TVJ Midday News: Tension High in Mountain View – January 6 2020

good afternoon i’m Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom the police
are this afternoon appealing for eyewitnesses to come forward as they try
to stop the latest absurd of violence involving men linked to rival gangs in
Mountain View sedan drew the police say there are no concerned that the conflict
in the error may be escalating there was a meeting last night out of the Jake’s
Road community center with the residence officials of the Jamaica Labour Party
the People’s National Party as well as the security forces to discuss ways to
stop of the bloodletting police and soldiers maintaining a presence in
Mountain View sent Andrew this is moments after a meeting in the community
with various stakeholders on Sunday evening head of the Kingston Eastern
Police division superintendent Victor Hamilton says people living in the Jakes
Road garage lane and back Bush areas have been killed in the ongoing conflict
process have been killed out of the Mountain View Spears at least four maybe
five but they are from both communities and it is believed that it is a result
of this conflict why they were killed right so we when they were killed in
honest pieces we have concerns we have concerns that it is an
escalation in deviation of the conflict as they try to stop the killings the
police say they want witnesses to come forward a lot of persons were killed in
broad daylight where this is concerned but no one has come forward we canvassed
the communities we canvassed the areas in which persons working then we say
what did you see to process nobody has seen anything even when there is an
enclosure persons are sitting in the space as you have heard it
nobody is willing to say I saw somebody I saw this I saw that one resident who
spoke during the meeting said she’s lost her common-law husband in the meantime
counselor for the vineyard town division Andres wavey says last night’s meeting
was the first of three in the community elicitation I would have wanted all
members of our three communities one location before destroyed that would
start one of the assurance I got today from the police was that they provide
maximum patrol and Mountain View Avenue because all we know is school is open
tomorrow and I would want to assure the residents that the police will be
provided security the persons were being affected no are not what you might call
the combatants you have innocent people who are going about their law-abiding
business and they are being targeted simply because they come from a
particular area and we can we can have a country that operates this way and I
will work with the residents of the communities of which I am MP to get them
to rise up and tell what they know that’s the only way still on a crime
three persons have been shot and killed between yesterday and this morning in
two separate incidents in Clarendon yesterday evening a motorcycle mechanic
was shot dead in his he’s the fan of Frank otherwise called yellow about 7:15
mr. Frank was at his work site when explosions were heard he was pronounced
dead at hospital and this morning two men were shot and killed on a national
housing trust site in Chateau the deceased our liaison officer Craig Smith
and labor of Benito Williams both said to be in their forties the incident
happened about 5:15 it supported that the men were at a cook shop which mr.
Smith operated on the site when a car drove up two men alighted and shot mr.
Smith mr. Williams tried to escape through a window but was also shot two
other persons escaped injury now four people have been murdered in the parish
since the start of the year on to other news now the Jamaica Environment trust
jet is urging the government to ensure that imported alternatives the styrofoam
do not contain plastic according to chief executive office of the with cinco
Group and Roma food the company’s search for alternatives has revealed that some
alternatives are made from recycled recycled material but non biodegradable
and contain a compound called polypropylene
polypropylene is a compound a plastic used in a variety of
applications such as packaging for consumer products and plastic parts for
various sectors including the automotive industry while speaking on TV J’s smell
Jamaica program this morning project coordinator at jet Lauren Kerry raised
the concern that these alternatives will enter the country to be used in the food
industry being made from recycled material would have had to go through
certification and a rigorous process for it to be approved for use in the food
industry so I don’t think that it’s too much of a concern but there is a concern
that people will be bringing in these single-use plastic items that are not
styrofoam and not polystyrene so that is something that we hope the government
will be able to address because that isn’t a viable alternative to the
styrofoam in the meantime miss query said a jet will be carrying out its own
public education campaign on the styrofoam ban starting this month we are
starting our road tour at the end of this month and it just focuses on
restaurants in Kingston and Montego Bay so that’s where we are starting our
efforts but we really want to keep up keep up the messaging and I’m kind of
sustained the public education and increased awareness and it’s not time
for a break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back thank you so much for
staying with us continuing the news now former chief medical officer dr. Winston
Delahaye is said to represent the People’s National Party in the
constituency of st. Catherine east central in the next general election the
seat is currently held by the Jamaica Labour Party’s alanda Tara long when
contacted by her News Center last night doctor Delahaye confirmed that he will
be on the PNP list of candidates syamantaka Canada representing the CNT
East Central and Catherine making money entry into dr. della he said he has
already started campaigning welcome to ticket you know locally we
recognize your work at the dawn of an excellent team in place and we’re
completely not adding to that with a person running all of this really came
about already we’re on the ground dr. Delahaye is currently deputy Dean of
the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies Moana
campus there’s to be a renewed focus on strengthening motorcycle regulations in
Jamaica this as experts say motorcyclists are the leading category
of fatal road incidents the move comes amid growing concerns about rising road
fatalities TVJ is Giovanni Denis has this report Young is synonymous with
motorbikes in Jamaica they are cheap easy to obtain and fashionable among
young male writers but they are presenting a monumental mayhem for road
safety officials we need to get we need to get them in wearing better gear we
hear about motorcyclists who are falling off their dice motorcyclists are been
hit down and they’re still wearing sandals there were no sleeve shirts so
you know there’s a lot of damage in addition to what may be spinal cord or
head injury what is the skin abrasions that happened when you
the pavement also presents a lot of challenges for the doctors and a lot of
skin has the ricotta with 133 persons died from bike crashes in 2019 that is
almost one third of the total road deaths 435 mrs. Fletcher is closed that
a committee is in the process of formulating regulations governing
motorbikes we really have to drill down into what’s happening with motorcyclists
which is where a committee was set up some months ago and there is meaningful
work that has actually taken place but it’s still going to take a level of
investment to get it to a point where we can get through to both the cyclists
that they need to be trained they need to be certified but she laments the
island traffic authority still has work to do to make itself already to certify
all the rapidly growing number of motorcyclists in Jamaica not quite
because the Traffic Authority need still have us one stronger capacity to Train
motorcyclists to be honest it’s everybody all the unlicensed
motorcyclist versus turn about the doors of IT they would have a problem in terms
of capacity to train just to certify a stakeholders meeting is scheduled for
Thursday January 9 officials from the National Road Safety Council will meet
with Prime Minister Andrew Holness and various ministries to discuss a national
response to rising related deaths 322 persons died in 2017 308 and 9 in 2018
and 435 in 2019 the highest since 1993 Giovanna Dennis TVJ news delays at
Porsche Simpson Miller square in three miles in tanjur are expected to ease
early this week with the commissioning of traffic signals
this comes as motorists have been complaining about the congestion in the
area due to the lights not yet being activated and the lack of road markings
communications manager at the National Works Agency NWA Stephen Shaw says the
only thing left to do is for the vehicle detectors to be installed which should
be done before the middle of this week we expect that this activity will be
completed by sometime tomorrow no miss will give us the opportunity therefore
to commission the lights in the service by the latest Tuesday of this week
he says the road markings will also be completed shortly the activities right
have been outstanding for different reasons to include wear defects had to
be remedied before the match would have been put on so you know the road
accordingly news overseas know a five point eight magnitude quake hit Porto
Rico this morning unleashing small landslides causing power outages and
severely cracking some homes it was one of the strongest quakes yet to hit the
US territory that has been shaking for the past week there were no immediate
reports of casualties the US Geological Survey the US Geological Service says
the quake struck at 6:32 a.m. just south of the island at a relatively shallow
depth of 10 kilometers there was no tsunami threat residents in southern
coastal towns have posted pictures of partially collapsed homes and large
boulders blocking roads previous quakes of lesser magnitudes in recent days have
cracked homes and led to Goods falling of supermarket shelves and a terminal
for sports jamaica scorpions enter the final few days of preparation for their
opening regional four-day game on Thursday now the team will be hoping
their Cena players get them off to a winning start against the Trinidad and
Tobago red force here is Bernardo Brown with the details with the team
languishing at the foot of the sixteen table for the past if you see
since there is no pressure on senior players to deliver one of those players
his batsman German Blackwood was phone runs hard to come by at the regional
level in his past two seasons this year is about fifty I didn’t really you know
put in a good performance but that happened to every cricketer so I’m just
focused in my 24 days the last couple weeks have been good training so I’m
feeling very confident right now and I’m hitting the bar pretty good so so I can
take that into the first game against Trinidad because I’m looking to get
somebody big squarely sir the team will once again have pace a marquee Namid
leave their ranks and he’s expected to form a bowling partnership with durval
green who is considered a big part of the team’s bowling unit it’s always a
pleasure having mark in our own he’s that kind of person he’s very energetic
he has good skills and he’s potential is you know I mean unlimited so it’s some
obvious agree to have him back you know the pride without basically
thought that it’s a loss for for them not having him back with them because I
mean he have he took maybe like about 20-something wickets last season so you
know his his value and his capabilities the scorpion squad will depart the
island up for trinidad and tobago on monday renard abroad for TVJ sports and
that’s the midday news and fashion Brown don’t forget to join us at 7:00 for
prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production teams have a
good afternoon and the gravy you

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