Types of Indians during India vs New Zealand match | ICC World Cup 2019 | Mauka Mauka Song

Don’t try to mess with me. Just get lost. Why don’t you get lost?
You.. Bros! World Cup match has started. Bro, let the match be.
Let me show him his place first. Besides, it doesn’t matter which teams are playing. India vs Pakistan *watching Ind vs Pak match* Indians During India vs Pakistan Match It’s a FOUR! The over-emotional Indians India! India! Mauka Mauka! Mauka Mauka! Bro, he’s out. But it’s a no ball. Mauka! Mauka! Mauka! Mauka! How is Anushka Bhabhi? Bro, we are watching the match on TV. Indian No. 1 Virat will hit a 4 in the next ball. Six! The Gambler Four! Six! And it’s a six by Virat Kohli! Oh man! Bumrah will take 1 wicket in this over. Two wickets One wicket! Two wickets! One wi..
And Bumrah takes a wicket on the first ball… A much need wicket for India Last ball of the over and.. another wicket by Bumrah. Give me the money now. I don’t want to play this game.. The match is not over yet, bro! I think India should change the order of balling. (In)expert Adviser Old trafford stadium has a record of 17 on 26 wins by second batting team How do I tell Virat to choose balling. Bro, send someone at the off-side. Ask someone to stand at the leg side. Try spin-bowling. Fast ball won’t help. He’s stumped out! Didn’t I tell you? Fast ball will help. Bro play from forward. The pitch is small. Don’t play defensive. There’s no time! Why are they not listening to me? How will India win like this? India won, bro! Didn’t I tell you? India will surely win. Need a new strategy for the next match. And the match begins. Match? Yeah. India vs Pakistan You didn’t know? Of course I know. Woohoo! The Cluless Why do I see 11 players on the field? Doesn’t the team have 10 players? Run rate: 6.2
What is that? Wait, isn’t this T20? Which team is winning the match? India or Pakistan? Where are the cheerleaders? Bro, when will Sachin bat? What? Honestly (Sachi), It’s a great match. Did I ask something wrong? Who is Bhuvaneshwar? He’s probably from Orissa. What does ICC stand for? India won! What a performance by India in this world Cup! Bro, this is just the third match Yeah, exactly! Such an amazing performance in the third match. So excited for the next match. Tell us in the comments which team will win ICC World cup 2019! As you can probably tell, we are supporting India! India!

18 thoughts on “Types of Indians during India vs New Zealand match | ICC World Cup 2019 | Mauka Mauka Song

  1. Are you the type of Indian who gets super excited during the India vs Pakistan cricket match? Is 'Mauka Mauka' song on your mind this World Cup season? Well then, you are just like us!
    Watch our latest video showing some super relatable types of people (basically us Indians) during a cricket match b/w India and Pakistan!

  2. India he jeeyegi World cup 2019. History will repeat itself. Pakistan ke bss ki Kuch nahi hai. No competition with India

  3. I am also clueless……..🀣🀣🀣but then also i like to see it…..😎🀣😎😎

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