UNH Men’s Hockey at Fenway

I can remember, probably back
about 5-6 years old, my uncles took my brother and I to
the games quite often. A big Red Sox fan, watch them
in the World Series. Somehow, I just never made
it out to a game. Never made it even in Fenway. You know, watching the
Yankees, growing up. And obviously, the Red Sox,
whenever they play there, you always see that venue on TV.
It’s an historic venue, so it’s just going to be great
to be a part of it. Keep it simple. Get in, get it out. Stay on that puck, stay
on that puck. Get it behind, and get
it deep, and get shots to the net. Should be an awesome experience
to play outside at Fenway Park, against
our rivals. It’s what we’ve been waiting
for, let’s go. I couldn’t ask for
anything more. All week, it’s about
being simple. OK, we’ve got to
play together. Do the little things, just
like the kipper said. Up and down all night. Get the puck to the net. Back check your ass off, get
the puck to the net. We’re going to do it together. Team on three, one, two, three. Team! Let’s go! [INAUDIBLE] Let’s go, Smitty. You’re definitely going to feel
like a little kid out there, and you want to enjoy
every moment of it. Here we go, huh? Stevie! Let’s go! I don’t think anybody here has
played in a venue with as many people in the stands. No big deal. Hey, only 40,000
tonight, boys! Here we go! Oh, boys, take care. Don’t worry, boys,
don’t worry! Just do your best tonight. Nothing but the best, boys. I grew up playing outside. Had a backyard rink, plus
ponds in the area. And other guys had
backyard rinks. So we played outside all the
time growing up, but never structured, just more for fun. When I was younger,
Lake Placid– there’s a rink, I must
have been 10. I played in a tournament,
and one of our games was held outdoors. But having been outside, playing
hockey, besides the winter on the ponds [INAUDIBLE]
since then. These two teams have
met one another quite a number of times. 111th meeting all-time between
the University of Maine and the University of
New Hampshire. Well I think it’s always special
when we play Maine. We’ve had some great games
and some great venues. Whether it’s been in Anaheim,
whether it’s been here in the [? winter ?] up [? at Alphon. ?] And now we’re going to take it
to Fenway Park, and I think it’s two great programs to
get terrific support. U-N-H! U-N-H! U-N-H! U-N-H! What do you plan on doing
if you score? Do you have any– I don’t know. Obviously, the BU game,
somebody hit the ball out of the park. I was thinking maybe have a
bunch of people line up and slide into first base, or
something like that. Be spared the moment at
that point, I think. Downing gets a backhander with
[? Savers ?] made a big rebound score! Henrion on the rebound! I kind of sweeped the ice
coming up center. I just tried to hold it for
as long as I could. Wildcats take a one-nothing
lead, a minute and five seconds into the game. Oh, it’s awesome. To see him score the
first goal– just to see him get
a goal is awesome. Anytime he can do that,
we really enjoy it. Goumas walking, it’s
shorthanded. Goumas shot, score! I tried to do a baseball
thing because you’re playing in a ballpark. A couple years ago, one of the
kids on [? BU ?] did a [? in and out, ?] this year the kid slid. So I just tried to come up with
something different that was new, so I did a
home run signal. [? Zap! ?] Zap! Zap! Zap! [? Zap! ?] Playing anybody at Fenway,
outdoors, at such a venue, would be awesome. But then to play Maine makes
it that much more special. And we don’t like them as a
team, and I really enjoy playing them. Shuttled right back the
other way for Moses. He drops it into the zone, gives
[? it up ?] for Goumas for a shot, and he scores! Goumas gets his second
of the game. It’s something very
special, you know? Playing in front of the
Whittemore Center, it’s 6000, you know? But this is just unbelievable,
and it’s totally different, but it’s a of fun. It says a lot for the program
and the university, obviously, the tradition of hockey. You obviously have to have a
great following in order for the Boston Red Sox and their
organization to bring your program, your university,
to Fenway Park to play an opponent.

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