Ultimate Hide N Seek at Park with Dorothy Gee (NEW find the camera game)

don’t count guys she’s gonna hide with
the camera okay here you go who’s your other friend come and find I hided that’s not Cali order don’t tell them
where it is don’t tell them whoever finds it gets to go next are you picking Manila
are you peeking Adly do it no peeking high-five see if you can do it without
looking have you guys found it yet it looks very
hot you found it good job don’t count guys she’s got hide what okay you gonna
hide it take girls you guys got to go kal ready first one to find it gets to hide
it okay now we got to start hiding it really really hard okay these are the
hard rounds okay let’s go count Spa okay go look what the heck did it
fall you want to redo redo give it to her it fell
okay go count again I hope I’d find it that’s a cool spot who’s gonna find it
Dorothy okay oh okay very last one at Lee’s
gonna hide it this is the very last one so whoever finds it is the winner you know

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