UConn Women’s Hockey Upsets #5 Boston College

Richard Prosser: Coming after a 7-0 victory
Brown University, UCONN looks to stay hot in their matchup against number five Boston
College. UCONN was able to ride the momentum early
with a goal from defender Taylor [Wombeck 00:00:11] 55 seconds into the contest. UCONN
was assertive early in the contest, making smart plays and taking BC out of their offensive
rhythm. Goals run in the Wombeck family as her sister Morgan was able to match her sister
Taylor with a goal as well, pushing the lead two to nothing.
Following the goal, big save at the big save was made by goaltender Morgan Fisher. BC was
finally able to break through with their goal nearing the end of the period, that goal was
quickly matched by Vicky [Harkings 00:00:37] with 14 seconds left in the period.
Coming out of the break, UCONN was extremely aggressive in BC’s zone. Halfway through the
period, you could sense a change in momentum. The Lady Huskies were able to weather the
storm with a breakaway goal by Natalie Snodgrass on BC’s power play. BC was able to score again
in the third but was quickly matched by Harkings’ second goal of the afternoon.
UCONN wants to ride the momentum against Vermont on Friday. From when the Freitas Ice Forum,
I am Richard Prosser, UCTV Sports.

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