Two Incredible Friends: Jesse and Jasmine

– I got a letter
from a viewer that I want to share with you. Love things like this. It says, “Hi, Ellen,
My son Jesse’s best friend, “Jasmine, was diagnosed
in 2011 with a rare brain tumor. “She has undergone
three surgeries “and flies to Boston
for radiation therapy. “She lives at home
with her mom, Lisa, “who struggles
to pay the bills. “Recently, Jesse celebrated
his Bar Mitzvah “and got $5,000. “He donated it all
to Jasmine and her mom. “They’re both amazing children
and love your show. “I’ve been truly blessed
to have them in my life. “Thank you for taking the time
to read our story. Sincerely, LeAnna.” And–so please welcome–
from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, please welcome
Jesse and Jasmine. This is just an amazing story. So you didn’t
even know Jasmine, and how did you hear
about Jasmine. – Well, I read about her
in the newspaper, and it said that she was
in Boston at the time, and I was just– And I was just so touched
by her story, so I wanted to write her
a letter, and so I wrote about her,
like, saying, like, “I’m so–
I love you so much, and I want to give you
some money” so she can buy some stuff. – You sent her $20.
– Yeah. – So–and you didn’t know
her at all. You just read the story
and decided you wanted to reach out
and help. How did that feel?
That must’ve felt amazing. – Mm-hmm, I’m so happy. – So you have the Bar Mitzvah,
and you get $5,000 for the Bar Mitzvah and decide to give it all
to her. – Yes. – That’s an amazing thing
for you to do. [applause] But this is what’s amazing. So you write this letter.
You don’t know her. She’s not in your school
or anything, and then a year later–
tell us what happens. – Okay, so I walked
into my fifth grade classroom, and I saw a girl, and she said her name
was Jasmine, and I just, like,
froze in shock. And it was just amazing. – That it was her.
– Yeah. – This person
that, a year later, you wrote a letter to– I want to help you out, because you gave all $5,000
from your Bar Mitzvah. We have a relationship
with Shutterfly. They have been amazing, and so we want to give you
$10,000, Jasmine, to help with your– – [speaking indistinctly] Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
– That’ll help. And also I know you both
wanted iPhone 6s for Christmas, but you didn’t get ’em, so we’re also gonna give you
iPhone 6s. [cheers and applause] – Oh, my goodness. – I understand
you have a favorite show. What show is it?
– “The Big Bang Theory.” – And who’s your favorite
character on that show? both: Sheldon. – You like Sheldon
a whole lot? A lot of people
like Sheldon. – Yeah.
– He’s very funny. Very cool. Sheldon, where are you? [cheers and applause] [singing]
– Nearly 14 billion years ago, Expansion started,
wait The Earth began to cool,
the autotrophs began to drool [cheers and applause] – Hi. Hi. [cheers and applause] – Hi, Jim.
– Hi. – How are you? How about this story?
– This is insane. – I’m–I can tell you how lucky
I feel to meet both of you. You both are–
You’re so inspiring. You–Jasmine,
you are so courageous, and you–Jesse,
you really might be the– no offense–
the best person I’ve ever met. You know? It’s– My heart– My heart swells
to be here with you. Oh, and because of that,
I have brought you a couple of baskets
of swag. Here we have it. Thank you. [cheers and applause] – Wow. – Jim can hold that. – You know, I’m not even clear
exactly what’s in here, but it all is
show-related and– Might not have been the first
thing I’d dress you in, but that’s lovely. – That’s all you. – But also I wanted to invite
both of you tomorrow to come–I’ll give you a tour
of our set. – Oh, wow.
– And you can watch– We do a Friday run through,
and it’ll be very rough, ’cause we don’t tape
till Tuesday, so you’ll get to see us
warts and all, but you deserve to. So please, please come
if you can. – Isn’t that fantastic?
– Yeah, that’s awesome. [cheers and applause] – Thank you so much. – I’m very–I-I– I think you’re both–
you’re both so special. It even–it makes me nervous
to be out here, ’cause I want to say everything
just right, ’cause y’all deserve it
to be just right, so… – Very special.
– Wow. – Thanks for being here, Jim.
I appreciate it. – No, thank you.

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