Ukrainian paragliding Championship 2017

Today task was stopped by organizers After this more than 10 pilots flew away more than 25km 11 pilots 11 more than 25km What are you gonna say about this ?) Decision was right That’s all ? My sympathy to U) What do U think about Chuchko’s forecast ? You have lost your talent After I climbed up in strong thermal I was above the rest of pilots And I decided to continue to fly in the lead position Then I pushed the accelerator, first took the turning point And flew along the ridge in the hope of flying over it and fly on But ! I began to quickly lose altitude and was forced to fly close to the slope At some point, I suddenly lost altitude, did not have time to take my legs out of the cocoon and landed To say that I was angry means not saying anything at all Perfectly landed ! Flying to U ! Here I exchanged my wing for my friend’s wing And I liked it for sure Just some characteristics ) Loaded in the middle About my wing I’ve got nice comments also Wings are representing a TOP in EN-C class Nevertheless I’m waiting for next model – Triton 3 Last task Just look at this weak weather conditions Can’t fly along the ridge Most of pilots landed it the walley My chances to be in TOP 3 in EN-C class equal zero … now All rights are reserved Paragliding toast

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  1. Excellent video. I am Australian and on holiday in Ukraine at the moment. When I return to Australia I am booked in for a paragliding course. Keep the great videos coming. I would really like to fly Carpathians one day.

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