Ultimate UNDERGROUND Hide and Seek! – Challenge

I brought you to the middle of downtown
Dallas look how big this system and spirits playing on look good luck
tonight Yukie you guys so I brought you to the
middle of downtown Dallas did you know that there is an entire tunnel system
beneath us right now Ari why are we outside but I’m home he’s freezing
you’re inside it’s a hide-and-seek okay what’s the prize if you win you get a
free supply of royally fever Jenna the time starts now ten minutes to do what
height it’s Underground all underground I got you up here are you gonna follow
me everywhere I go cutie no not at least do not I got only the cave entrance let’s go this but then you’re splitting
off because I don’t want you but there’s no way I like being the secret cuz I
just get to chill outside look how big this system how many people do you think
are below us right now in a secret tunnel oh I didn’t think about that
wait do you think do you think they can hear me I think
maybe John heard that free you’ve been holding that map and we’re not really
making any progress you have given me no direction and I was too old to watch
Dora the Explorer when it was on and she always that map map map if I had watched
that maybe I’d be better attraction I lost the entrance where everybody went
it how much time do they have less oh I literally don’t remember how to get in
the tunnel um five minutes so let’s not panic yet let’s just walk around a
couple more blocks and hopefully we’ll find where we can just dig straight down
I do that minecraft guys I found this map okay it’s a really big map and I’m
not sure exactly where I am look see I found Starbucks but I don’t know if it’s
the right Starbucks I think this is where they started with three it’s a
five-minute walking radius I don’t know about that I’ve been walking for about
five minutes qe it smells like food up here so if we
do get lost just smell the food hide in the electrical room right there that’s
perfect for you I’ve never been here before this was Brees idea
all I know is that if I win I’m winning that Tesla okay qe there’s more food why
is there so much there’s more food which means we can’t follow the smell of food
to get back you try that way going this way good luck good luck tonight good
luck don’t die what does she thinks going on down here I just wanted to do a
loop around the block hopefully I’ll find the entrance to where they entered
in but uh according to my calculations there are like 50 entrances to the thing
but I’ll clarify they have to stay underground they’re gonna skate we’re going to
escape the underground tunnel and we have all of downtown Dallas to cover how
much longer do we have okay guys I have a new plan I’m just gonna go as far away
from where I entered as possible if I can get super lost in all this tunnel
system I don’t care if I get lost I just care that I’m the last person found I’m
going deeper guys we’re going farther down all the way to where the pipes run
the life just to the city that apparently is Thanksgiving Square I
can’t hide outside I have to stay in that tunnel system so oh if I go this
way I’m gonna find more shops there’s no way
Brie’s gonna find me free security guard keeps following us. hey you guys I’m
actually my heart is racing because we’ve gone around the entire block and
it’s not like this man is falling behind us
he keeps popping out in front of me popping out behind me called me out
across the street like he must be using the tunnels to spy on me oh I didn’t
think about that yeah he’s like literally behind and in
front and on the side maybe Jon paid him to spy on us oh do not give away his
spot yes that’s it nobody wants to lose power on the chance to get the royally
be merged city of Dallas illuminant there’s doors where do these go what is
this what where am I danger elevator shaft no trespassing
I don’t think I’m supposed to be here there’s somebody else here
what if they get mad at me I wish there was a way I could get up in those
freakin hair shafts think how cool that would be oh I just found a stairwell
girl there is somebody’s nasty dangly earring hoop in here I probably should
Siri do not be scaring me like that you guys we’re about to go look for the
hider so make sure it look under this video and if that subscription button is
read make it gray right now because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover
I think I accidentally walked into a bank and there’s music playing how did I
get here this is welcome to promotion Bank Tower whoopsies do you hear this
okay so it’s been 10 minutes timer do I have to stop it maybe I can give them a
little extra time well like you know grab a coffee get something to eat it’s
a good idea girl it smells so good in the middle of downtown because we have
all different types of restaurants like all different types of cultures oh I
don’t know what to you first I think I’m gonna get a latte YUM
yeah let’s go so where are you gonna begin looking do you think maybe I think
people Starbucks Nikki’s gonna starve up there not here I think we should look at
a pizza place for Nick what if they let them in the back in the kitchen there’s
no anything about that where do you think he’s hiding in a hallway the
hallway hallway I don’t think she’d go in the spooky corners I think she’ll be
a little bit out in the open and then John’s gonna have the god spot so you
think John’s gonna win John will probably win okay guys what do you think
I’m saying hide behind this poll right this is
pretty good but I might be too thick for this hiding spot I gotta say guys it’s
kind of ominous down here like where is everything
there’s not that many people either that’s another dead end the route that I
took towards the shops did not lead me to shops it led me to nowhere guys
I could go up the escalator but I’m pretty sure they disqualify me for
cheating the map would be very helpful oh gosh it’s just a garage with valet
parking plan a newspaper play I’m gonna sit down and look like a businessman
with a newspaper I’ve been in here a solid three minutes and I’m already
bored don’t know what I’m gonna do for the next hour we’ll give her like 20
minutes in and then if she hasn’t found me in 20 minutes
what’s there a little sneak peek you know Hey look this is what you got to do
when you gotta entertain yourself you just gotta start doing Rinnegan to go
huh big you’re eight and cough it well wait I forgot the rest oh wait oh snap
snap four snaps I’d snap back no no I’m really bad at this I forgot
Bree Bree what do you do and is this helping the tunnel is we are under
literally all of downtown I haven’t yet to find anybody we have a lot of ground
to cover so I’m glad I have caffeine we have a lot of tunnels so which way are
we gonna go it goes okay coffee caffeine you look very tired here
you go there’s no good hiding spots underneath
the city that’s why you turnings and chairs it’s what you think
I already predicted John is gonna find a God fun so Nick do you get out let’s go
no I’m going back to sleep but thanks for the coffee that one’s mine I’ll buy
another one this place isn’t literally huge we’re
going down a tunnel but nowhere I wasn’t in the definite tunnel I thought we
could actually go to like a different country
we probably Kate do you think this goes to China I hope so I want to go I think
it’s this way that we have to look upon okay to China okay
you’re the one with the map we are done coat yoga no I think this is the place
we should find a goat in the tunnel make him do yoga with us and Hale will help
us and lead us to beyond we need the hiders girls they’re gonna be down
and stuck here forever I need to stop getting distracted oh no it keeps going
this is never gonna end I’m going back to the very beginning try to find a
newspaper I don’t know he’s gonna see me right away
I found newspapers let’s go I’m gonna grab one of these I’ve got two
newspapers I just need to find a place to sit down and I can conceal myself and
then they’re never gonna find me I hear them I use them every house you’re
hiding doling hope it’s going well just wanna let you know I have a really good
spot and you’re not gonna find me all I will say is that I’m somewhere in a
stairwell is it mean if I send that terror and say I’m in a sterile and then
I leave and start walking Coco careful me some Julie it’s a dead end that way
don’t go that way is that in the way that way
they’re all dead ends that’s why I’m hiding like I fit in the stairwell
you’re blue my god whatever I have my incognito disguise on free cannot drink
coffee and walk upstairs too much multitasking I’m also looking
for people this is a lot how are we even going farther down I don’t know and very
terrified right no Maddie you have a feeling we went down a dark creepy
tunnel John’s gonna be down here told you we have a god spot yeah but we still
have found Keeley oh that’s my knows me that was foolproof
well at least we know I was really confident about finding you guys you
have to help us what’s in it for me if I help I’ll give you some I want to talk
to Tesla okay traffic stresses me out so this
works out well for me also John what we realized is we didn’t
say that you guys couldn’t hide outside I thought that was I literally did not
outside because I’m not a cheater I feel like Nick might be a cheater so this
matter means Keeley’s upstairs it’s something that doesn’t make any sense I
see I see test time okay those are mine but you’re not making any sense
I know work you because I sent her if she’s this way we got to go this way yes
insider knowledge all for the Tesla it smells like an aquarium back here it
does smell like an aquarium do you think we’ll find the fishes maybe she’s in a
van Hank she’s really good at wit Oh Q he’s not swimming I heard she can’t swim
what is she then that time Chuck you can’t if you guys are cheating not
bringing down the band hand she’s in the water anyway there’s like a sign I told
you guys she’s up here she’s the only idea she’s 100% in this little rock
thing oh she soaking wet awesome riding five I’m not gonna lie
because you wouldn’t really get that one in the middle of the great what if she’s
in a historic exhibit over there what if QB went into the chapel that
makes sense because we are good Christian people we like to go to church
she would hide in a church but we’re not supposed to be outside I also don’t
think we should like go seeking in a church we here at Tesla you can hide
anywhere you want where would I hide if I can’t hide anywhere sometimes you just
gotta make friends with yourself this wall is not any good at had a cake
that’s all I gotta say citizen losing tens column I’ve ever seen in my life
ain’t no Charlotte’s Web spider about to come kill me I just on a dead cockroach
we’re leaving I can’t be in here with a cockroach no wait it just dawned on me
if we’re not in the tunnels she can go to the dead end and walk right past us check the poles the poles yes see you
can hide behind Maddie I’m gone what I found you check
it out check it we need help tell me some good news tell you somebody
just got a video message from Kili I think she’s literally rubbing bed that
we haven’t found her yet Jesus Sarah where could she be she
literally I thought you were gonna have the god spot but she found a God by in
the middle of a stairwell I had the camouflage spot guys John is gonna call
Keeley and see if she can give us an even better hit cuz there’s 29
staircases TV ok where are you I need to change my hiding spot yeah and oh yeah
it’s for me you’re not getting this okay I’ll break it down I saw the message
that you said Bri about how big your hiding spot is I got caught where are
you July enough he’s not a very good W J she
says follow the smell oh I know I was in the food court I was in the food court
okay the food courts were that way we’re in the first area that they’re in I
think we got to go back to the start I just saw them I just saw they’re
coming for me we’re gonna hide this convenience store I hope you didn’t see
me til Sam there’s Nick he’s just taking a walk honestly can take is fun and all
but it gets pretty tiring when you be there just too dang good at it so Bri
might have told me that I’m found she never said I couldn’t hide twice and
today I figured you know if I’m hiding twice I might as well cheat a lot so I
got out of the tunnel and I’m trying to walk home I don’t actually know which
direction I live why did I decide to do this it’s raining it’s raining and I
regret this a lot Bri she said follow the food I am fine I called this full
areas food let’s keep going to be able to do we got it we got it 25 minutes ding-dong finally I am Haley
don’t tell him that we’re supposed to keep our reputation syntax sorry that in
this – inconspicuous is a genius I’m so good at many people can I say I have two
things to say one Keely just called me a club what did you call me a dingus but –
she’s killing this Katie have you seen it no I saw him on point but I didn’t
know gave it out or not so I saw walking is he baiting us you know what we’ve
gone hi we’ve got mo we’ve got all around town I think we need to go
outside I’m pretty sure he cheated yep I think you guys I think I got lost and
made it all the way to Niagara Falls look at this waterfall behind me I don’t
know how I walk from Texas and I a grip laws but it’s still raining I think I’ll
go back inside I don’t care if free finds me it’s not a big deal some brain
hurts that’s early hold on I just took up what
is that right there

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  1. Your the best oh and there was this hacker in my sever called glagygadlew in a seed this is the seed 13242637499
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