UF Bat House and Bat Barn

this is the University of Florida bat
house and bat barn. It was constructed as a means of providing alternative habitat
for the native insect-eating bats that live in this part of the country. There
was a original historic building on campus known as Johnson Hall. It burned
down in 1987 and there was a colony of bats living in an attic and once the
house and once the building burned down the bats were next found to be infesting the concrete bleachers in the track and field stadium so the idea was
proposed to build an alternative habitat for the bats as well as excluding the
bats from the stadium where they were creating a nuisance so the idea of the
bat house was conceived by Lee Bloom Camp who was my predecessor and the pest
management division here at UF and this original bat house came permanently
occupied in 1995 and we decided there was there was a need for additional
habitat space so we built the bat barn and it has recently become occupied with
probably 20,000 or so bats living in the bat barn we’re guessing that the total
population right now is probably somewhere around 250,000 bats and it
seems to be recognized or it is recognized as the world’s largest
occupied bat house and these 250,000 bats are probably responsible for eating
roughly a ton or a ton and a half of insects per night but since they are
mammals they also carry rabies probably one in 200 bats in a normal population
could be positive for rabies but the likelihood of a bat found on the ground
is about one in three that it’s positive for rabies so we make sure that people
understand the importance of never picking up or touching a bat especially
when it’s lying on the ground because the bat can bite in self-defense. They
have tiny sharp teeth that can penetrate tender skin and they can
transmit rabies through bites so make sure that that
everyone is advised and the children especially are warned to never pick up
or touch a bat on the ground because of the likelihood that there could be
rabies transmitted through a bat bite

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  1. Thanks for providing the historical information on the Florida’s cool bat house!

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