Two guys, one stump

“I was about to say uh you are not gon’ make
it going at that speed so…start ova.” “Are you sure I can’t do it from right here?” “Uh yes, first of all I know you won’t make it from right there you gon land straight on
top of it.” “THAT’S gonna kill ya”. “Anal impalement?” “No like anal split. You go-that go all the
way up.” “I’ve taken deeper, I mean uh-” “Nah I got it on camera now”
“That ain’t shit.” *laugh* “Alright we got a deal?” “Gotta use my dick hand.”
“Aww what?” *Regret begins to set in* “Of course you got me on the day I’m wearing
my baggiest pants!” *Then fear* “Are you sure we can’t work something out?”
*laugh* “We just did, you can do it!” “YOU CAN DO IT!” “No, I can’t!” “You got to believe in yourself!” “Think of the drugs!” “Uh the pharmaceuticals i’m sorry. ” “There that’s better.” “We might have to edit that part out.” de- *laugh* “Nothing is edited out this is raw!” *Fear becomes reality* “Hurry up and go already it’s freaking cold
out here!” “Hold on i’m working up to it!” “I don’t have a coat I’m freezing my butt off.” *reality becomes reality* Fuck! “He’s thinking about his life decisions right now.” “Yeah…i’m really rethinking my life decisions.” “Will destiny still love me with a split asshole…oop.” *Sorry mom* “Video gold” “Joey! you’re not going to make it.”
“I can’t do it, I can’t do it.” “You might as well try, I got the video camera.” Fuck! *laugh* “The distance doesn’t matter!” I know!
*laugh* “Can I put that other log down?” Huh? “Can I use that other log?” No! Dammit! “That’s cheating!” “That’s like, two feet off the ground.” “That’s like 8 inches.” “Same difference, different metric system.” “Alright I’ll go with that.” “No hands!” “Are you sure I can’t use any hands?” “Like the song no hands!” “Do you want to say a prayer first!?” “It wouldn’t do me any good, I’d just get laughed
at.” Fucka! “Man he really does not want to do this.” “I can’t!” “You can try!” “I can fail!” “Yes, that’s the funny part!” “Fucka!” *laugh* “Oh my god he’s going to do it.” nope, nope, nope *laugh* “Fuck me dude that’s not even fair.” “Oh good, I thought you were actually going
to do it.” “I thought I was too.” “Whoa…don’t forget your hat.” “Don’t worry I won’t.”

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