Uncle Grandpa | Baseball Heroes | Cartoon Network

I don’t know much
about baseball, but I know some people that do. Man:If you call them,
they will come.
Yeah, I know. [ Telephone ringing ] Okay, send in the fellas. Introducing
Major League Baseball All Star pitcher Chris Archer! What’s up, team? All Star center fielder
Adam Jones! How y’all doing? All Star second baseman
Jose Altuve! Happy to be here. Cy Young Award winner
David Price. Good morning,
Coach Grandpa. And the powerhouse pitcher
that his fans call “Thor,” Noah Syndergaard! I’m guessing you want me
to sign that for you? Yes, please. No way! These pros
are gonna helpus?!That’s right. These big leaguers
will train you to beat those trash-talking
trouble makers. I can’t wait to get big and
strong like my baseball heroes.

40 thoughts on “Uncle Grandpa | Baseball Heroes | Cartoon Network

  1. Uncle Grandpa and Aunt Grandma should make a truce in future episode; And maybe get married and have kids of their very own in the uber-fun grand finale to the series in the future so that way everything will be all right in the world and we can also have world peace at long last

  2. Please have NCAA/College stars in an Uncle Grandpa episode (include my favorite college, Michigan state University in it too please)

  3. I dont like this cartoon But I love baseball. Im glad Cartoon Network actually did research on all star players to play on this episode! love this episode! Noah Syndergard is one of my favorite pitchers! Heck if it was Teen Titans Go it would be very stupid. I hate teen titans go so much.

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