University of Toronto: Vicky Sunohara, Hockey Coach & Olympic Gold Medalist, Alumni Portrait

I’m Vicky Sunohara. I’m a three-time Olympian,
two-time Olympian gold medalist and one silver. I’ve played in eight world championships,
got seven gold medals and one silver. Well, I think women’s hockey in Canada has
grown tremendously ever since it became an Olympic sport in 1998. The growth, there’s
so many girls playing and watching. Whether I’m playing or coaching, it’s just
amazing. I’m so excited to kind of pass on my experiences to the girls.
The Phys Ed program at U of T was fun, it was challenging, it was just everything that
I wanted to learn. I think that Phys Ed U of T environment was very special. The whole
— just walking around and being part of the learning environment, that U of T environment.
I was very proud to be a student and even more proud now to be a graduate.
It’s hard to explain how it feels to be a University of Toronto graduate. It’s just
a feeling of pride.

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