Unified Korean hockey team lose first match, but crowds enthusiastic

South and North Korea have fielded a joint
team in women’s ice hockey at this Olympics, and Saturday saw their first game… against
Switzerland. It was a blowout for the Koreans — they lost
8 to zero — but in the stands, the excitement perhaps told a different story. Our Lee Ji-won has more from Pyeongchang. The two Koreas’ joint ice hockey team had
their first preliminary game on Saturday against Switzerland… at the Kwandong Hockey Centre
in Gangneung. Though hockey is not South Korea’s strong
suit,… tickets were sold out hours before, and people were waiting infront of the venue,
hoping to get a seat even after it started. “I came to watch the games with my friends
because it’s the first time the two Koreas have competed in the Olympics together. I wanted to witness this historic moment.” South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in and the
First Lady were also there,… together with Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean leader
Kim Jong-un, and IOC President Thomas Bach. Viewers were also keen to see the debut of
North Korea’s cheering squad of 230 people. Dressed in red, and each holding a unification
flag,… the cheering squad split up and sat in 7 different sections. Their singing filled the rink, and they chanted
“we are one” throughout the game. The South Korean spectators started out with
a different chant, but they gradually unified their chant with that of the North’s, becoming
one loud voice. Team Korea lost 8 to nil, but for many the
game was an unforgettable experience. “We’re very thankful to have been able to
watch the cheering squad. It was very touching. Though the two Koreas are divided, I hope
the Olympics are an opportunity for the two sides to improve their ties.” “If you see the match, the entire crowd was
cheering for the one Korean team. We see it as the beginning of a united Korea.” “The next game for Team Korea is against Sweden
on Monday evening. Though they lost their recent friendly match
against the Swedes, there’s hope the collective will of all Koreans might drive the unified
squad to grab their first victory on ice. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News, Gangneung.”

33 thoughts on “Unified Korean hockey team lose first match, but crowds enthusiastic

  1. The haters obviously haven’t studied history.

    The United States and China had no diplomatic connection, until Nixon (following Kissinger’s sage advice) accepted a PRC invitation and sent American journalists and the American Ping Pong Team to China in April of 71….the first American delegation in China since 1949.

    NOBODY other than Kim Jong Un knows his plans….but these olympics, as being played with North and South Korea working together, are currently the best trailhead that might peacefully lead to a United Korea.

    Being one of the soldiers that will have to go if there is a war on that peninsula in the near future, I have my fingers crossed….

  2. Best Korea's players had to be handicapped by players from their imperialist aggressors to the south. Why won't they allow the might of Pyongyang to show on the international stage?

  3. Stop listening to propaganda. Everyone on the planet wants peace, except those trying to setup a Central Bank in Syria, North Korea and Iran so they can enslave the world. The back-stabbing, meddling enemy of world peace has been the same for thousands of years. You know who.

  4. North Korea and Iran want nuclear weapons to have some defense against it's harassers and Syria has a right to defend itself from terrorists.

  5. It's a welcomed and beautiful thing to see North and South Korea united in their athletic endeavors, associated with the Olympics. May God's blessings rain down upon the good people of North and South Korea.

  6. What a joke. Adolf Hitler "wowed" the crowds at the 1936 Olympic Games as well…The media has been duped, and its pathetic to say the least.

  7. Lol if they lose to the swiss by 8-0 then the swedes gonna walk through korea with eaze. I feel bad because i want Korea to win because of the unification, would be very inspiring and touching but reality is harsh.

  8. I feel for the Republic of Korea women's ice hockey team. I cant imagine what the coach must be feeling since she has no say in this. They were at a disadvantage. In my opinion, they should have had two separate teams : one for North and the other for South. It is technically 2 sovereign states. However, I understand what the government is trying to do. Perhaps they may have had pressure too on their side, we dont know the true story…. But if we look at the bigger picture…this can be a chance of peace for them and it will be historical…

  9. On the surface this unification stunt makes for a nice front-page headlines, but the truth of the matter is people from South Korea HATE North Korea with passion, and very upset that North Korea gets to represent this Olympics as a part of the host nation when they have done NOTHING to be a part of it. North Korea is basically getting a free ride and in doing so gets to present this false facade that they mean well to the international community, while people in North Korea is suffering and living in poverty with no freedom whatsoever.
    Think again if this unification stunt is good for the future and peace, South Korea is going to collapse economically because they won't handle the burden of taking care of North Korea if they are united. South Korea only wanted their own athletes to represent the Olympics with South Korean national flag, not that fictional nonsense non-existent flag.

  10. Hey South Korea, half your team was benched so North Korea could participate AND South Korea is paying all the bills for North Korea. Fat Kim sure played your president. You need a president like Trump!

  11. May there be excitement over any form of overture to peace. May both countries be leaders to us all in terms of harmony among friends. Sometimes, we must remember what peace looks like when we are used to so much strife. Many blessings to "the one Korean team" throughout the Olympics!

  12. arirang is fake liberal propaganda state run media. don't believe in its propaganda, we don't want fake peace. NK should stop building nuclear weapon or be Bombed!!

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