University of Arizona Beach Volleyball Twin Sisters | Cronkite News

It didn’t take long for twin sisters Madison and make a whit to excel as an elite pair playing beach volleyball. [we] come out here every day Challenge ourselves and put ourselves and you know [mess] up and just so humbling to be able to come out here and Kind of have that relationship With the floor playing with each other husband by far the best part she’s the only other person on the [court] So it’s easier to communicate It’s more fun, and it’s I don’t know it. Just become a huge part of my life It’s a relationship That was literally born in the womb and inseparable bond that Coach Steve Walker said translates to the court decides that I’ve never seen before twins with one another and having that kind of chemistry because The Board is so unique and you have to have that chemistry with her with your partner and for them. That’s Over its oftentimes the overriding factor into when [I] losing in the event During their junior season last year they won there for 17 matches and being with the 24 and six record [see] [how] [did] They push one another on a daily basis and practices for 30 [minutes] at the sight to Behold And [I] know I’m going to really miss them on their dog after you have a the sisters will pursue Master’s degree that Calabasas University [McKenna] and exercise science and medicine imports management They will also continue as volleyball teammates, but this time we will play indoors and [Tucson] Delaney Wood, Cronkite News

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