Ultralight paragliding harness for hike-and-fly?

good morning so today we’re at Combe
where great things happen just have a look at that sky! Owen’s up there first pilot of the day so
we’re gonna get going but what have I got today? getting ready for the dragon race
(after the X-Lakes) and I got myself a Kortel. it’s the SAK2 which goes
with the Kortel KRUYER 2 harness and the main benefit is it’s really tiny!
a very nice backpack I really like this is a super plush for a lightweight
backpack it’s incredible you got really good straps big waist strap zip pockets,
pockets on the sides and you’ve got a pocket here which is a zip one for your
money and valuables mesh pockets straps for your sticks and very good way of
pulling the weight in so you can compress the bag and you got a
clever little helmet holder on the top I’ve got a lightweight Phi TENOR LIGHT
in here so a lightweight wing but with my reserve it leaves quite a bit of volume
here to pack all this stuff so I certainly feel I’ve got enough space for
a ‘vol-biv light’ like an Alps trip but let’s see what it’s like in the air. this
is pretty much as light as you can get we’ve got the Kruyer 2 here which is like a
string harness and it’s got an air bag to give you a certified protection on
the back with the reversible air bag. you got to be quite careful when you
pack an air bag like this that you don’t block off the air intake. you’ll see in
there and the little valve there that lets the air spill into this back area
so you mustn’t block that off. so it’s got I clever little return bag here
that clips up to the top that stops the weight filling in there. so already you see the problem?Andy has
brought the keys and mmm it will have to go in a jacket pocket because there’s no pockets to put things in. I put my instrument up on the riser I’ve
got a sort of patch I can put an instrument in the front like a phone but
you can see getting into was a little bit of a faff it’s not something you can
do particularly fast there are lots of strings and make sure you step through
correctly! hey it’s comfortable enough in the air
you’ve got to lift your knees up and then push your knees out to the side to
get that air back to fill up but I think it looked like it was filling up alright.
it’s comfortable enough in the air, I mean it’s nowhere near like a pod but let’s see
let me see how long I can stay up in the air for and what it’s like when you’re
flying at proper altitude, what it feels like. it’s a little bit uncomfortable on
the ground, it’s cutting into my shoulders a bit but that’s the setup
that’s needed to make it comfortable in the air. this is where the
advantage of this setup comes when you when it’s light and you slope land it
and you just want to bunch and you’re holding sort of three kilos in this hand
and it’s not much weight on my body so getting up fast back up a slope
becomes a lot more fun to zip up and launch again. so this sort of set up there
the pros and cons and you have to have a need for a lightweight because you
definitely are losing some — a lot — of comfort in the air and just efficiency. I
really feel like I’m dropping out I’m battling to stay up
with guys that I’m normally staying up with and I think it has to do with the
amount of drag with my upright position and the big bag. the drag definitely
kills your sink rate, it gives you a high sink rate. well that’s my story and
I’m sticking to it. that’s good, I’m feeling quite comfortable. it does kind of roll around quite a bit and I’m feeling like I keep on having to
stop myself trying to push myself back it’s forcing me to sit more upright than
I’m used to but yeah that’s to be expected you know it’s an upright
harness and I’m happy to get used to sitting right up but no in
this position it’s pretty comfortable. I I can feel a bit of what the wing’s doing but there’s quite a lot of … it’s quite wobbly. that’s all right. Honestly, guys, if you’re looking for ultralight like you’re gonna be doing some
mountaineering expedition and you’re gonna walk up and you want to have
your kit as light as possible for a glide down this is cool. it’s comfortable
enough, you can control the glider, you can get into the harness (you need to use
your thumbs a little bit to get in) and if you keep your legs open wide the air
bag will fill up (if you close your legs the air bag doesn’t fill up!) for incredibly lightweight it does that
well with a really nice backpack for hike and fly racing. look I think if
you’re gonna be doing a course where the weather’s bad and you’re gonna be
basically doing a lot of walking and just short flights down to the valley then
you pack up and then walk again then sure this is a fantastic option because
you’re not expecting to do lots of flying as soon as the flying switches on
though and you’re expecting to have decent flying I’m finding I’m not
getting that feeling of the love in the air. I’m not getting the connection of
the air because I’m compromising my harness and I’m feeling like I’m just
kind of balancing there and wobbling around a little bit and just not getting
that power and also the confidence on going on bar, that feeling of that
connection with the wing. so it depends on the application if you’re doing hike and
fly racing on a long course where you think the flying is important then I
would go for something with a bit more comfort and a bit more of a pod. if
it’s just quick hops quick flights down speed running speed pack run up fly down to the valley it does a good job it’s comfortable enough it’s easy enough to
get into, the backpack is superb and the total weight of your pack comes down a
lot so it makes it very compact and light.

10 thoughts on “Ultralight paragliding harness for hike-and-fly?

  1. Hi Greg, I have the nova montis +, which is almost the same as the one You show here. It fits even the Skywalk Arriba M.
    I use a climber's chalk-bag for additional storage(e.g. camera). The strings on the shoulders are not comfortable at start prep but once in the air it is OK. I use a FOOT STIRRUP (95gr) which makes it a lot more comfortable and lets the airbag fill faster. Without it You feel You have to sit upright. With the FOOT STIRRUP You feel more comfortable to lean back a bit if need to be. Speed ist not the same as with a pod harness. One would have to compare its speed to other standard harnesses. Obviously it is not nearly the same comfort as with my delight 3, but for me quite a bit more comfortable than my advance progress 2. This has to do with body shape I suppose. My longest flight in this nova montis + with foot stirrup was a bit over 3 hours and it felt quite comfortable . For me the real drag is the speed system: on longer streches using the speed bar You feel the thin and uncushioned cloth cut into Your back… Still, I love it. As everything packs quite compact it is much nicer to carry uphill than the big bag….

  2. The Kortel is the same as the Nova Montis+. I have one and love it. Love features und quality. But recently using my Skywalk Range Air all the time.

  3. I"m really new, so please forgive any seemingly foolish questions. Am I correct that the Karver II by Kortel is a slightly newer design from the Kruyer 2? I'm flying a Karver II under an Epic wing. So far I'm only ridge soaring on the Central Coast of California. The lack of shoulder straps took a little getting used to on the ground, but feels very comfortable in the air, and it feels like I'm getting a little more effect with weight shifting over the harness I used under my Instructor's wing. Is that just my imagination?

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