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Yeahh, I scored a sixer and that’s a catch You are out, Aayu’s out Aayu is out on first ball But this was a no ball What no ball? you are out I am not out If you want to play, play I am going otherwise You got out I am going bye cheater Did you see, How Aayu cheated? Oh, I didn’t cheat Were you standing here This video is sponsered by tops and thank you for the goodies Come on let us see together That there are how many types of players? Surely like this video Come on let us see types of player Types of Cheaters – Playing Snakes and Ladders Yeaah.. I got 5 Mom is in trouble Don’t do this one, you can do this one too Why did you cut my token Very good Aayu high five You always team up together to make me loose You could have moved your other token Six, and five Wait you two I will cut Pihu’s token Her’s is right in front of mine Why mine? No Aayu’s and Pihu’s both Both of your’s five, take it 1,2,3,4,5 Mom you got 4 right? I got 5 You got 4 Do not cheat, I got 5 No you got 4, 4 you got 4 you are cheating Mom you are the one who is cheating, you got 4 Okay listen one thing Once let me cut your tokens From here I will cut Pihu’s token and Aayu’s token from here I won’t play otherwise That is cheating Mom ONLINE GAMER Yeahh.. I became a basketball champion Oh Do you want to play too sister? No, no I already have a basketball match Aayu will you do one thing? Will you get the basketball? It’s in the room, go and get it Please get it I am wearing my shoes, please Okay I’ll get it take it sister Woww… You are a champion? That’s a football, not basketball Huh? Is this a football or basketball Doesn’t a basketball look like this Bye, bye you can have your football Aayu look This is called a basketball Mobile’s champion? I am going to play now CRICKET FANS My favourite game is cricket and who is my favourite cricketer? Virat Kohli Sister look these are Topp’s Virat’s journey cards Sister there are 23 cards in this From which, 2 of those are game cards and one coupon card too And there are 4 series in this we will collect all 4 of those Oh, this shows virat’s life journey from his childhood to adulthood These are the infinity cards You can keep on spining these and they never finish and there is a game code too in it here is the game code you can keep spining it and it never finishes that is why it’s called infinity card There are 10 types of infinty card 10 types? We will collect them all Yes, you won’t let it go You are such a big fan of virat Yes and see, virat’s posters There are 10 poster’s and we got 2 free This is my favorite, and this is my favourite There is coupon card in this Oh this also has a coupon card I will put this in my room With the codes on this card I will go on Topps website to play games We will play together Every game has exciting prizes like a hoverboard Sister I also want a hoverboard Even you can get this collection for yourself from your nearest toy store I have started collecting these cards Surely watch this video till the end There is a special contest for you In which you can win these special Virat kohli cards Contest? Tell me Aayu what contest? First of all watch the video till the end JUGADU PLAYERS Sister what game will we play? Catching catch Hide and seek We can play hide and seek too cricket Good idea, now get the bat and ball Sister take the bat Which bat is this? Oh sister my bat broke So we can use the cloth washing bat only Come on let us play Yes and ball Oh Mom threw away the ball when we broke the glass hmm.. Wait I’ll make the ball Yeaahh, sixer, but there was no ball Sister I asked you get the ball Not wool and napkin We will make the ball, because we don’t have a ball Sister I want to make it too Woww.. sister this really looks like a ball That’s done Yeaahh, bat is ready and ball too But Mom said we should be safe while playing Idea Sister is going to get what now? We don’t have safety pads But we do have soft toys huh? Hold this Woww.. sister that’s such a good idea Pad is ready and our ball too and bat is ready too yeahh. now we will play Come on you will do batting first But we don’t have stumps I’ll get that I’ll get that Stool as a stump? Okay I’ll bowl now Aayu, first ball is coming, hit carefully I’ll take my runs Yeahh Ohh God GIRU PADU PLAYERS Mom Mom I got hurt Aww.. sister got hurt How? I was playing on the swing and I fell on a rock Are you crying sister? Don’t cry, you are a big kid now Don’t cry Should I give you a chocolate? Mom I am going out to play Take care, and try not to fall She always gets hurts Mom I got hurt again What? How did you get hurt this time? Mom the same swing I was looking at my hand And I got hit by a pole and then Come on, put the band-aid Sister your hand was hurt So your eye sight got affected by the injury on your hand That you collided with the pole We can’t do anything We get hurt sometimes Mom can I go and play? Go Bye Sister has gone to play again Let us see what happens this time And if you haven’t subscribed to our channel Please subscribe Mom What happened now? I got hurt again How did you get hurt now? Mom there was that…. What swing? That same swing I was just about to sit on that swing It broke and I landed on my hand Come on put on the band aid First sister’s hand got hurt then she wasn’t able to see with her hands So she injured her head Then again on her hand Now I don’t where is she going to injured next time Is it okay, hmm.. Can I go and play? Go Stay away from that swing yes Yes sister don’t go on the swing Now let us see what happens this time Mom Hmm.. I got …. You come with, I will break that swing off Mom take the band aid Where did you get hurt? Oh.. Mom I mean I am hungry Ohh Thank God you are just hungry this time Come on sit, I will bring the food Our band-aid got saved Even you don’t cry when you fall right? My sister dosen’t cries, even me too So quickly like this video OLD GAMES PLAYERS Do you know friends? We are going to play new game today It’s called STAPPO HOPSCOTCH Sister this is a very old game Even Mom used to play this Yes yes let us start Ok, It will be fun Let us call our friends too yes, come Who will go first? You start first Come on, 1, 2 4, 5 6, 7 You are out Oh, I loose everytime in this game This time it will be Kaanu you are out 1, 2 you are out You are out Now my turn Yeaahh, Pihu sister won Thank you, thank you, thank you I never win this game but I will practice daily for it Yes Aaayu If we practice everyday, for something we will surely succeed Right? You did it, very good PLAYING WITH FAMILY Hi friends, today we are going to play a game with our family in which, the boys team will win Noo….yess The girls team is going to win Boys will win right? yes No girls will win Today we are going to play seven stones / LAGORI / PITHU Yes which is very ancient game You must have played it at some point? If you haven’t, watch It will be fun It’s already a lot of fun when you play with family And I really like seeing their Mom loose He always want’s to make me loose No worries, we will win today Come on let us start Me first Here are our seven stones Now they have 3 chances If they can break the tower in 3 chances they will move forward otherwise, it will be or turn okay Aayu Catch the ball You don’t have to hit me, hit there No, that should be the target Mom here OH… I am safe safe The tower didn’t fall Catch, out How? We get 3 chances, no no you are out Oh How much closer? Stand on top of it and hit come on Yeahh… ball ball Seven steps, yeahh.. we said it we said it 1 point Yeahh Now it’s our chance Now, Aayu and me, go stand there Mom you there okay Laughing Go go run Yeahh.. seven stones we won it in the first attmpt yeahh No, problem even we have 1 point try and get the 2nd point It’s my turn Aayu’s turn okay You won’t be able to do it Out, out you are out The ball hit you No no it didn’t hit me Lying, you are lying The tower didn’t break either Come on, we had a tie We will keep on playing like this We love playing with our family No matter, who wins or looses Everybody enjoys playing together right? Yes. it’s a lot of fun Now today’s contest Even you can win Topp’s Virat Kohli Journey cards It’s very easy In this video you will have to tell us How many times did Aayu say Virat’s name and you have to tell this in the comments on our post from today’s video 5 lucky winners can win these Virat Kohli’s jorney cards by Topps and yes count this one too Virat Kohli journey cards, infinity cards and posters are from the makers of cricket attax First of all we willl have to go the Topps website and make your profile, then you can play games there with these codes Sister I’ll do batting Okay I’ll do balling and I will make you loose

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