Ty performs Hide & Seek (acoustic original) – part 2/2 | Creatives Only: Episode 4 | VentureTy

Hi, it’s Tyron! And welcome to Creatives Only – a space for us to explore the human experience as creatives so that
you can unleash your full creative potential on to the world
this episode is part 2 of my original song, called “Hide and Seek.” If you haven’t
written part 1 you should definitely go back and check it out. The song is about
hiding and waiting to be discovered. In this part 2, the second verse is about
finally releasing your gifts after holding on to them for so long. Has the
world moved on and forgotten about you? Or, are you actually able to reach your
audience? Let’s find out! Here I am I give up, you made me come out I won again! So, what’s all this emptiness about? This game was not for me, clearly. What was I thinking? And now that I’ve reached you, finally I’m never hiding again – no! I just want you to see me Look as hard as you want! I just want you to listen, so So turn me up! I played hide and seek so you’d come to find me Find me then love everything you see! Hide and seek…seek Whoa, this game’s not for me…me In this hide and seek…seek Whoa… Hide and seek So, as it turns out we were
able to reach an audience, even after sitting on our talents for so long
but it doesn’t always work like that in the real world so why take the chance?
Why play hard to get? Why play hide and seek with your creations? That’s the
theme of the song that’s the message and I hope you received the message and take
action and hope it helps you unblock yourself creatively
I also hope you’ve enjoyed the music if you have any feedback any comments I
invite you to please drop them in the comment section please subscribe to this
channel as well I’m excited to announce that this music video series is titled
creatives only and it’s a space for like I mentioned in the intro us as
creatives to unlock our full potential together so if there’s anything that I
can do better to help you let me know this music video series will have a new
episode every two weeks on Sunday so definitely keep an eye out keep an ear
out and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day peace!

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