Uncle Grandpa | How to Play Baseball Like a Pro | Cartoon Network

I can’t wait to get big and
strong like my baseball heroes. Actually, Jake, baseball is a
game that’s only 10% physical. The other 90% —
It’s all mental. That’s right, which is why we
use an Eastern-style approach -to this sport.
-A nice balance of inner chi and discipline are the key
ingredients to success. It’s a little unconventional, but it’s helped all of us
in our careers. We’d be happy
to teach you guys how we do things
in the big leagues. -Awesome!
-Oh, yeah! Okay, guys,
but in an effort to save time, can I suggest using a montage? -You got it.
-You got it. ♪♪ [ Straining ] [ Grunting ] Okay, okay, enough montage. These pros got to get going. -Aw, man!
-Aw, man! We thought they were gonna stay
for the game. On this show?
Yeah, yeah, right. We don’t have the budget to have
them for the whole episode.

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