UNH Field Hockey

[CLAPPING] Before we go out for home games,
we sing and dance to this one song called “Hey! Baby.” [SINGING HEY! BABY BY BRUCE CHANNEL] We make sure we get
everyone up. We dance. It’s a big dance party pretty
much before we get going. [CLAPPING AND SINGING] Our starting lineup, we’ll
change with Mary in. Definitely when we came out for
preseason, we knew that we had a good squad. First home game, set the tone. This is a great group. Ball speed, possession,
early movement. We have great leadership. We have six seniors that are
as good as I’ve had here. 1, 2, 3, Wildcats. It’s been awesome. We’ve been working hard every
day to get to where we are. So it’s not really a surprise
it’s more of like a relief that all of our hard
work is paying off. [CHEERING] I describe field hockey as a
game of skill, athleticism, and just fun. It’s so much fun to be out there
and know you have nine other teammates on that field
that are doing the same thing you are and working as
hard as you are to get to the same goal. Don’t be so high, Kyle. It’s a sport that’s really
difficult, I think. The rules, the nature of the one
side of the stick, the no using feet and body, I
think it really makes it a skillful game. Build it, build it. I think that we play
good passing game. So I think that’s fairly
impressive or we’d like to think that our control of the
game is of quality and style that people can enjoy. I think Coach Balducci
is a great coach. She expects a lot out of us and
I think that’s why we’ve been so successful. Kyle, move the ball. My goal will always be
to raise their level day in and day out. So just when you think you’re
doing things well, I’m probably going to hammer
you to do things a little bit better. Casey, field! Come on! She can analyse things before
we even know what’s wrong. She’s telling us, well
this is what you did. And you’re like, oh, wow. You’re on the defender. She basically gives us all the
ingredients to the game that we need, and just take it and
run with it, and use our speed and athleticism to put
into work her plan. [CHEERING] I think there’s definitely
more fans at our games, especially our home games. We have superfans, so the first
year, it’s awesome. New Hampshire. [CLAPPING] New Hampshire. I love that it’s open,
it’s pretty here. If you want to have a good time,
get around some people who are definitely into it, come
and have a good time at the field hockey game. This group has done
a phenomenal job. They carry themselves very
well both on the field and off the field. They understand that that’s
really important to me and really important to
UNH Athletics.

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