Unboxing the cricket kit bag

Hi, friends welcome to my channel. Today i am going to show you my cricket kit. This is S.G my practice bat. Super Cover.S.G. This is the stroke and it is made of Kashmir willow. S.S. English Willow This is used for coaching. S.S. ton Sunridges. Now I am going to show my cricket bag. These are my pads.S.G These are my gloves.S.G gloves And this is my ball, which I use for practicing and this is my bag Turf Pro and Usually I keep here water bottle spray, then I got hurt or when I? get For scratches, I just take neo mycine powder to apply on it wait a second This is my cricket bat Turf Pro Same company and this is my Nike opener [my] practice and And now my favorite bat which i brought just now Gray Nicolls Super Nova actually, i did not buy helmet pads like thigh pad and elbow pad but i have knee pads I keep these in a box Well these are my batting gloves of S.S And these are my batting gloves. These are they are very comfortable, and I recommend you to buy these and This is my bag Turf Pro THANK YOU Please Subscribe

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