UNH Hockey- On the road

[MUSIC PLAYING] Been on the road quite a bit. Definitely kind of part of being
a hockey player. We’ll head out on Thanksgiving
morning. We’ll leave the rink at
about 5:45 in the morning, fly out of Boston. My role in the team is to take
care of our day-to-day operations and assist the coaches
and players, and team travel, equipment, scheduling,
setting up all the trips and the hotels. Also any of the extra
stuff, kick bags, bring that up front. This trip to Denver will be
pretty good, because we’re not missing a lot of class. So the guys can kind of relax. If we’re missing class,
sometimes guys are stressed out. Is everybody comfy? We have a good group of guys. There’s always something
interesting. Basically it’s a pretty
trivial game played amongst us boys. Everyone puts in a dollar,
and it creates a large pot of money. And the first bag to come
out, that person’s bag wins the money. It gets pretty heated sometimes,
but it’s fun. It’s all good fun. Goalies, they always get worried
about trying to make sure their pads get there. Because they don’t have a
separate bag for those. So that’s always a headache. Why the carousel stopped? My extremely expensive valuable
pads have gotten caught in the belt, holding
up all these people. [CHEERING] Goalies worry about
a lot of things. So we just try and
keep them calm. Home free. It’ll be 37 on this trip. We travel with all
our players– Wildcat country. Our coaching staff, and then
support staff– so myself, our student managers, Glenn
Riefenstahl, our trainer, Tom Wilkins, our SID. And then we’ll have our radio
guys with us, Dan and Pete. Everybody shares a room. I’ve had a solid rooming
relationship with Brett Kostolansky. I don’t think I have one road
trip away from him. So we’re kind of like
soul mates in the roommate category. Brett, what are you watching
over there? 30 Rock. So Brett, question, how did you
manage to shave that thing on your face? Some people like
to play cards. Some people stay on their
computers, watch movies, TV shows, homework if it
needs to get done. Yeah, what kind of homework? History homework. Pretty much you’re either with
a group of people, or you’re just you and your roommate
laying in the beds next to each other watching TV, talking,
nothing too crazy, just relaxing, putting
your feet up. We’ll have the whole team
together, and have Thanksgiving meal
at the hotel. American Thanksgiving, of
course, not Canadian. What did you go with, Mattie? Apple. Apple pie? A little apple, a little ice
cream, a little dab of whipped cream. Casey, what did you
go with today? Ice cream? Apple as well. It’s good for the camaraderie
of the guys, and get to know each other a little bit more
on a personal basis, other than just being a
hockey player. What do we got going
on right now? We’re just loading the bus,
getting ready to head to Colorado Springs, nice tilt. Colorado College Tigers,
are they? Come on boys! [COMMENTATOR] [CHEERING] Got the rooming list here. Making a list, checking
it twice. It’s the holiday season. Don’t want to leave them. It’s a long walk home. The road trips are fun. But sometimes they’re a lot of
work, whether it’s the amount of travel that you have to do. Or some places you go. They don’t play hockey in the
warmest places, the most exotic places. So when you’re in Grand Forks
for four days you’re ready to come home. Sorkin. You have to be flexible,
because things, they can only go right. Nobody gives you a high five
when the bus is on time. But if the bus is late,
it’s not a good thing. So it’s fun. But it’s nice to get
home as well.

13 thoughts on “UNH Hockey- On the road

  1. "we try to keep the goalies calm" lol, yes. watch out for those goalies, calmly approach them and try not to startle them. we've lost too many to goalies attacks this season

  2. I never understood why some goalies like to carry their leg pads separate from their bag. I’ve been playing for years and have no problem getting all my gear in my goalie bag. Personal preference for each individual I guess.
    They beat my beloved Pioneers. I love watching college hockey, just knowing that a lot of these guys will be in the pros soon.

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