron pills I realize it not helping
our after unto children final tease what really wrong when I gotta say is this
the game game that go in our home the national solid waste management
authority NSW ma says the citizens are not obligated to make contributions to
sanitation workers during the holidays executive director of the NSW ma oddly
Gordon made the announcement recently we have the details in this report usually around Christmastime national
solid waste management authority NS mm a crew members would leave envelopes in
people’s mailboxes people then put cash and the envelopes as gifts for the
sanitation workers but executive director of the NSW Maori garden said
last Christmas it caused an issue one of the crew member was irate believing that
the wrong person collected the envelope that resulted in less than kind
treatment for the host holder mr. Gordon also sought to set the record straight
he was speaking at a function held at the courtly hotel in st. Andrew recently
the National solid waste management authority has not and will not give
sunshine to those envelopes in place in people’s letter boxes and therefore is
very appreciative of any gesture on the part of residents whenever they saw
contribute prints more TVJ news and it’s time for a break now but stay with us
we’d have more stories after these messages welcome back to the midday news the
government says plans are on track for the new port at Port Royal to receive
its first cruise ship on January 20 Minister without portfolio in the
ministry of economic growth and job creation Pernod Charles Jr says the Port
Authority of Jamaica is working hard to meet the deadline speaking yesterday at
a heads of agency meeting in Kingston mr. Charles said he recently held talks
with all the agencies working on the project to get an update on the progress we have to
or that we pressed Gus if it means work in D and nine but we have to press gas
to make sure that we are ready safety and security is essential so I receive
to the agencies that we have to provide a schedule of activities whether it is
whatever entertainment anything has taken place under D so that the gif is
advised opposition spokesman on tourism dr.
Wickham McNeil says tourist arrivals in Jamaica could be affected if tension
between the United States and Iran escalates dr. McNeil says tourists will
likely be apprehensive about traveling if there are further threats of
retaliation between the two countries if there is an escalation certainly my man
I suspect what will happen is people will stay close to home where they feel
safer and that would not be good for us of course on the other side of it the
good side is that the Caribbean we’ve seen as a relatively safe destination so
hopefully and we expect that we would be among the last to be affected on Tuesday
the United States urged its nationals in the Caribbean to be cautious as a result
of the heightened attention in the Middle East it advised Americans to keep
a low profile be aware of their surroundings stay alert in locations
frequented by tourists and review their personal security plans in Puerto Rico
Power has been restored to roughly 550 thousand homes following Tuesday’s
magnitude 6.4 earthquake the US territories Electric Energy Authority
expects 100,000 more homes to have power within a day where the 75 percent
powered by the weekend the quake struck before dawn killing one man and causing
dozens of homes and structures to crumble even with power restored to
roughly a third of the island many still don’t have water some frightened
residents are staying outside as the aftershocks continue the news now in
sports the West Indies will be searching for only their SEC
and one day International Series win since 2014 when they take on Ireland in
the second of their three match ODI series on Thursday at the Kensington
oval in Barbados the Caribbean sighs easily brushed aside the visitors in the
opening game on Wednesday at the same venue with Pisa alzira alazhari Joseph
who had four for 32 and opening batsman Evan Lewis with an unbeaten 99 leading
the way Thursday’s game will also be a significant one for coach Phil Simmons
were searching for a first ODI series win with the windi’s in this his second
stint with the team Simmons will however be hoping that his top three batsman can
contribute as shy hope 13 Brandon king 20 shimron hat Myer 17 and Nicolas
Perrin filled a spark in a low run chase bowling wise the Wendy’s were good on
Wednesday picking up the first five wickets for 80 runs but saw the Irish
lower off adding another 100 runs Thursday’s game bowls off at 12:30
Jamaica time yes 12:30 p.m. Jamaica time and that the midday news I’m Janell
oppress use join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the entire
team you

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  1. Envelopes are not necessary the workers receive a SALARY..ITS not a free SERVICE industry …greed is overpowering us HUMANS…TIPPING is outdated it's when WHITE people want to look IMPORTANT over each other..😆😆 the days of SLAVÈRY…Restaurant owners are making a KILLING by underpaying their STAFF and expect the customers to pick up the difference…IF it's paid or PAYING…NO NEED TO TIP….


  3. The motto of Jamaica the land of wood and water should be changed. It's a damn shame!!! When I first heard Jamaica labeled a third world country I was angry, but, the criteria is evident!!! It's not being fixed because it doesn't affect the politicians and there families. PEOPLE RISE UP AND MARCH, CONSISTENTLY AT THESE PEOPLE OFFICES AND HOMES WEH UNUH GIVE UNUH VOTES TO, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

  4. I followed most of the Miller case and base on law the witness he had against him is not credible. And if that is the only evidence that the persecution has Mr Miller case need to be retried. The law clearly states u not just need credible witnesses u also need tangible evidence

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